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Food Trip down to Memory Lane: Tiya Ising's Filipino Restaurant in Puerto Princesa Palawan

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I grew up with my lola and lolo that I used to call nanay and tatay. Tatay is from Pampangga a true blue kapampangan and cooks oh so well. Whenever he cooks it's always simot sarap. And we call it fiesta :P kahit hindi. Then my Pappi (father) is a good cook too that's why I'm very particular and maarte with food. Now I missed them so much :(

During our Puerto Princesa Getaway, Tiya Ising's is one of the restaurants in the city that we visited for a sumptuous lunch. I have a thing for Pinoy resto's most especially if the recipe is passed on from generation to generation or even simply having a great dish that is so worth it to share and taste. Travelling and food tripping is a match made in heaven. Travelling takes you to a certain place while food takes you to something even better, culture.

Tiya Ising is the sister of the grandmother of the pretty young resto owner Ms. Katrina Austria. Tiya Ising's is a Restaurant serving Filipino dishes with bits of Palawan history and culture posted on its wall. Tiya Ising's Filipino Restaurant opened November last year. 

The Ambiance: 40 seating capacity resto that is also open for small functions can be arranged. The interiors were quite pleasant and relaxing, having that old familiar feeling whenever I am to visit my Nanay's place. 

History Bites: While waiting for the food to be served, Why not feed your mind for a while? Looking around the resto, you can see some installations and photographs of the history and culture of Palawan.

The Food: Upon seeing the food being served in the floral plates and Clay pots, old memories came flashing inside my mind. It is so true that food brings back memories. Opps! plating pa lang yan ah,. What more if you taste it pa? Promise, Tiya Ising's food choices were all great, and so affordable.

The Feel Good "Sinampalukang Manok" for  Php200.00
The Good Old-Fashioned "Kilawin Puso ng Saging"for Php150.00
The Best Selling "Boneless Bangus" Whole for Php385.00
Kare-Kare for The Win
  Lola Itang's Beef Kare-Kare Php 350.00
The Di Papahuling Crispy Pata for Php350.00
The Sizzling Pork Sisig for Php150.00
 Thak you so much Ms. Katrina for accommodating our team!
And Special Thanks to Direk Dante, Alam nyo na yon! (^.^,)

 Tiya Ising's Filipino Restaurant
Located at Roxas Street corner Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa Palawan
Store hours: Tue to Sun 11:00 AM -9:00 PM

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Hostel Review: BGC Hostel Makati

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BGC Hostel Makati
Hostel, The first time I've learned about the word Hostel is from Eli Roth's suspense movie. Yikes! Creepy. But this post has nothing creepy in any sense. In fact, this post is a colorful, pretty eye candy  and affordable place to be in, just along EDSA and a tumbling away from BGC and Makati.

Located at 2855 Danlig St. near EDSA Kalayaan, just between the gas stationPetron and Mercury Drug, in Brgy. Pinagkaisahan, Makati. Told yah Tumbling away from BGC and Makati

But wait, the BGC Hostel, their name itself confused me too. Yah I know you guy's were wondering the same thing. Why BGC if it's not located within BGC? 

Actually it's an acronym for Be at your Greatest Comfort

"Being one of the Newest Boutique Hostel in Makati, we provide a wide range of services guaranteed to satisfy the needs of both Business Guest, Travelers, and Backpackers." ...BGC Hostel

BGC Hostel Makati is a 3 storey building. On the first level is the Hostel's Reception Area, Lobby, Kitchen, Hostel Office, CyberCafe and a Tapsihan from a consignee. The rooms that can accommodate 2 to 12pax were located at the second level. And the exclusive for ladies dorm is on the 3rd floor.


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1. The Guest agrees by signing that the Hostel is not held responsible for item(s) lost or damaged.
2. To secure item(s). Safety Deposit Boxes are available to guest at no extra charge.
3. In the event that the Guest check-out past 12nn, incurring charges shall be applied automatically          (Php100.00/hour).
4. Check-in time is 2pm, an early check-in is subject to corresponding additional charges.
5. Return the Keycard upon check-out. Lost Keycard charged with Php 150.00.
6. All rates are inclusive of government taxes.
7. Check-in time is 2:00 PM and check-out time is 12:00 noon
8. Children 5 years old and below, sharing bed with their parents are free of charge.
9. Major credit cards are accepted such as Mastercard and Visa.Debit cards such as Megalink,                 Bancnet, and Expressnet.
10. Visitors of Guest are allowed only at Visitor Lounge.

2nd Level of The BGC Hostel Makati
 The Green Room is can accommodate 2pax, 
The Purple Room is for 8pax
  The Yellow and Blue Room can accommodate upto 12 pax. 

