Hayeee, allow me to start by saying THANK YOU. Thank you all for being here. For your time reading my blogs and sharing your thoughts thru the comments section. By the way I love reading all your comments and queries, and yes, really love answering it all! Sending my huge thanks for those who subscribed and watches my videos at Aci Girl TV on YouTube. Most of my videos are quick feature, unboxing, cooking, travel and tours and clips from events that I was invited in. Special thanks to my travel blogger buddies and fam who keeps pushing me to finally do vlogs. Thank you so much - you all know who you are! 

Life of Aci Girl: Update & Upgrade

I started blogging way back 2009 as a simple outlet to put all my random thoughts online and diverting my energy as I started my own journey of having a family. My blog post back then were mostly the milestones of my babies and motherhood. It was 2014 when I finally took it to the next level and go for AciGirl.com. My contents were on beauty and lifestyle which includes skin care tips, and cosmetics. I also added tech news, gadgets,  food, and health and fitness. What surprised me more is that I was able to travel, attend festivals in different parts of the country, and even fly internationally for a series of events. Since then, I've decided to create a travel blog and AdventuresOfAciGirl.com was born. Later on, I was invited here and there to be a media partner, influencer, and even being a brand ambassador.

Aci Girl - Lifestyle Blogger Philippines

As of writing AciGirl.com has:

1,172,915 All-Time Blog Views
1,143,701 views on YouTube
7,500 followers on Facebook
10,000 followers on Instagram

With the awesome love and support I get from readers, subscribers, PR, brands, and friends, I was able to learn, grow, and still be myself, go travel and meet amazing people, and being fortunate enough to do more of the things I enjoy. And the best part is I was able to earn from it.  

And I'm trying my very best to produce informative blogposts, level up my video content  with "me" in it. Yes, you all can now see and hear me talk on my videos. That's why I gather all of my strength and funds to make this update and upgrade happen. Let's do this!

Yes, It's time for an Upgrade!

Microphones: I bought 3! Each one for a different use. I have lapel, cardioid, and condenser microphones. So I hope that on my next video you'll be able to hear me loud and clear.

Workstation for blogging

Workstation Upgrade: I got myself a new computer set and a red work table. Laptop/Desktop Computers are very important tools for content creators like me. This is what I use for blogging, photo and video editing, for my emails and storing files, and  yes, a little gaming too.

Camera / Smartphone: I have DSLR and its been my gear for almost 7 years and  it still works. It's heavy and bulky so yes, I can really use an upgrade but I decided to get myself a new smartphone instead. Because aside from the fact that its practical, it's so much easier for me to post online. This will make my social media posts and updates easy-breezy. 

Ballhead for tripod

Believe me when I say get Real Good Tripod: Yes, they are a bit expensive, but to safely attached my smartphone and camera without worrying if it'll fall or tip over is definitely worth it. Plus, its multipurpose, travel size, and can do overhead shoot or flat-lays and so much more. 

It's ok to buy affordable things and save money. It's also ok to splurge on quality gadgets and equipment and consider it as an investment for your chosen craft. 

Do more of what makes you happy. And I'll bet you'll be much happier if you'll also learn and earn from it. Like me, I find my joy in baking ang blogging. Lastly, Don't forget to invest in yourself and keep on levelling up!

Stay tuned for more updates for there'll be more.
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