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Why, Hello There Flowers!

Ever get that feeling a little low, sad, bad and sometimes its so depressing that you just wanting to cry or scream it all out? Day after day, we get our dose updates about the pandemic, happenings and issues all around the metro that gets so frustrating and later on might affect your vibe. But I hope you don't let it get to you. May you always find a way to create your own sunshine and uplift your mood. One way to do so is with flowers.

Look what I found online. A flower shop that offers gorgeous flower arrangements.  

Why, Hello There Flowers is not your ordinary flower-shop because they are always ready to brighten someone else's day with stunning Ecuadorian roses and lovely flowers from Holland. And oh-so-ready to cater to “I forgot” moments because they can deliver within just a couple of hours. How awesome is that? 

I'm sure this will be a life-saver for the most "forgetful" men out there. Kidding aside, the flower arrangements are made by florists and floral designers who has decades of experience from Australia and Dubai they create sophisticated and elegantly arranged bouquets and flower boxes. The concept of arrangements is sophisticated, graceful and elegant. Their flowers are carefully selected and handpicked to bring quality products and services backed up by competitive pricing. 

Why, Hello There Flowers is a reliable flower shop indeed because they are willing to go out of their way just to give that specific flower you are looking for and they offers same day delivery of custom bouquet,  and free delivery within Metro Manila. The 24-hour ordering system on their website will be very convenient for you. A team of an all-around floristry that caters from thank you gift to a full event like weddings or even designing your very own personalized contemporary Christmas trees.

Send them flowers and make them say - Why, Hello There!

With all that's happening around us, If you have something to say, say it. If you have something to do, do it. Every moment, every occasion, big or small - should be celebrated! Just don't you dare to forget. And to make it extra special send them flowers without the worry of going out and make them say
Why, Hello There!

Check them out on Instagram @WhyHelloThereFlowers.
Visit Why, Hello There. website or call +639774721993 

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