Grips, a brand of hair styling products for men officially launched its brand and introduced Enrique as its Celebrity Product Endorser.

Enrique Gil for Grips Hair Wax and Hair Clay
Why Him? 

Ms Sharon Yu Ong from  Grips Answers in a short and obvious reply that I caught on video.

Enrique Gil, also known for having iconic hairstyles as he portrays different roles. His hairstyles made a great impact well among millennials and (millennials at heart) I must say it did became a trend!

“Our hairstyles are not just about good looks, they also allow us to express ourselves,” the Kapamilya star said during the official launch held at B Hotel in Quezon City. “Styling our hair, however, can sometimes be time-consuming, but thanks to Grips, hairstyling is easier and more hassle-free now.” -Easy grooming and washing

The formulation of Grips Hair Wax and Grips Clay Easywash promise an easy style, easy wash experience. Grips helps users achieve their desired hairstyle even when they are on the move. Because Grips Hair Wax and Grips Clay Easywash are easier to wash compared to other similar hair products, users need not worry about unwanted stickiness or the possible effects of ingredients that stay in the hair despite trying to wash it off.

Grips’ products also use ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 that make hair strong and nourished. 

Grips’ styling products are available in supermarkets, groceries, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide. Grips Wax 75g jars start at P81.75 SRP. Grips Clay EasyWash is available at P86.90 SRP. These products are also available at 25g jars and 5g sachets. 

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