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Food Trip down to Memory Lane: Tiya Ising's Filipino Restaurant in Puerto Princesa Palawan

I grew up with my lola and lolo that I used to call nanay and tatay. Tatay is from Pampangga a true blue kapampangan and cooks oh so well. Whenever he cooks it's always simot sarap. And we call it fiesta :P kahit hindi. Then my Pappi (father) is a good cook too that's why I'm very part…

Hostel Review: BGC Hostel Makati

BGCHostel Makati Hostel, The first time I've learned about the word Hostel is from Eli Roth's suspense movie. Yikes! Creepy. But this post has nothing creepy in any sense. In fact, this post is a colorful, pretty eye candy  and affordable place to be in, just along EDSA and a tumbling away f…

Turning Vietnamese at Viet Ville Restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Turning Vietnamese ang peg ko without even leaving the country. How?
This happened during our Puerto Princesa tour couple of months ago. We visited Viet Ville (French for Viet Town) in Puerto Princesa Palawan. 
Now why a sudden French'ing? Vietnam was once under by French Colonialism so there'…