Being a mom has great responsibilities, tons of work, yet under-compensated/unappreciated. Charot! 

But what I really meant was we got too little time to finish things on our to-do list that even a li'l pampering for ourselves was pretty much set aside. Just look at my hair, looking so dull and frizzy. My skincare regimen was put on hold too for I'm always too tired na the past few weeks getting ready for the school opening. Got a fair share of bad habits too: I don't follow the 8-10 glass of water thingy, sometimes there goes a day that I wasn't able to drink water and will opt for just coffee, coffee, and coffee to keep me awake and some fruit juices to lessen my guilt of not being into veggies. I know this practice is not a healthy habit making me super prone to having a U.T.I.  

That's why this DIY U.T.I test kit I got from @watsonsPh is a super good buy for mommies like me. To have myself and my kids too checked if I have a urinary infection again or doing just fine. 

Having this DIY U.T.I Kit makes me save time as I cut my usual trips to lab testing that might take a few hours or more from our day to day schedule that should be done weekly.

*Disclaimer: I'm using this for me to check myself. If I'm on normal limits, Great! If not, its time to consult my doctor 😊

Some of my Faves Picks on this Watson Haul

But that's not all. Moms like us need to take an extra ounce of care too. BeHealthyInsideandOut #LookGoodFeelGreat with the help from #WatsonsPH For us to be able to take care of our own family. 

Kahit no time to go to the salon, Naturals by Watsons got me covered for my hair fix. 

For my recurring headache naman due to pasaway na kids, 
there's this cutesy remedy called FreshKo Aromatherapy roll-on, a fusion of menthol and citrus scents 

And my go-to flavor of tea Chamomile from Nutrabliss by Watsons to calm my nerves.

Thankfully, this Watson Haul made me experience how to live healthy inside and out for the past few weeks. True as that saying goes that Health is Wealth so let's start taking good care of our family's health and wellbeing.

Watsons is now more than just a beauty store. You can now shop not just for cosmetics, bathing essentials, and girly stuff but so much more! Other essentials like Vitamins and Food Supplements for Kids, For you and Hubby is there too! Kaya naman achieved ang goal for the family to Be healthy inside and out.

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