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The Great Chicco Sale

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Exciting offers awaits and huge discounts only at Chicco Stores!
Items were on sale from 20-70% off! 

That Good Old Fashioned Home Cooking But Better, Sangkap Filipino Restaurant By: Chef Raymar Reyes

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I terribly miss my Pappi's home cooked meal. If you were one of my regular readers, seeing "Pappi" on almost all of my food post is normal. He became my standard in everything about food and recipes. If a dish even comes close to his recipes I'm super happy and teary at the same time! 

I grew up with his "pintaserong panlasa" that's why I'm feeling so much pressure whenever I was about to cook. There's this one time I cooked spaghetti to surprise him. "Ah, spaghetti I can do this!"But suddenly he gets mad! because  he saw me adding water to the spaghetti sauce. As in galit na galit sya. Bat ko daw nilalagyan, sinayang ko lang daw. Naiiyak ako na ewan but later on he explained that in cooking it's about quality, not quantity. Ohaaaa, mga words of wisdom ni Pappi na ngayon ko lang naintindihan :P kasi nga naman gusto ko madaming sauce but yun nga, the taste is malabnaw :P 

Today, our home specially on our dining table isn't the same as it was before. As Pappi migrated to heaven, di na kami nakakain ng matino for walang nagmana ng cooking skills nya. Tama nga ang madalas nyang sinasabi na "Magaling lang kaming kumain" hahahaha

Kaya the moment I chanced upon SANGKAP by Chef Raymar Reyes I felt a little excited. And as get to try their Cebu Lechon Belly Sinigang, ay wow! Even now, I'm still craving for it.

Chef Raymar Reyes’ unique twists to the Philippines’ best cuisine allows one to have a taste of home with every juicy bite. The restaurant offers your favorite local dishes like Kare-Kare, Kilawin, and Kaldereta, but Chef Raymar ups the ante by placing the spotlight on the tastes of the different regions in the country.

Imagine sinking your teeth into the flavors of Batanes, Pampanga, Zamboanga - or maybe having a sip of Cebu, Ilocos or Iloilo. Whether or not you’re familiar with these places, Sangkap makes sure to marry comfort and adventure when they land on your taste buds. “People who like the classic and experimental, I believe both of them will enjoy [these],” remarks the chef. 

The Food

Lychee Fruit Shake
Pate' ng Adobong Manok at Toast P210.00

Tinumok P300.00 - P470.00

Ivatan Kilawin P290.00

Chicken Inasal sa Gata P290.00 - P500.00

Cebu Lechon Belly Sinigang P350.00 - P520.00

Humba P300.00 - P490.00

Sangkap Fried Rice P270.00

TriColor Spring Roll with Vanilla IceCream P220.00

Customers are served comfort food, reminiscent of home but at the same time mixed with the subtle thrill of trying something new. One of their specialties is the Cebu Lechon Sinigang -- the perfect combination of two all-time Filipino favorites. With just the right tang of tamarind and the hearty savor of Lechon, it’s enough to wash away fatigue from your weary bones.

My Top 5 Sangkap Food Pick
Cebu Lechon Belly Sinigang - A fruity flavourful Sinigang that I super like!
Ivatan Kilawin - Perfectly seasoned, with just the right spiciness that I love and so yummy!
Lychee Fruit Shake - I just love lychee and this is quite tasty
TriColor Spring Roll - Hot and Cold Dessert in one plate
Pate' ng Adobong Manok at Toast - Liver spread at it's finest and fab form.

So when you’re in the mood to travel, but the familiarity of home is too soothing to resist, bring home your taste-buds to Sangkap and taste adventure on a plate.

Sangkap Filipino Restaurant is located in Portico, Captain Javier Street, Oranbo, Pasig City. Follow SangkapPH on Facebook and Instagram to get a better taste of what they're serving!

Sangkap by Chef Raymar Reyes

Taste the Newest Asian Fusion at SASA Asian Cuisine

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Enjoy a gastronomical blend of Asia’s best all the way from Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, made even better with a Filipino twist by Chef Raymar and his team.

Foodies, Rejoice! For we can now enjoy the Asian Fusion Cuisine at SASA Asian Cuisine located at fab Estancia Mall in Capital Commons. It's a food venture of TMG The Menu Group together with 3 other restaurants established in 2015. This group of passionate, young restaurateurs has successfully opened up their ventures in popular up-and-coming spots in Ortigas and Mandaluyong.

