Friday, November 28, 2014

Food Tripin' with

How does food delivery make your life easier?

Ahem, for a home baker/mommyblogger like me who's not so good in lutong ulam, food delivery is my life saver :D

foodpanda is...

foodpanda is a convenient online food ordering website that connects users with thousands of local restaurants. Customers can browse through numerous menus and place orders for delivery or take-away at the best price.

At foodpanda, we believe ordering food online should be fuss-free, fast and definitely fun. With just a few clicks you can order from a wide variety of delicious cuisines online.

foodpanda provides you with restaurant menus, customer reviews and more for over 300 restaurants spread over the whole Metro Manila and soon also in Cebu city.

How foodpanda works?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My CANMAKE Kawaii Mini Haul + Review

My first ever BDJBOX Shop Purchase!
except for the monthly BDJBOX :P

Ordered CANMAKE products (^.^,)

Purchased it last Friday and it arrived yesterday :D

CANMAKE Quick Easy Eye Liner
Price: P480.00
Shade: Black

swatched and lovin it :D
testing nga...

achievement :D 
hindi ako marunong mag eyeliner PROMISE!!!!
pero achieve naman dabah?

ako lang yan :D
In all fairness mas feel ko toh compared sa gel liners and pencils, 
kasi it looks like a pen (marker ang peg) and works like a pentel pen lol 
and slightly flexible ang tip and inky or pigmented as beauty bloggers say it. :P

unlike sa pencil na effort galore ako sa pag apply
and sa gel liners na ang hirap for me ihandle ng brush.

SEE!!! (^.^,) pati ako natawa
bat nag iba sa kabila hehehe
darating din ang araw na mapeperfect ko toh plus that cat-eye chenez
and when that day happens...
Who you??? ka sakin :P 
hahahhaa 'justkidding

This is it pancit!!! 
The type of EyeLiner na magiging Bff ko :P


I heard about eyebrow color changing nung bagets pa me with the tv show ni Tyra Banks where the Participants had to undergo major transformation including eye brow bleaching, and I must say maganda ang effect kasi it can change your look in a way that I didnt imagine before :P yung masungit na look nagiging mabaet, yung mabaet magiging fierce! well isa yun sa nagpa-amaze sakin, ginagalaw din pala ang kilay :P  kaso for me di pa yun uso or di matatanggap ng magulang ko if mag bleach chenelin din ako hahaha. (but that was then.)

now pwede na ang color change sa eyebrow in an instant with the help of:
CANMAKE Eyebrow Color Change.

CANMAKE Eyebrow Color Change
Price: P440.00

This shade is in Chestnut Brown

dahil excited ako to test the products...
presenting my "pambahay" face

 and my brows with CANMAKE Color Change
f na f ! as in feel na feel hahahaha :D

If you'll notice lookie on my "pambahay face"
my (eyebrow) hair strands are not in a joyful harmony :P
galit galit sila... yan ang pamana ng aking pudrabells, trademark nya ang kilay na yan :P

kaya monthly or whenenevr kailangan, I make paayos my kalokang-kilay. and if walang budget for browhaus to the rescue and not so mamahaling waxing/threading salon, yun lang di makuha best na mag compliment sa fezlak ko unlike sa browhaus talaga. 

kaya another HERO to the rescue si CANMAKE Eyebrow Color Change, na-tamed nya ang pasaway na strands (works like setting gel for me) kaya behave sila after and sabi nga sa name nya, color change, nag lighten ang dark brows ko. nakaka soften ng look and even my sister sabi anung meron parang may kakaiba (di nya mapinpoint pero she noticed na may iba talaga, and nung sinabi ko about the product she was amazed too!) and now do I look mabaet na ba or fierce?

and that's my mini CANMAKE HAUL form BDJBOX SHOP

oops! but I got some Canmake items on may kit pa. 
might as well review them para this post will be a Mini Canmake Kawaii Party

