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Wifi Anywhere with MyPAL Roam

Philippine Airlines provides connectivity via myPAL Roam 
A new service innovation was recently launched by the Philippine Airlines and it's called the myPAL Roam. MyPAL Roam is a global mobile hotspot device that provides easy, fast, secure and affordable mobile data anywhere in the world that…

The Granny Goose #MoreThanTheUsual Experience

Granny Goose teams up with Mystery Manila to kick-off its #MoreThanTheUsual experience But first, I was so surprised about this #MoreThanTheUsual #BloggerMail. Instantly, my childhood days come flashing back in my head upon seeing the packs of Kornets and especially the Tortillos!!!! My favorite sna…

Expert Says: Taking Selfies Brings Out The Best In You

Selfie Mode on whether it’s an trying to be Posh shot... A photo posted by Aci Girl™ (@aci_girl) on May 15, 2015 at 8:31pm PDT
An Arty-Arty-han Pic... A photo posted by Aci Girl™ (@aci_girl) on Oct 9, 2015 at 6:35pm PDT
or even a  Nagpapacute face pic... A photo posted by Aci Girl™ (@aci_girl) on Nov 27…

Silka Celebrates 15 Amazing Years + Launched 2 New Products #TheSkinYouLove

Silka guarantees to give #TheSkinYouLove as they launched two new products. From being the most recognized and trusted skincare brands in the country. Silka celebrates their 15 amazing years of making you love your skin more having a soft, healthy and beautiful skin to Pinay's. 

BayCruise Dinner + Firefly Watching and Stargazing @Siksikan River

Have you tried Firefly watching? or  Have you ever saw a firefly for real? Lucky Me!, I do.  We all know change is coming, hahaha not just because Duterte has arrived. It's simple because global warming is happening. If all the people living on Earth won't get their act together, sooner or l…

Surprises Are Coming Your Way As Althea Turns 1 Today!

Good news dearies! 
Our most loved everything Korean beauty essentials online shop from Korea, Althea is celebrating their 1st birthday with amazing deals, surprises, and giveaways. YAY!!!

Mall Of Korea, Hits in Manila + Giveaway Contest

Korean Craze is a freakin' hit here in the Philippines. It all started with the Koreanovelas, known as Korean tv series like Full House, Stairway to heaven, Coffee Prince, up to My Love from the Stars. OMG, I have a long list of Korean tv series that I was so hyped into back then. Where every Pinay  I know and sometimes even me :P,  falls for the Korean leading man. And people get to memorize and sings along with the Korean tv series theme song as if they were so fluent in it or do we even understand what it really meant :P

Hands In and be an Ally Against Dengue.

As a young mom, I am super praning about my children's health. I make it a point to have them regularly checked by their pediatrician, take vitamins and prescribe medicine if they were sick, prohibit them with unhealthy snacking and playing outside our compound for a long period of time. And k…