I can almost taste it, Feb-Ibig month is near! Can't help but be more kilig whenever I thought about this occasion. February for me is hearts day, It should be celebrated with the people we love and care for. Also, a time to spread the love, care, and sweetness to other people. So that they will also felt that they are loved. 

Valentines should be spent with love, care, laughter and sweetness and with this, why not gave something sweet from the country's no.1 bakeshop - Goldilocks.

Goldilocks is introducing three brand new limited edition cakes for Valentine festivities that will surely be loved by everyone.

The Strawberry Delight Cake for P540, This tastes even better than it sounds. Rich vanilla chiffon cake topped with scrumptious strawberry cream cheese frosting perfect for celebrating with your loved ones and families. 

My Cupcake Heart for P450, is an adorable heart-shaped cake adorned with cupcake roses and garnished with fluffy marshmallow icing. 

To complete the beautiful Valentine cake edition is the Bunch of Blooms for P750, a mouth watering vanilla cake topped with 13 elegant cupcake flowers.

The sweet surprise from Goldilocks doesn't end there yet because they are bringing back its seasonal favorite, Choco Lollipops (P25). These chocolate lollipops come in vibrant reds and pinks with sweet messages and sayings.

Any of these sweet treats will be the perfect centerpiece for any Valentines celebration, and will surely make your Valentines season even sweeter. Follow your heart and head over to your nearest Goldilocks Bakeshop now, or join the conversation through GoldilocksPH at Facebook and Twitter