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SMDC Properties invited me for a trip that I can't  refuse. No, this post is not about THAT, although it was pretty given that this company plays a big part in the lives of most Filipinos. Raise your hand if you are a frequent mall-goer, a traveler who's up for the bestest staycation, a thrill seeker, an adventurer, or someone who likes to save or better yet invest. Insert this... "We've Got it all for you!" For SMDC really do!

The trip I was talking about is a trip that I bet you food lovers wouldn't like to miss as well... FOOD TRIP!!!

Food Hopping at SMDC Properties 
for the SMDC Eats feature.

First Stop: HongKong Roasting located at MPlace 
Panay Avenue South Triangle Quezon City

Hong Kong Roasting at MPlace 

Peking Duck Php1500.00

Lechon Macau, Anyone?

Will you just look at that?! Trying my best not to drool :P We were greeted by these bunch on display and of course, the Hong Kong Roasting staff, being so polite yet a bit shy served us the best Cucumber Lemonade. I think I had this cucumber drink for more than 10 times already in different restaurants and I am proud to say that their Cucumber Lemonade is the best. It is more like a slushie; it is refreshing and not too sweet, plus the cucumber juice is really there. Delish!

New Product and A Must Try!!! 
Cucumber Lemonade

Lechon Macau, Peking Duck, and  Special Fried Rice

 Peking Duck Whole Php1500.00
Half Php800.00 | 1/4 Php430.00

Lechon Macau Php210.00

Other products also available

The AfterMath, where everyone is busog much! (^.^,)
I really like this restaurant. I thought it'll be a so-so Chinese cuisine but it is not. Actually, I don't like ducks, for most of the time, the meat is malansa. What made me decide to give this a try? The aroma :) It was so inviting and I could not resist. It did not disappoint me, it was delicious and no lansa after taste. The fried rice is super packed with meat and vegetable pa.

Next Stop: Teresita's of San Fernando at Mezza II
located near SM Sta Mesa at Guirayan, Quezon City
Teresita's of San Fernando at Mezza II
This, I am really proud to share here on my blog. Teresita's of  San Fernando. As mentioned a couple of times in my previous posts. My Lolo and Mudra are from Pampanga, from San Fernando to be exact. And we all know the Capampangan Cuisine is world class. Ehem!!! 

It wasn't my first time dining at Teresitas, a few weeks before it opened a branch in Manila (SM Manila) I already given it a try. Ordered the Kare-Kare, Beef Caldereta, and the Best Ever Halo-Halo. And consistent with what the best sellers are, it is still manyaman! | masarap!

Pancit Luglug | Palabok Php90.00

Kare-Kare Php140.00

My Ever Teresita's Fave!!! and The Beef Calereta too!!!

Best Ever Halo-Halo Php90.00 Special Php105

Halo-Halo Php90.00 

Special Halo-Halo with Langka Php105

Other products also available

Last Stop: Manila's Best Coffee at Mezza II 
located near SM Sta Mesa at Guirayan, Quezon City

Manila's Best Coffee at Mezza II
An interesting coffee shop. I honestly thought is like the usual coffee shops I've been. People are coming in and out which gave me an impression that there must be something good in this place. The ambiance is pretty neat and nice, the crowd were mostly students, and a few foreigners and some were working professionals. I actually the thought that the wifi connectivity must be good for the customers to be in that number. But to my surprise, the cafe has no WIFI pa!!! I call that a partida :P If people were going not for wifi it must have been the great coffee, and the amazing food.As a matter of fact, the food really tastes good especially the kakanin.


Blueberry Cheesecakes

Assorted Cheesecakes

And yes you've read it right, 
Manila's Best Coffee is serving Kakanin!

Kakanin kayo d'yan!

Karaleto - Karabao Milk in Gelato
Other items for sale

Stay tuned for I'll be featuring SMDC Eats in my Food and Travel Blog

Aci Girl x SMDC Eats

Thanks so much SMDC for having me.

Till next SMDC Eats Food Trip!

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Manila's Best Coffee