The Menu


Dishes like the Crispy Pork Belly in Tamarind Glaze combine the Filipino’s love of crunch and savory pork with the exotic tang of tamarind to create an entirely new flavor experience. Their Braised Beef with Cheddar is an interesting spin on the classic Asian dish, combining the familiar and utterly addicting taste of American cheddar with the tender and rich flavor of the beef. 

For a lighter fare, Japanese favorites like Tempura also get that Sasa spin as it is cooked with freshly made Mapo Tofu. For seafood lovers, marvel at the unique flavor of their Asahi Prawns dish—prawns soaked in Asahi beer and sautéed in clam sauce.

The Food

Shrimp and Chicken Laksa P290

Black Pepper Prawns P360.00 - P600.00

Crispy Pork Belly with Tamarind Glaze P280.00 - P450.00

Fried Yasai Itame P350.00
Crispy Lamb Patatim P700.00
Soy Chicken P380.00 - P700.00

Chicken Chorizo Rice P170.00 - P310.00

Mango Sticky Rice P220.00

Fresh Green Mango Shake

Watermelon Shake

My Top 5 SASA Favorites
The Green Mango Shake - That is refreshingly delicious
Mango Sticky Rice - That I think is good for sharing but this time, it's all mine.
Soy Chicken - One of the best soy chicken experience ever
Fried Yasai Itame - A deconstructed lumpiang gulay for me!
and their Ice Cream is mind blowing! Something that I did not expect, EVER!

With a vast array of Asian-inspired culinary choices, Sasa’s bold and original take on the best of Asia’s flavors definitely stands out. Each dish feels homey and familiar, thanks to its Filipino-inspired roots, but is also a refreshing, new experience on its own, masterfully combining unique and notable Asian-inspired flavors into the mix.

Experience a new take on Asian flavors at Sasa Asian Cuisine, now open in the Lower Ground, South Wing side at the Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City. Follow SasaCuisine on Facebook and Instagram for a closer look!

SASA Asian Cuisine

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Revisiting Club Balai Isabel

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This is my 2nd time here at Club Balai Isabel and still it fascinates me. The resort has that certain vibe that tickles my heart and even my soul. And that maybe is one of the reason why couples chooses Club Balai Isabel as their "poping-out-the-question" venue, up to being their wedding / wedding reception place.

I have that habit of revisiting places I've been into most specially if I kinda liked my first visit. Also, I'm checking out if the establishment is consistent on their service. You know naman when you are invited for something, everything is always at their best. 

The First Time I was at Club Balai Isabel is unforgettable.

Last October, me and DaddyO decided to go back for a day swim at Club Balai Isabel. Just to celebrate his 30ish birthday and a maybe a bonding moment for the both of us too. Oh! Kalma, day tour lang :P

FYI. This is not a sponsored post :)
We arrived the resort close to 12nn via commute. We took the Bus from Buendia Taft (JAM Liner) with sign board saying Tanauan,  fare is  P91.00 to be drop off at Tanauan. Then from there we took a tricycle that will take us to the jeepney terminal going to Talisay. Tricycle fare is P8.00 per head while P50.00 for a special trip. Next is we look for the jeepney that is bound to Talisay, we asked the driver to dropped us at the Talisay church.Jeppeney fare is P27.00. From there we walked till we reach the facade of Club Balai Isabel. It was less than 5 minutes I think. And I don't mind walking :) But for those who do, you can take a trike and pay the special fare of P50.00

Yep! Club Balai Isabel is open for day-tours, or also known as day-swimming and I think the day-swimming pass cost P1000.00/pax. But I highly recommend that go for at least an overnight accommodation . For it'll be best to stay there, plus you'll enjoy other things to do like stroll around the area, enjoy the view, swimming all you want at their awesome pools and so much more.

Recreation at Club Balai Isabel:

So, basically that's it. Then we hit the pool and swim galore!!!

Open Minded Ka Ba? Check This Out! 
BABALA: Huwag gagayahin :P

Me and DaddyO on our most deepest kulitan moments :P

Because of that video, ginutom ako (^.^,) We ordered Chicken Inasal, Four Cheese Pizza and Watermelon Shakes. And just like before, we enjoyed it. As returning guests, I say, nothing has changed. Their staff were all super accommodating. Greeted us with a very sincere smile, and is very attentive to our requests.

