Mommy Duties 
As a mom who wants only the best for their kids (I  know we all are) we want to keep them safe, healthy and be the best they can be. It’s us, a parents duty, to educate our inklings on how to behave properly, being courteous, brave and even being strong, also proper hygiene and taking care of themselves.

Having 3 makulit, medyo pasaway but adorable and sweet kids, I know everything inside our home must be germ-free to lessen their chances of getting sick. My kids and I have a weak and sensitive tummy and with these, I know I have to raise the already a bit high standards of mine in making our home squeaky-clean and of course free from germs routine.

A sparkly-white toilet doesn’t guarantee that it’s germ-free.
It has been discovered that proper toilet cleaning is one of the topics that is often taken for granted in the house. And don’t be fooled by the sparkly-clean toilets for it can be loaded with tons of germs and bacteria. YIKES!!!

World Toilet Day
Last November 19, 2017, World Toilet Day was celebrated. Domex focused its research on understanding more about the state of toilet sanitation in the country. Surprisingly, they have discovered that 443 million school days – equivalent to one month of school for every child are missed due to the diseases caused by unsanitary toilets.

One Million Clean Toilet Campaign
With this learning, Domex is more dedicated for fighting disease through their partnerships with Maxicare, Philippine Public Health Association, and UNICEF. Actively participating for the past 3 years in the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, where they pledged to education 1 million individuals on what proper toilet cleaning really is.

This year, Domex is aiming to dig deeper, targeting moms in order to inspire them in leading the change for clean toilets wanting to emphasize the belief that everything including proper sanitation-starts at home 

We should not be at ease by a toilet that smells nice and may look free of visible dirt. For this doesn’t guarantee that it is germ-free. Unfortunately, some parents are unaware that even if it doesn’t look it, their toilets contain bacteria that may cause diseases like flu, diarrhea, gut infections, and eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

The Philippine Public Health Association has stated that there are numbers of germs found in toilets that were supposedly clean-looking.  They mentioned that in order to stay clear of germs that may potentially place a child in danger, a toilet bleach that thoroughly cleans germs is an essential to keep around the house.

Mommy Check List
Mommies head up!
Here are  some of the factors to consider in choosing the right cleaning agent for our toilets at home

*Effectively kills germs in an instant.
*Effective Contact time
*And reaches deep-seated dirt and can cover hard to reach areas of a toilet bowl.

It's gotta be DOMEX!
Being the perfect candidate: allow me to enumerate:

*Kills wide-range of germs such as various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. 
*Being 10 time thicker than thin laundry bleach, it lasts after 7 flushes, unlike bleach that can only last after 2 flushes. 
*Domex makes sure to target hard to reach areas in the toilet with its specially designed applicator spout and squeezable bottle.

 Effectively kills germs, 10x thicker than thin laundry bleach, can reach deep-seated molds and dirt and can cover hard to reach sections of a toilet bowl.

One Million Clean Toilets Movement

Definitely Approved by  Moms!
Moms lets make it work, hand in hand in this effort with Domex. Surely, this will spark an awareness around households in the Philippines, helping protect families we love away from harm and will soon achieve the goal of One Million Clean Toilets.