Am I the only one who is still on "Stay Safe at Home" mode even though our municipality is now on GCQ state? This COVID-19 Pandemic really got the best of me... I'm afraid to leave the house because I might take the virus home with me and infect my family and kids.   I'm super stressed because I can't do the things that I normally do, mood swings here and there at minsan talaga natutulala or naiiyak  na lang. Nagiging masakitin na din yata ako. Ay, wait, "Nanay" nga pala ako at bawal mag-kasakit!  Because I have to manage the balur and my little fambam's health too. That's why I and DaddyO decided to think it through, btw, mahalya ang hospitalization pag mag-positive sa COVID ah, kaya we brainstormed and made plans on what to do and not do, and always minded of The Ways on How we can beat COVID-19 at home. Kaya naman, go get yourself a glass of water, sit back, relax, and read my post about the importance of water most particularly during a pandemic and the few tips we taught our kids on how to use water responsibly at home.

What can Personal Hygiene & Clean Water do during COVID-19 Pandemic? 

The Power to Prevent Contagion

“The global struggle against the pandemic has little chance to succeed if personal hygiene, the main measure to prevent contagion, is unavailable to the 2.2 billion persons who have no access to safe water services.” United Nations

Wash Hands Properly & Frequently with Clean Water 

Washing your hands thoroughly and frequently is the first step to having good hygiene, yes? It is also the most frequent advice we heard from doctors, medical personnel, and the media, on how we can protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses, and that includes Coronavirus / COVID-19. 

Washing your hands can protect you and your loved ones. - unicef

How to Wash Hands Properly & Responsibly at Home.
  1. Wet hands with water, but please turn the faucet to "low flow"
  2. Apply soap just enough to lather on hands
  3. Rub all surfaces of the hands ( back, palm, fingers, and nails for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with running water still in low flow.
  5. Dry hands with a clean cloth or single-use hand towel

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub frequently and not touching your face. -WHO

Take a Bath with Bucket | Gumamit ng Timba and Tabo
There are times that we feel that simple handwashing is not enough, lalo na kung galing sa labas or after receiving online orders delivered by a rider. Kaya when someone went out kahit sa compound lang yan, one must not touch anything, and take a bath agad or a quick shower. Most of the time, we use timba and tabo para mas tipid sa gamit ng tubig. Regular baths are also a way to go, hilod much, sabon maige and banlaw para mas feeling fresh and clean.

Reuse Bath Towels but NOT Hand Towels
My kids have sensitive skin. maintaining good hygiene is a must!- to keep the virus away. But, as much as I want to give them freshly laundered towels, I don't think it's practical. That's why I told them that every after use, they must hang their towels to air or sundry, and it'll be good as new and ready for use later on or the next day. We reuse bath towels up to 2-3 uses but not the hand towel. Hand towels should be for single use only as an extra precaution during this time. That why we choose towels that super small para madali labhan at matuyo para ready ulit for next use.

Personal Hygiene and Clean Water during COVID-19 Pandemic

Washing of Clothes:  in Full Load + Disinfection
We always wash our clothes in full load to save on laundry detergent, electricity, my energy, and water as well. I added a few tweaks to my laundry routine. Going a little extra, just to be safe and sure is that I added bleach as a disinfecting agent to our clothes. I use Color-safe bleach for my colored clothes and the original bleach to the whites. Check the label and spot if the bleach you are to use can really eliminate certain bacteria and viruses.

Sanitizing the Food, Veggies, Dishes, and even the Groceries
Washing the dishes, fruits, and veggies and yes, the groceries too, is one of the few adjustments that we are adapting. Groceries that we order online or the padala are being washed with an antibacterial dishwashing liquid and are sanitized by:

  • Antibacterial Wipes, (Canned Goods, Food Packs)
  • Rinse with Water and Vinegar (Fruits and Veggies)
  • Rinse with Water + Bleach (Packs, Sachets) 
  • Banlian ng Mainit na tubig. (Plates and Cups)
  • Pakuluan with Water (Utensils)
  • Spray it with Lysol. (others)

But here's another story, one of my kids loves to wash our plates with running water. When I told him to use a batya, he answers back saying "Mas malinis kaya Kung running water, Mom, Di sya magiging cloudy, unlike sa batya where the same water is rinsing everything" At may point ang panganay ko, But water is super essential these days, kaya we have to appreciate and conserve it more. Most particularly is that water plays a big part in cleansing inside and out.

Water is essential for life. The amount of fresh water on earth is limited, and its quality is under constant pressure.  World Health Organization

#1 for the kids...
Water can be so much fun to play with but LET'S NOT. I always remind my kids not to play with water. Aside from the fact na pwede sila magkasakit, masasayang pa to. I told them that if you played with a pail of water, a family somewhere who lives in a highly elevated area won't be able to get a pail of water for their home use because you already took it, and sadly you didn't put it to good use. and just played on it, What if that family needs water to cook their food, sanitize their homes, taking a bath, or for them to drink it? Let's be considerate next time and not to play with water anymore. And I'm glad that my kids are now more aware and use water responsibly.

Washing of Clothes

Water is really, really important because it really does save lives most particularly during this Pandemic. As I've mentioned, water is what cleanses us inside and out, lalo during these times. I can't imagine this situation we are in right now without water. If ever we have a crisis on water, knowing how contagious COVID-19 is the transmission of the virus will surely boom and go through the roof! With that in mind, the next time you open that faucet, be responsible, don't waste it. Save water for personal/family use but do not hoard. Combating COVID starts at Home but I don't mean that it ends there too. We should also think of and take care of each other, as a community, as a nation, and the world as one, because sabi nga diba "  We heal as one" And with that, may we all use water responsibly and wisely, May we have the best of health mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let's hope and pray that this Covid-19 Pandemic will soon be over. And may we look forward to brighter days ahead.

Remember, Water Can Save Lives lalong-lalo na in this COVID-19 Pandemic. 
In return, let's use water responsibly.

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