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The Great Chicco Sale

Exciting offers awaits and huge discounts only at Chicco Stores!
Items were on sale from 20-70% off! 

That Good Old Fashioned Home Cooking But Better, Sangkap Filipino Restaurant By: Chef Raymar Reyes

I terribly miss my Pappi's home cooked meal. If you were one of my regular readers, seeing "Pappi" on almost all of my food post is normal. He became my standard in everything about food and recipes. If a dish even comes close to his recipes I'm super happy and teary at the same t…

Taste the Newest Asian Fusion at SASA Asian Cuisine

Enjoy a gastronomical blend of Asia’s best all the way from Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, made even better with a Filipino twist by Chef Raymar and his team.

Foodies, Rejoice! For we can now enjoy the Asian Fusion Cuisine at SASA Asian Cuisine located at fab Estancia Mall in Capital Commons…

Revisiting Club Balai Isabel

This is my 2nd time here at Club Balai Isabel and still it fascinates me. The resort has that certain vibe that tickles my heart and even my soul. And that maybe is one of the reason why couples chooses Club Balai Isabel as their "poping-out-the-question" venue, up to being their wedding …

What Happens In Coron, Is Ought To Be Shared. (Day 1,2,3 Itinerary)

Day 1: Flight from Manila to Busuanga + An Island Hideaway

I bought my airfare tix from Cebu Pacific priced at 5k round trip. I thought  that this price is ok since it's only a matter of weeks before our target travel dates. and I've noticed and so aware of the trend that the price will go u…