It's undertandable that preparing of the food takes time and I'm patiently waiting naman, then a resort staff came in asked if we ordered already. I've said "Ok na", then he checked a slip of paper found on our table then follows up my order and afterwards gets an update that it'll be ready in a few minutes for the pizza is still baking. Super touched for this gesture talaga, no need to call their attention for it seems that they already know what they needed to do. 

I've noticed that the place was not fully booked and It seems that we almost had the place for ourselves. Kitang kita naman sa video dabah? Di ko yun magagawa if madaming people. Actually, and totoo nyan... mahiyain ako :P hahahhaha 

Chicken Inasal

Isabel's Panaderia and Pizzeria: Four Cheese Pizza and I ate 3/4 of it :P 

So, if you're having that moment in your life that you just want to relax and be somewhere nice and quite but also has lots of activities that you can get busy on plus it's not too far from metro city, Club Balai Isabel is always a good choice.

Club Balai Isabel 
Talisay,  Batangas
Makati Office: 02 897 0229 | 02 895 7230 | 02 556 8442
Mobile Phone: 0917 504 4157 | 0917 872 1512 | 0918 967 7078
Site Office: 043 728 0317 | 043 773 0004

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What Happens In Coron, Is Ought To Be Shared. (Day 1,2,3 Itinerary)

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Day 1: Flight from Manila to Busuanga
+ An Island Hideaway

I bought my airfare tix from Cebu Pacific priced at 5k round trip. I thought  that this price is ok since it's only a matter of weeks before our target travel dates. and I've noticed and so aware of the trend that the price will go up in the coming days. But!!! I was wrong. Most of my team-mates booked their airfare tix ranging from 3k or less lang. Saklap Besh! But this instance didn't spoil my excitement, for Palawan is really my top Philippine Destination to go to ever, ever everrrr!

Define excited?

Prior to Boarding
It was not so long ago that I had my first plane flight. But I'm kinda getting to use to it and lovin it. It was new to me that we had to ride a bus first before boarding the plane. As I ride the bus with full of excitement, a vision from a far wears it down in an instant. OMG ang liit ng plane! Then a familiar movie scene came flooding in my mind. Besh final destination na ba?

Keeping The Faith and Excitement Rolling.
So with more dasal, and a bunch courage and an ounce of atat'ness, Go lang ng Go. And the next thing I know, Touchdown Busuanga and we were 11 minutes early pa! P.S mas bet ko ang plane na ito. Less hilo for me (^.^,)

Touchdown Busuanga, Hello Coron!
Ok Kalma, di yan ang sinakyan ko (^.^,) #WishKolang char!

Francisco B. Reyes Airport
Mikel Bernardo, Orly Agawin, Evo Contrivida, with Mr. Joselito "Tong" Arzaga - F. B. Reyes Airport Manager, Oscar Bornea,
Allan Bobis, Leomy, Charlotte Anne De Peralta, Maria Rona Beltran, Aci Bornea, Aguilus

From Airport to Port of Alfaro via Private Van
Commuting is a bit hard here in Busuanga, The only means of transportation is via Private Van and is available for rent. We paid P2500 / $50.26 for this more or less 2 hours trip.
( F.B Reyes Airport - Port of Alfaro )

Touring Coron is time-consuming, There are so much to see but these beautiful destinations were located all across the island that can be 2hours or more apart. So, be armed with a well planned Itinerary, Budget, and Energy for this trip. Once you had your itinerary done, just make it happen and bring a waterproof watch or just be mindful of the time. Based on my experience I lost track of time in every destination we've gone into resulting for cancellation of the other go-to places in line for our trip. Looking on the bright side: It just simply mean that we enjoyed our stay.

Port Of Alfaro going to Popototan Island

Going to Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort

An Island Far, Far, Away
Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is nestled in Popototan Island. 1-hour boat ride from Port of Alfaro. Boat transfers were already included once you book your stay at the Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort. The Resort has its own boat to fetch resorts guest on and off the island. I kinda like that their boat is quite big from the usual boats I've ever been into. Plus cruising the seas in Coron is such a relaxing treat for there are no big waves ever. Thanks to the way Islands were positioned. Having big waves is I think almost impossible. For me, it was like perfectly crafted by nature for us to see and experience its fascinating beauty.

