I thought 2020 will be the year to get things right, activate homeschooling, revamp my branding and blogs, pursue baking and getting back in the business again. But this horrendous COVID-19 pandemic happened. Last week, the active cases ballooned to almost 10,000 and Alas! here we are again for another round of ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine). And here I am feeling a little panicky again for this pandemic. A year has passed, why is 2021 feels like the year 2020 all over again?  

This Pandemic Made Me Gain Weight and My Belly - Fat

The bonggacious amount of stress is all coming back to me now. And you know what, when I'm stressed, I tend to eat a lot! I know I look so thin but this was before this pandemic happens. Last year, I already started gaining weight. At first, I find it amusing! that wow! finally, I was able to gain weight. My close friends started to notice that I got chubby cheeks and "nagkakalaman' na daw ako. 

Body Fat Calculator

But as months go by, Yes, I've noticed that I gained weight and my belly is getting bigger, nope not a bun in the oven. Funny thing is that my mom and sibs thought I was preggy too, yikes! Did I took myself for granted? Did I enjoy food that much? Or am I that too lazy to not get moving? And here I am now I getting my belly fat on? Oh No! So I hurriedly check online for a Body Fat Calculator

I filled up the form with my current weight, measurements of my waist, wrist, hips and forearm, and to my surprise, I have 25% of body fat! What? Almost 1/4 of me is Fat? At first I was shocked but when I look at my belly, oh yes, there it is. hahaha kidding aside this is when I decided to read more and finding ways how to flatten that curve.

You also get the feeling that you gained weight too? Hey, aren't we all? Even celebrities admits they gained weight too. Look here, an article posted by US Magazine about Stars Get honest about Quarantine Weight Gain

Then I remembered, before the COVID 19 pandemic, even though my appetite is big, I was able to have long walks everyday, and joined fun-runs every weekend. But last year I became team-bahay / Home Quarantined and I think I was feeling relaxed and I already forgot to work-out and wasn't even able to do any form of exercise at all. 

That's why this 2021, my goal is to get fit and gain weight the right way. And this article from MAYO CLINIC: Packing on pounds during COVID-19 and how to turn it around is my guide on how to turn this into reality. Yes. my goal is to gain weight and not fat. That's also the reason why I've checked the Ideal Weight & Gain Weight Calculator that I found online in Calculator.org. What I like about Calculator.org is that its more that just a basic calculator. It makes my life easy in calculating things for me but that's not all. They have a customized calculator for almost our every need but it doesn't end there. They have helpful articles to guide you and as for me a guide on your fitness journey.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

  1. Go for Strength Training.  I always wanted to have a strong body most particularly the arms. Wouldn't it be nice if I can flex and flaunt it plus a better chance of winning in arm wrestling. Kidding aside, but that was really included in my fitness bucket list. I don't want abs, my only goal is to make my tummy flat again. I hope it's  not too late for me.
  2. Have a Healthy Diet.  Start to munch on food that are rich in protein, fiber, and as much as possible go for the healthier choice. Go for healthy beverages too. Avoid or cut down on processed food, and desserts cause you know what they say about desserts, It go straight to your thighs. It's better to have a meal plan and I think it's much better to count the calories too. In that way you know how many calories you have to burn after.
  3. Go for it! Stick to your plan and make it work. Don't be lazy for it's your body. And there's a saying: No pain, no gain, right? I think this is the most important tip among the 3. Having the discipline to eat what's right, to get moving and work-out, to have enough sleep. and repeat.

As for me, I already started cutting on carbs, and sugar. I love rice so much that I even put rice in pansit. But not anymore, because this time, my goal is to have a healthy diet and try my very best to maintain it. Also, I've been saving money to buy a yoga mat, dumbbells' and a portable treadmill that I've been eyeing for sometime now. With this, I'll be able to work-out, get moving even at home and I just can't wait to loose this belly fat already. 

How about you? 
What's your body fat percentage, and what are you doing about it?
Check it out now and join me as I am about to start getting fit and healthy this year!

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