This is my 2nd time here at Club Balai Isabel and still it fascinates me. The resort has that certain vibe that tickles my heart and even my soul. And that maybe is one of the reason why couples chooses Club Balai Isabel as their "poping-out-the-question" venue, up to being their wedding / wedding reception place.

I have that habit of revisiting places I've been into most specially if I kinda liked my first visit. Also, I'm checking out if the establishment is consistent on their service. You know naman when you are invited for something, everything is always at their best. 

The First Time I was at Club Balai Isabel is unforgettable.

Last October, me and DaddyO decided to go back for a day swim at Club Balai Isabel. Just to celebrate his 30ish birthday and a maybe a bonding moment for the both of us too. Oh! Kalma, day tour lang :P

FYI. This is not a sponsored post :)
We arrived the resort close to 12nn via commute. We took the Bus from Buendia Taft (JAM Liner) with sign board saying Tanauan,  fare is  P91.00 to be drop off at Tanauan. Then from there we took a tricycle that will take us to the jeepney terminal going to Talisay. Tricycle fare is P8.00 per head while P50.00 for a special trip. Next is we look for the jeepney that is bound to Talisay, we asked the driver to dropped us at the Talisay church.Jeppeney fare is P27.00. From there we walked till we reach the facade of Club Balai Isabel. It was less than 5 minutes I think. And I don't mind walking :) But for those who do, you can take a trike and pay the special fare of P50.00

Yep! Club Balai Isabel is open for day-tours, or also known as day-swimming and I think the day-swimming pass cost P1000.00/pax. But I highly recommend that go for at least an overnight accommodation . For it'll be best to stay there, plus you'll enjoy other things to do like stroll around the area, enjoy the view, swimming all you want at their awesome pools and so much more.

Recreation at Club Balai Isabel:

So, basically that's it. Then we hit the pool and swim galore!!!

Open Minded Ka Ba? Check This Out! 
BABALA: Huwag gagayahin :P

Me and DaddyO on our most deepest kulitan moments :P

Because of that video, ginutom ako (^.^,) We ordered Chicken Inasal, Four Cheese Pizza and Watermelon Shakes. And just like before, we enjoyed it. As returning guests, I say, nothing has changed. Their staff were all super accommodating. Greeted us with a very sincere smile, and is very attentive to our requests.

It's undertandable that preparing of the food takes time and I'm patiently waiting naman, then a resort staff came in asked if we ordered already. I've said "Ok na", then he checked a slip of paper found on our table then follows up my order and afterwards gets an update that it'll be ready in a few minutes for the pizza is still baking. Super touched for this gesture talaga, no need to call their attention for it seems that they already know what they needed to do. 

I've noticed that the place was not fully booked and It seems that we almost had the place for ourselves. Kitang kita naman sa video dabah? Di ko yun magagawa if madaming people. Actually, and totoo nyan... mahiyain ako :P hahahhaha 

Chicken Inasal

Isabel's Panaderia and Pizzeria: Four Cheese Pizza and I ate 3/4 of it :P 

So, if you're having that moment in your life that you just want to relax and be somewhere nice and quite but also has lots of activities that you can get busy on plus it's not too far from metro city, Club Balai Isabel is always a good choice.

Club Balai Isabel 
Talisay,  Batangas
Makati Office: 02 897 0229 | 02 895 7230 | 02 556 8442
Mobile Phone: 0917 504 4157 | 0917 872 1512 | 0918 967 7078
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