Have you tried Firefly watching? or  Have you ever saw a firefly for real? Lucky Me!, I do. 
We all know change is coming, hahaha not just because Duterte has arrived. It's simple because global warming is happening. If all the people living on Earth won't get their act together, sooner or later, the things we now see,  will soon be gone forever. 

When I was small, back in my Pappi's hometown in Romblon. Fireflies were the only reason why we ever enjoyed night time. We were so amazed and we wonder how this bug managed to have a light on its butt. Oh well, those were the good old childhood days. That I wish I can experience once more.
Back to my story, when we visited Palawan, Puerto Princesa to be exact. Firefly watching is one of the main attraction in Puerto Princesa during night time. Ever heard about it? The Iwahig Firefly watching is the first to offer this kind of attraction in Puerto Princesa. Now there's another location to go to for firefly watching and it's at the Siksikan river. 

Siksikan River is not far from the Baybay or Baywalk. The first step is meeting up at the Baybay where boat1 will take us to the floating restaurant and we will have our dinner first before firefly watching then after dinner boat2, that is specially design for the firefly watching cruise will fetch us and head on to siksikan river.
So first things first, Dinner at The Floating Restaurant
The Floating Restaurant

Honestly, there's nothing fancy about this floating restaurant. It looks like a simple eatery that floats. Maybe because I'm biased and I enjoyed my Loboc River Cruise in a floating restaurant too. I  hope they will  look into this and prettified the place and  make some improvements so that tourist will surely enjoy the experience. 

I noticed their in-house singer is kind of  running out of words in her songs and she sometimes dont sing at all and let that disturbing beat of videoke be heard or she move on to another song and do it all again. For a music geek in me it's unacceptable. :P They can just play a playlist with relaxing and comfy songs instead. There's no need for live performances if the performer's heart is not in it. Or maybe she's not just her 100% self that day. *Sigh  

The food is OK, and it's buffet set up with a few menu choices. Good thing their food is likeable. There's fish, pork and chicken and even shrimps. I love their eggplant dish and I super enjoyed it that I kept coming back for more. Even our group likes it very much, and so is the green mango with bangoong.  
 Grilled Pork Liempo
 Garclic Buttered Shrimp
 Chicken Adobo
  Stir Fry EggPlantFried Bangus
 Fruit OptionsLato
After having our dinner in the floating restaurant. We hang out for a bit and sing along through the old songs playing. Medyo Blast from the past ang genre :P
And of we go to Siksikan River: As we cruise the bay heading to the said river, Our very friendly tour facilitator Edision, kept us entertained giving fun facts about the fireflies with Stargazing on the side. The night sky were filled with bright stars that we did'nt even see a glim
pse of when we were in Manila. But here, the sky is sooooo clear and we enjoyed stargazing with planet spotting. Meaning it's less to zero pollution that's why the stars were so visible. As if that was the most numbers of star I've seen in my entire life.  Oh how I love Palawan talaga :) 
Okay, Pasensya nya sa photos huh... For me to be able to capture the stars and fireflies, I need to be super steady close to being a human tripod. But too bad we were contantly moving and no stopping. So there, That's all I've got :P And No, I didn't capture any fireflies on my slr not even camera phone. :( I was sooooo frustrated not having them in gazillion shots I took and later on gave up and realized that I will just enjoy the trip and seeing it just right before my eyes.
To describe the experience, there were about 4-5 mangrove trees with fireflies sightings. Actually at the back of my mind I was in doubt :P I was like Hmp, we never really got close to the tree so it can be a rice lights plugged in :P Silly me!!! I hope we could got a little bit closer though kahit 1 meter away :P But anyways baka mastress pa ang mga firefly sa presensya ko :P and mas ikaikli pa ng kanilang almost 2months na buhay. 
Meet Edison Dalanon
Can you keep a secret? Edison Dalanon is a Jedi... 
Oist sinabing wag maingay eh, oo nga he's a Jedi. Wanna know why? Find out for yourselves and go book that Firefly watching activity soon! But for those who just can't wait to know I'll make a short kwento, pilitin nyo muna ako (^.^,) just kidding.

During our Siksikan river cruising to the fireflies natural habitat, Edison turned into a Jedi as he threw in some flashy tricks and astronomy fun facts to the cruising crowd. It was a jawdropping fun filled awesomeness! 
^Photo from Dolphin and Whales Travel and Tours by: Pedrito Enosomo
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