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Don't Sleep with the Wrong Pillow

You familiar with the Princess and the Pea children’s story? Very relatable to me. Sleeping is not an easy-peas'y task. It should be comfortable at its finest. Sleeping time is our way to recharge ourselves after a long and tiring day. And I say we all deserve a comfy sleep.
Did you know that t…

Home Improvement Hacks + The Perfect Bedding feat. Akemi at SM Home Fair

Can you guys and gals guess which part of our house is my most favorite? 
I do a lot of baking but not much of cooking so the kitchen is not my top pick. The kitchen would be a top choice for most moms out there but not for this momma. The Living room or TV area is my second favorite for I really lo…

Insurance for your SmartPhone? Get 1+1 mobileprotect

Getting Two Protection is way, way better than One. 
When we bought a new smartphone, we want to keep it looking good and maintain it looking pretty good as new. No scratches, dents, and cracks. Sometimes we even opted for a screen guard at the very first day and grab that shockproof casings et'…

Be Healthy Inside and Out with Watsons

Being a mom has great responsibilities, tons of work, yet under-compensated/unappreciated. Charot! 
But what I really meant was we got too little time to finish things on our to-do list that even a li'l pampering for ourselves was pretty much set aside. Just look at my hair, looking so dull and …