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Feel The Love Again The OPM Kind Of Way This Valentines Day #LoveThrowback2

Nothing Beats The Classics. What comes to my mind whenever I hear the word "OPM, or Original Pinoy Music" Actually, my mind froze and it's my heart that has something to say. This is the type of genre where Pinoy's gets to relate in almost every song there is. Maybe because Pinoy …

Chan Lim Beyond Brush Strokes Art Exhibit

CHAN LIM Family of Artists and Students

Chan Lim and his family were so into arts for close to 5 decades. Today, three generations of Chan Li artists who use a wide variety of media,, styles and techniques to incorporate Western into Eastern art.  The family continues to get involved in the arts by…

Goldilocks Cakes: Making Your Valentines Day Extra Special


I can almost taste it, Feb-Ibig month is near! Can't help but be more kilig whenever I thought about this occasion. February for me is hearts day, It should be celebrated with the people we love and care for. Also, a time to spread the love, care, and sweetness to o…

Staycation with the kids at Serenity Suites

I was feelin' a bit guilty for all those broken promises to my kids about making plans for hitting the beach or even waterparks man lang. But having an unpredictable schedule, or travel funds spent into something else or this: there's always, always something that came up which leads me to …

Where to Shop For Fashionable Outfits for Expectant Moms?

Back in the day, maternity clothes are just plain and simple dresses. Nothing fancy and If I must say it kinda look dull. As a young mom, I don't like wearing the usual maternity dress. I kinda feel off and panget wearing those or maybe it's just those hormones kicking in. What I usually wear were stretchable tops and legging and that's it. 

But the fashion trend now is sooooo awesome that even preggies can wear fashionable outfits and flaunt it.

Enrique Gil's Secret To Great Hair Styles #EasyStyleEasyWash

Grips, a brand of hair styling products for men officially launched its brand and introduced Enrique as its Celebrity Product Endorser.

A sparkly-white toilet doesn’t guarantee that its germ free. Use Domex!

Mommy Duties As a mom who wants only the best for their kids (I  know we all are) we want to keep them safe, healthy and be the best they can be. It’s us, a parents duty, to educate our inklings on how to behave properly, being courteous, brave and even being strong, also proper hygiene and taking c…

The World's First Curved Screen Gaming Laptop: Acer's "The Predator 21 X"

Acer's Highly-Anticipated Predator 21 X Gaming Laptop, Featuring the World's First Curved Screen Notebook, Shipping This Quarter

January 3rd 2017, Acer announced the availability of its highly anticipated Predator 21 X gaming laptop in Las Vegas. Being the world’s first curved screen noteboo…

What with

eGetinnz: The newest accommodation rental booking site!
A new accommodation booking site hits the web and offers more than its counterparts.
With travel being amongst the top industries it’s no wonder that there have be…