Our Accommodation: Sea View Beach Family Room
Spacious Room with Private Bathroom and Shower, Private Terrace and Hammock

Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort Pier
Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort Pier
Island Activities: Jungle Trekking, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Island Hopping and Scuba Diving
Please check out my staycation review for Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort soon.

Check out at Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort

Time Check: 8am in the morning and off we go to our next destination. Back to Port of Alfaro then going straight to Port of Coron. For today, is an Island Hopping Day!

Island Hopping Starts Now!
First Stop: Siete Pecados

Kasalanan ko ba?
Siete Pecados as Seven Sins or to a much acceptable explanation,7 islets. I got curious about the "Seven Sins" kemmerut of it but found nothing much on the internet. Maybe there is an alamat about this. Please help me feed my curiosity  and let me know if you got an idea about the story behind it. Siete Pecados is the closest tourist spot in Coron. Ideal for snorkeling too. 

Next is one fo the famous tourist spot of Coron
The Twin Lagoon

Rain on me.
Suddenly it started raining. But the sea was still calm, and the wind isn't too strong. It seems that the fairies greeted us Hello!. Enough for my mystical imagination influenced by a very dear friend, Evo. But the place is really enchanting, look at those carved by nature rock formations on my picture. Yay! Ako lang ba ang kinikilig? 

Bucket List, Checked and Achieved!!!
It was really a dream come true for me, seeing this place right before my very beautiful eyes, charaught! But seriously, I loved the amazing view of these towering rocks. Super checked on my travel bucket list. Plus a major bonus point that the waters of Coron  were so inviting. Twin Lagoon has crystal clear waters and is so calm. Honestly, I imagined this place smaller that's why my eyes were so surprised to see that it was larger than I expected it to be :) 

Lunch at Banol Beach

Kakain na!
A perfect place for lunch and swimming. White sand beach, Clear waters, Cottages and Nipa huts with long tables and chairs. Indeed a nice place to rest for a while and have some lunch.

Kayangan Lake

No Pain, No Gain.
This is it. That iconic landmark that symbolizes Coron and actually even Palawan. After a nakakahingal hike (of course with exaggerations :P - alam nyo naman ako hingalin :P ) Again, after that 5minute hike that seems like 3 to 4 storey building in height, we saw this...

Then we climb down for the lake. The steps were too slippery for me. Although according to our tour guide Chris, this was already improved and better than before. But for me, a friendly advice, you have to be very careful and mindful of your steps for it can be very slippery and there's some huge chunk of larger than life gravel looking rocks that seemed to be polished! oha ang descriptions ko,hahaha :). Actually, I hurt my ankle during our climb down keme, I slipped for just a couple of inches. Then I knew it'll be bad. But, I will enjoy the lake now and endure the pain later :P How was that for motivation?

After spending 2hours or more at the lake we decided to pack our things and go ahead before the clock hits 5. Assuming it'll be difficult for us to climb up when it gets dark is the reason why eveybody gets off the lake in an instant.

Me: Nasan yung "You Are Here"? (^.^,)
Ang Saya! Alin ang naiba?
If you were able to read some of my older post you'll know that ang lolabesh nyo ay my fear of heights and takot even sa footbridges. Thank God that travelling makes me conquer my fear, well not super conquer but slowly I'm getting used to it :P Walking through this jetty is quite hard for me but I have to choose carefully of the more suitable plank of wood to step on to, and hey, I've done it :P 

As our team strikes a pose for group picture asking all to sit with kokoyakoy feet. I was like? Bababa? Oh noessss! Bawal umarte mga besh or itutulak hahaha. Good thing my lifevest is still on me :P How about that for trusts issues? hahaha ako na lang ang naka lifevest oh?!

It was passed 7 I think when we arrived the town proper and quicky we ran to our hotels, checked in in a flash and have a super quick bath and fix ourselves for we are to meet one of officers of CATE.

Again this is just a rundown post for my Coron Island Escapades
Please subscribe on my blog to get updates and watch out for a much detailed post soon.

