Can your hot cup of coffee make you Vibrantly Beautiful and Well? 

This coffee can!

Let me tell you a little secret. I love coffee. May it be brewed, instant, 3 in1, at kahit ilang keme in 1 pa yan! I love it! I think my blood type is coffee na nga, charot! Coffee wakes me up in the mornings and is there to keep me up at night most especially if madaming projects and deadlines na dapat tapusin.

But drinking coffee made my heart beat faster and turned me into the nerbyosa I am today. That's why I kinda skip or lessen my coffee drinking sesh for quite some time.  And since then, I felt incomplete.

Until one day, a good friend of mine told me to try this product by Vibrant Wellness. It's the newest coffee in the market and it's called Vibrant Coffee. It's an 11 in 1  Herbal Blend Coffee Drink Mix. Upon learning about the 11 in 1 Coffee drink mix I was like, seryoso ba toh? Kinabog and 5 in 1? But my little friend is raving so much about it and swears by it talaga!  So, bilang nag da-diet ako sa kape, eh di triggered ako. 

And because I believe in the saying "Ang taong naniniwala sa sabi-sabi ay... chismosa," siempre di ako naniwala agad-agad. I shouted Sampol-Sampol-Sampol!!! And knowing this kind-hearted beshie, she sent me samples for me to try. and it's a trap! Read more to know why - Charot!

My Initial Review: The Vibrant Coffee comes in a cutesy white box with pretty neat fonts and layout. Contains 7 foil packets of the coffee drink mix. I told my self, Ay bakit 7 lang? And then maybe it's just meant for a week's consumption? But di yan u-obra for me, my usual coffee intake is at least 2 cups per day :D So back on my initial review, the foil packets don't have much details on it, though I wished meron, kasi for a mommy like me with kids na kinukuha lahat ng boxes to play with, baka mahalo sa ibang bagay.

So this is it... Timpalahan portion: Eng sherep nga mga besh and momsh! Yung lasa? creamiliciously smooth and yummy. And actually, It was love at first sip. I messaged my friend right away, confirming na masarap nga! My hubby, DaddyO heard me squirmed and asked what was it about. Sabi ko wala naman, it's just that masarap yung coffee na pinadala ni madam! So he asked if he can take a sip and I gave him the remaining contents of my cup. I forgot to ask if he agrees with me and move on with my task that day.

The next day, I tried it again. Masarap pa din. Minsan kasi iba ung lasa na first try mo, but this time ok pa din for me. And I gave daddyO a cup too. But later on, I noticed, kakatimpla ko pa lang ng kape,  nalingat lang ako half na agad! Then, lingat uli, wala na.?! Akala ko it's my memory gap playing with me but it's not. It's daddyO making salisi with my coffee! (Please take note na di sya mahilig sa kape mga besh!) So, nainis ako kasi pinapalamig ko sya slight para di ako mapaso, tas makikita mo wala na? At nangyayare sya sa umaga so imagine my stress. JK

After a week of trying the Vibrant Coffee, actually feeling ko mas happy ako, kasi nga masarap sya. And my skin looks better. See pics and video for comparison:

This is me before:
Ang haggard ko dabah?

And this is me after a few days. -Video

I got comments sayings ang ganda ni momsh, ang pretty, ang fresh... malapit na ako maniwala besh! 

Pero seriously, napansin ko nga that my skin is much better. Wala masyadong pimples and breakouts. At naging supple pa my skin. This is an effect you can get with products having collagen. I tried other collagen keme's before and may isa common akong napapansin or should I say nalalasahan. Ito ay ang meron fishy odor or taste. Minsan very light and bearable, pero minsan di ko keri talaga. That's why binasa ko uli if may collagen ba talaga kasi wala akong nalasahang fishy'ness.

*Most of the collagen in the products we have now are sourced from Marine Collagen

Also, I've noticed na less palpitation ako this coffee mix. Normally kasi pag naka 3 cups na ako ayan na my heart. But this time walang ganun, and hindi ako nahihirapang matulog kahit uminom ako before bedtime.

Wanna hear a funny story? I stop drinking Vibrant Coffee after 2 weeks. Simply because napansin kong mas malakas ng magkape si DaddyO. So, tinago ko sa safe place all my Vibrant Coffee stash. PLOT TWIST: Nalimutan ko where that safe place is. Hahaha Kaloka noh? And of writing this, nahanap ko na sya! So, stay tuned for more updates about my Vibrant Cofee review.

What in this Vibrant Coffee Herbal Blend Coffee Drink Mix
  1. Coffee 
  2. Non-Dairy Cream
  3. Green Coffee Bean 
  4. Stevia 
  5. Mangosteen
  6. Green Tea 
  7. Barley 
  8. Psyllium Fiber Husk 
  9. L-Carnitine
  10. Garcinia Cambogia
  11. Collagen

Gusto mo na din i-try? 
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