CANMAKE Cream Cheek
Price: 395.00

My 4th Cream Cheek piece
This is my canmake favorite :P
cream blush na when applied parang nakita mo lang your crush :D

CANMAKE Candy Wrap Lip
Price: P410.00
wala na kasing ibang kulay na pwede, isa na lang toh sa options and atat lang talaga ako dahil may special offer for BDJ Girls that day (get a cream cheek for free with any purchase) kaya go na ang lola nyo :P
afraid kasi ako sa mga pink because feeling ko di bagay sa katisayan ko, buti bagay naman sya sakin. yey!

mi selfie with:
CANMAKE Quick and Easy Eyeliner,
CANMAKE Eyebrow Change Color
CANMAKE Cream Cheek
CANMAKE Candy Wrap Lip

again F na F!!! hahahah (^.^,)

I'm joining and you can too!
Best Of Luck Ladies!!!

visit BDJBOX SHOP and Shop for your very own CANMAKE Goodies 

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CANMAKE Website:

How do you like this post? Okay ba?  (^.^,)
Follow me and my lil adventures as I make my dreams come true.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have Yourselves A #MerrySMChristmas

Merry Christmas!!! 
Opps it's only November 25th pa lang pala :P
but still... a month from now PASKO NA!!!! yiheeee!

but a short story first...

Since my Pappi (father) went on his journey to our creator 2  years ago, we stopped putting Christmas Decor at home. If you lost someone (someone really close to you for example) it's truly taking a part of your heart and minsan you can go back to what it was like before. Even Birthdays are not celebrated the bongacious way. We go to Church Thank God for another year of existence, Repent and ask for forgiveness, pray for guidance, good Health and blessings. and then we eat-out and that's it, our Idea of celebrating Birthdays and any other Occasions.

But for a Mom like me with 3 kids aged 7 and below, I also want them to experience the Christmas Vibe.
Christmas Icons like Santa Claus, The Ginger Bread House, Tin Soldier etc, etc.
I'm already 28 but still feeling giddy-yee-up-up about Christmas and I'm feeling that vibe whenever I'm at SM SuperMalls and that's where the MerrySMChristmas takes place

What is #MerrySMChristmas for me ba?

First is the SUPERB Christmas Decorations

For the hanging decor is so elegant and breath taking... my son wonder pa nga if gaano sya kabigat and what if mahulog :P The Hanging Ginormous Christmas Balls is SUPER awesome!!!

SM MegaMall

Have Yourselves A #MerrySMChristmas

Have Yourselves A #MerrySMChristmas

Have Yourselves A #MerrySMChristmas
super love it :)
kinikilig ako promise hahahaha

SM Mall Of Asia
Larger than Life Tin Soldier
A #MerrySMChristmas 2014

...and the Tin Soldier comes to Life!
pasaway kasi si Ricci :P 
bawal nga eh kaso gusto nya talaga mag pa picture sa spot na yan hehehe

Matryoshka Dolls
This is one of the SM Mall of Asia Highlights I love!
(announcement on big screen)

I think we're too early and wala pa si SANTA :P

So si daddy muna for now :P and that is The Ginger Bread House
lovin' every detail of it! Ricci thought it's edible, but this is made of wood ah :P

But wait there's more


A #MerrySMChristmas 2014 at SM AURA
A #MerrySMChristmas 2014 at SM AURA

A #MerrySMChristmas 2014 at SM AURA

The Ginormous Christmas Ball and The Christmas Tree na super Ganda!!!

My Kids (^.^,) Chloe, Ricci, and Charles #TeamBorneaKids

#TeamBorneaKids 2014

I remember the movie" Honey I Shrunk the Kids"  sa Christmas Display na ito

#TeamBorneaKids 2014
ganyan talaga smile ni kuya :P
yung mga girls ko nakailang change poses na pero si kuya waley :P

#TeamBorneaKids 2014

SM SuperMalls never fails to amaze me on their decors 
lalo na this Christmas Season.