Checking In at:
Coron Soleil Garden Resort

A photo posted by Aci Girl (@aci_girl) on

Super touched and thankful for the welcome dinner (^.^,)

Peep-Peep-Peep-Peep! Sabi ng Jeep!
After savoring our sumptious dinner off we go to Santino's Grill to meet one of the officers at Calamianes Association of Tourism Establishments Inc. Special thanks to Coron Soleil Garden Resort for giving as this amazing jeepney ride. Lookie Look oh! It matches my outfit :P

Aci (Me), Allan, Mikel and DaddyO all smiles and rady to hit the road
with Coron Soleil Garden Resort Fabulously-Flashy Jeepney ride.
Santino's Grill

Team Byaheros MNL Dinner at Santino's Grill. 

Most known for their Baby Back ribs, Santinos pioneered in troducing this in the island. Now well-known as a baby-back-ribs go to place in Coron. Setting trend to break the provincial style of having only seafood dishes on the table of the locals. But also captured the foreigners likings to BBQ and baby back ribs makes it a super hit not just because it is indeed good tasting but super affordable too.

Please check out my food feature post for Santino's Grill soon.

Back to Coron Soleil  Garden Resort

After a jam-packed day of activities, left and right food feasts, we were oh so tired and had to be up by 5am the next day for another set of Island hopping. Super tired that we wanna go to our bed and sleep na and recharge not just our gadgets but are bodies too. So how about  a good night sleep?

Swimming Pool - Coron Soleil Garden Resort
Please check out my staycation and food feature post for Coron Soleil Garden Resort soon.

Sleep Is Only For The Weak
But wait, the pool is lookin' sooooo pretty and inviting! I say Pool Party anyone? And the team agreed. We all charged our gadgets, tidy up and packed our things so that the next morning everything is set and good to go. So what happens is, "walang tulugan" :P And besides, Sleep is for the Weak. 

Day 3 - Into The Wild + Island Hopping Part2
Calauit Safari 
Giraffes at Calauit Safari

A wildlife sanctuary located in Calauit Island. A game reserve created during 1970's by former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Find The Horizon
No worries for most of the places in Coron has calm waters, actually di ata uso waves dito. This is the port going to Calauit Island. I forgot hat it's called. something like makalachiao whatever. :) As you can see it's just a mini port and if you'll look on my photo (Port) focus on the horizon and you'll see a little white spec fronting the port with boats. That is where Calauit Safari is. Just a quick boat ride.

We have to ride a jeep for us to be able to explore the island. Well, actually not the whole island, Just a glimpse of it. Our tour guide is very accommodating, I can see how passionate he is not only about his job but the Calauit Safari as a whole. He seems to be worried about the future of  this place. Not having enough or any support from the goverment to suffice the needs inside the Safari in every aspects. 

Giraffes Calauit Safari

I hoped people will somehow appreciate this little piece of africa in our own land. No need to fly out of the country to see giraffes and Zebras

Close Encounter | Feeding The Giraffes

Plus we can be proud too of the efforts of incaptive breeding. Oh diba may Giraffes at Zebra'ng Pinoy :)

Pinoy Ako (^.^,)
Lunch at North Cay Island

A Lovely Place
Sabi nga ni Macky na derived for a lyric of a song din "Such a lovely place, Such a lovely face" North Cay has its own charm that can entice everyone. 

North Cay Group Pic: Orly, Allan, Leomy, Aguilus, Lariza, Evo, Aci yep that's me! and DaddyO
Mikel, Anjo, Charlotte and Rona
 Pamalican Island

According to out boatmen, it's low tide and we cant go any closer to the shore so we have to swim our way if we want to hit the beach. I gathered all the courage, strength and wits we me to swim ashore. P.S It was an open water mga besh and waves are visible mga 1ft in height :( Will encouragement from Orly and Charlotte, sige na nga!

So I did swim my way kahit ang lakas ng alon, going away from our banca is quite ok. So I did try snorkeling and I liked what I saw. Indeed Mama Orly is right that the finale of our tour is quite amazing.

True Story
I've noticed that I was a bit far na from our boat and I won't be able to swim my way to it because of the waves. I get a little panicky when I felt that my legs are getting tired and feeling a lil numb. Plus the waves makes it more hard for me to swim my way back to the boat, for it kinda looks like the waves are drowning me. In kinokotongan motion. :P Then I realized the waves are rushing in and I can't catch my breath. Yep my lifevest were still on me but the waves that hitting my head keeps me below the water and I cant manage to breath. That's when I started crying :( But still focusing on what should I do. 