All rooms  are in bunk beds style with comfy mattresses, fluffy pillow and fleece blankets, curtains for privacy, lockers for your belongings safekeeping, air-conditioned and with room in Comfort room and hot and cold showers. 
Ladies Dorm 

 Now, Let's take a peek at our #TeamByaherosMNL Room, The Purple Room

BGC Hostel and Dorm Facilities
    WIFI Anywhere | Fully Air-conditioned Room | 24/7 Security Plus CCTV
    Welcome Drinks | Visitor's Lounge | Internet Cafe
    Hot & Cold Water | Hair Dryer | Iron | Utility Slipper | Laundry Facilities 
    Playing Cards | Television Set | Board Games | Guitar
    Shuttle Service

    Also available for : Family Room / Corporate Room / Private Room / Group

    Pretty neat, right? 
    Just for 499/night afford mo toh!
    Thank You BGC Hostel for Accommodating #TeamByaherosMNL
    Special Thanks to Lee Rosales of

    BGC Hostel Makati
    Reservation form | email: | contact nos: (02) 822 7514

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    Turning Vietnamese at Viet Ville Restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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    Aci Girl at Viet Ville Restaurant
    Turning Vietnamese ang peg ko without even leaving the country. How?

    This happened during our Puerto Princesa tour couple of months ago. We visited Viet Ville (French for Viet Town) in Puerto Princesa Palawan. 

    Now why a sudden French'ing? Vietnam was once under by French Colonialism so there's some chunk of France's culture among the lifestyle of some Vietnamese people. You'll see what I mean later part of this post ... :)
    Viet Ville, short for Vietnamese Village?! Pwede! 
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    But Actually, it's a French word for Viet Town.

    History Told: Viet Ville Palawan became the home away from home of the Vietnamese people during 1975, after the Fall of Saigon.

    Many Vietnamese boat refugees who crossed the South China Sea landed in the Philippines after the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. These refugees established a community called Viet-Ville (French for "Viet-Town") in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. At the time, it became the centre of Vietnamese commerce and culture, complete with Vietnamese restaurants, shops, and Catholic churches and Buddhist temples. In the decades that followed however, the Vietnamese population dwindled greatly, with many having emigrated to the United States, Canada, Australia, or Western Europe. Viet-Ville today remains a popular destination for local tourists. - from Wikepedia

    Viet Ville Restaurant

    Simple yet old housing for the Vietnamese people was still present at Viet Ville. Today, there's just a small population of Vietnamese family living in the village. Some of them left a long time ago, some migrated to Canada, U.S.A and even France. Yet some found their new home still in Puerto Princesa Palawan but not  inside Viet Ville. Having their own business around town. 

    What's left for Viet Ville and Traces of its Rich Culture.
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    VAN PHAP Buddhist Temple
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    And a taste of its Culture remains at Viet Ville Restaurant.
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Located just in front of the Village. Actually, the restaurant will come greeting you first before the old houses and temples.

    Viet Ville Restaurant

    I was in full awe upon entering the Resto. Having that earthy homey feeling with the hand-made chairs and bamboo floorings and walls too. Sarap ng feeling!

    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Look here too, Sawali walls and ceiling, Very Asian ang ambiance.
    FoodTrip Starts now!
    Viet Ville Restaurant

    Viet Ville Sampler
    This set is specially made for us, to sample Viet Ville Restaurant's best selling dishes. Platter in sets of Viet Ville Vegetarian Fresh Lumpia, Chicken with LemonGrass and Plain Kangkong.

    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Viet Ville Spring Roll Php170.00

    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Chicken Noodle Soup Vietnamese Style

    Viet Ville Restaurant
    Lapu -  Lapu Vietnamese Style  Php135/100grams

    Viet Ville Restaurant
    French Bread Banh MI | Vietnamese Baguette
    Plain French Bread - 15.00 | Garlic French Bread - 40.00 | French Bread with BBQ - 50.00
    French Bread with Chicken - 50.00 | French Bread with Tuna - 65.00 | French Bread with Roasted Pork - 65.00
    Pinoy Banh Mi - 65.00

    Oh diba? French Bread Vietnamese way!

    You may also consider ordering these sets:
    Family / Group Meals

    Set A.  Good for 5 pax - 1,499.00
    Steamed Lumpia, Chicken Salad, Fish Sinigang, Chicken Curry, Five Spice Pork, Beef with Onions, Rice Platter, Sapin-Sapin and Vietnamese Iced Tea

    Set B.  Good for 10pax - 2,499.00
    Fresh Lumpia, Chicken Fondue, Pork BBQ, Fish Fillet with Taosi, Kangkong with Beef, Rice, Sapin-Sapin and Vietnamese Iced Tea

    Set C.  Good for 10pax - 2,499.00
    Chicken Spring Roll, Fish Sinigang, Chicken with Lemongrass, Spare Ribs with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Plain Kangkong, Rice, Sapin - Sapin and Vietnamese Iced Tea

    Viet Ville Restaurant is located at Location: Km 13. Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City.  
    For Orders and Reservation, you may contact them at:
    Contact Number:  0977 456 7599 / 0919 836 6849
    Email Address:

    Vietnamese Costume for Rent to complete that Vietnamese Feeling (^.^,)

    I must confess, I'm having a hard time pose'ing.
    Taking OOTD photos are really not my thing. 
    So whenever there's a chance and it is really needed, this 

    Giggles here, there and everywhere :P
    In time, I'll get used to striking a pose. I know I will... but, not for now :D

    Thank You Viet Ville for treating us to a festive lunch!
    We loved it so much.

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