Enjoy a gastronomical blend of Asia’s best all the way from Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, made even better with a Filipino twist by Chef Raymar and his team.

Foodies, Rejoice! For we can now enjoy the Asian Fusion Cuisine at SASA Asian Cuisine located at fab Estancia Mall in Capital Commons. It's a food venture of TMG The Menu Group together with 3 other restaurants established in 2015. This group of passionate, young restaurateurs has successfully opened up their ventures in popular up-and-coming spots in Ortigas and Mandaluyong.

The Menu


Dishes like the Crispy Pork Belly in Tamarind Glaze combine the Filipino’s love of crunch and savory pork with the exotic tang of tamarind to create an entirely new flavor experience. Their Braised Beef with Cheddar is an interesting spin on the classic Asian dish, combining the familiar and utterly addicting taste of American cheddar with the tender and rich flavor of the beef. 

For a lighter fare, Japanese favorites like Tempura also get that Sasa spin as it is cooked with freshly made Mapo Tofu. For seafood lovers, marvel at the unique flavor of their Asahi Prawns dish—prawns soaked in Asahi beer and sautéed in clam sauce.

The Food

Shrimp and Chicken Laksa P290

Black Pepper Prawns P360.00 - P600.00

Crispy Pork Belly with Tamarind Glaze P280.00 - P450.00

Fried Yasai Itame P350.00
Crispy Lamb Patatim P700.00
Soy Chicken P380.00 - P700.00

Chicken Chorizo Rice P170.00 - P310.00

Mango Sticky Rice P220.00

Fresh Green Mango Shake

Watermelon Shake

My Top 5 SASA Favorites
The Green Mango Shake - That is refreshingly delicious
Mango Sticky Rice - That I think is good for sharing but this time, it's all mine.
Soy Chicken - One of the best soy chicken experience ever
Fried Yasai Itame - A deconstructed lumpiang gulay for me!
and their Ice Cream is mind blowing! Something that I did not expect, EVER!

With a vast array of Asian-inspired culinary choices, Sasa’s bold and original take on the best of Asia’s flavors definitely stands out. Each dish feels homey and familiar, thanks to its Filipino-inspired roots, but is also a refreshing, new experience on its own, masterfully combining unique and notable Asian-inspired flavors into the mix.

Experience a new take on Asian flavors at Sasa Asian Cuisine, now open in the Lower Ground, South Wing side at the Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City. Follow SasaCuisine on Facebook and Instagram for a closer look!

SASA Asian Cuisine