Shopping Galore

Their wide selections of almost everything in the SM Department Stores and Boutiques makes it easier for us to look for gifts to be given sa aming mga loved ones. ( I won't post na our Shopping chenez ah :P
and SM is just keeping their word at the Jingle "SM we got it all for you!" everything is REALLY there. and keri in all types of budget. 

like, gift ideas for monito-monita ni hubby (sa office) worth P50/week tuma-tumbling lang sya sa SM Aura he bought a face towel set in a gift box for 49.75 :P I'm eyeing din for the colored coffee cups and saucer set at 349.75 pag balik ko after payday will complete my shopping list na!

That's why we are so feeling the #MerrySMChristmas vibe already

But how did the #MerrySMChristmas start ba?
watch it here

“How #MerrySMChristmas Begins” 
featuring Cheska and Kendra Kramer

And speaking of Christmas vibe,
Christmas Spirit is also about sharing and being a blessing to others.

SM Christmas Bears of Joy

SM Christmas Bears of Joy

SM CARES Bears of Joy Booth in SM MegaMall

SM Christmas Bears of Joy

For just P200, you will get (2) teddy bears
One for you to keep (or donate na lang din :) )
and the other one you can donate and will benefit children from a various orphanage.
what an awesome way to share right? 

SM Christmas Bears of Joy

This Giant Box will serve as a DropBox of your Bear Donation

This Giant Box will serve as a Dropbox of your Bear Donation

Let's all be a blessing to others and bring smiles to those kids, will we?

#SMBearsOfJoy #MerrySMChristmas

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SM SuperMalls Website:
SM SuperMalls Facebook Page:


Saturday, November 22, 2014

PLDT Tech Island 2014

Got an invite for the first PLDT Tech Island!

(as early as now  I'm hoping to be invite again next year hahahah)

Yes this will be an annual event na!

The First Ever PLDT Tech Island and I'm part of it's history yey!!!

and the wheels of the bus goes to Pico De Loro :)
yiheee!!! #FieldTripModeOn

after 48years... 
a breath-taking scene :)

I <3 calm and relaxed water so at peace :D

I saw the Sign, The Road Sign :)
sa wakas... :D
3 hours ko na kasing hinohold ang... 
sabi kasi ni Sir. Migs A. walang stop over huhuhu
*kaso from capturing this pic  30minutes pa bago na reach ang gate 
that it the longest weewee holding moment of my life :P

This page on my blog titled TechHub is really about my Techie Hubby :P
lagi nya ako kasama kaya sayang naman the events if I wont blog about it.

The Crowd. 700+

Opening Remarks

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing obsolete.
-Buckminster Fuller

"Passion makes a person work 96 hours in a row."
Gary Whitehill

#relatemuch feel na feel ko this xmas season for my cakes and cupcakes :)

"Success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose."
-Bill Gates

with Paul Pajo on Making Connections

I really liked talks from People so passionate about their craft.
sana maambunan ako ng wisdom nila to get me fired-up and moving forward.

pico de loro bands

May Cisco din pala sa IT world,
iba kasi ung sisqo na kilala ko, tumo-Thong Song un :P

time for the BEACH PARTY!!! wooohoooo!
yun lang nakalimutan ko my 2pc charot! :P

ganito ako sa beach :) tanaw tanaw lang :)

Ang eye-bags ko naging eye-maleta :P 
kasi naman excited 12am gising na hahaha
Thanks Sir Manny, dahil sayo nag kapicture kami together na di selfiemode  :P


ang KJ ko diba?
pahiga-higa lang ang lola while watching the calm sea, habang sila pumaparteyyy!!!

This is the good life!

super kulit loots form #PldtTechIsland
kamusta naman the shirt?
parang di ko kaya hahahaha

and the echo bag is for the win!!!
when worn gives an illusion that yan ang body mo sideview
hahahah :D

Let me end #PLDTTechIsland tour with this Sunset
This Pico De Loro Hamilo Coast Sunset. #Priceless
ay mahal pala yan! for members only :P
Thanks PLDT for making this trip possible (^.^,)

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