Sisa Moment in My Head:
Aci may vest ka, di ka lulubog, 
Besh, hindi, yung alon ang nagpapalubog sakin. 
Aci, hinga ka na lang sa snorkeling gear mo, 
Besh, cannot be, pinapasok ng water, remember naka 1 gallon na tayo ng lagok? 

Life of Aci
That's the time they hear me coughing. I was teary and nervous but who can tell with my pretty face char, my mask on I mean. I asked kuya boatman help, Aba si kuya nakatingin lang :P Well no one noticed me for everyone is enjoying their swim. Buti na lang pababa pa lang si DaddyO ng boat. nakita nya ako akala nya may sinasabi ako (di pala nya maintindihan because my plug sya sa ear. That's when he saw my sad pretty face lol. Keeping in mind na bawal mabasa si daddyO he managed to help me reach the boat and climb my way up. The moment na nahawakan ko ung rope aba akyat agad ako as if may pating :P nagulat si boatman ask me why. 

I said: Kuya sabi ko kanina help eh! andami ko na nainom akala ko nga lulubog na ako.
boatman:  Ay ma'am nagsasalita ka ba? wala po ako narinig" 
only to realize naka snorkeling gear nga pala ako :P 
me: Eh kuya umuubo na kaya ako, 
boatman: Ma'am normal yun. Pag kumakaway kaway yun yung nalulunod. 
me:  Ay so kakaway pala dapat :P 
boatman: Oo ma'am 
me:  Ngeee eh ayaw ko itaas kamay ko baka kumawala ung vest.
boatman:    Di yan ma'am naka strap naman eh.
me:  Kahit naaaa, pwede matrap face ko sa vest huhu, 
pero will keep that in mind na kakaway na ako next time :P

Disclaimer: Infairness sa mga boatmen attentive sila. nakatingin sila sa mga swimmers.
I was just too clingy with my vest and both hands were grasping them that's why I didnt make kaway to call their attention  :P  Plus I  kept in my to hold it at all times and avoid raising both hands Why??? One time I jumped off a not so high cliff and both my hands were raised, the vest almost slipped. Good thing I get a good grip and managed to fix it. Hay story of my clumsy life :P But I'm Super ok.Nothing Serious. Next time talaga aaralin ko na ang pag langgoy, mageexercize at kakain ng saging :)

A perfect way to end the day, Sunset watching as we cruise our way ack to the municipality. As we indulge ourselves to our last day in Coron, I felt from the bottom of my heart that I was happy. Finally, one of my childish dream came true, I managed to travel with friends and get to enjoy their company and actually did had a great time.

Special thanks for all the people who made this trip possible.

Evo Contrivida of TeamByaherosMNL for organizing the this trip

Calamianes Association of Tourism Establishements Inc. (CATE Inc.)
For the Calamianes Island Escapades.

Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort

Coron Soleil Garden Resort

Villa Khadine

Darayonan Lodge

Santino's Grill
Calamianes Tours

CATE Inc. Board of Director Mr. Arni Pabelonio, CATE President Mr. Chin Fernandez, Sanggunian Bayan Member and Local Tourism of Coron Commitee Chair Mike Sadhwani,
CATE Board of Director Mr. Alan Coucher, CATE Vice-President Mr. Hilbert Enriquez,
and Ms. Dianne Palanca of Palanca Guesthouse
No Goodbye's, Just See You Later! 
That sums up our Coron Island Escapades. It was a very memorable trip to Coron, Palawan. Every island has its own beauty and charm, every destination is super worth it,  Actually it was a bit tiring beacuse of our super packed island hopping activities but we didn't even care, the trip was made even better with the amazing people of Team Byaheros MNL together with the very accommodating officers of CATE Inc. Hotel and Tour sponsors. It was really really worth the travel and I will definetly be back and I might stay longer for 4days is quite not enough.
Day 4: Zap Back To Manila

Now you see me smilling? That's because I really did enjoy this trip and I'm not scared anymore of this lil plane. My heart is filled with joy and fondness of the island. Ipon starts now for I really wanna explore more of Coron's enchanting Beauty.

Hello Concrete Jungle and we're back! 

 Salamat sa papayong ni Mayor char! #CebTravels

And yes, What Happens in Coron is ought to be shared!
Ikaw? What's your Coron Story? 

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