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FWD Life Philippines launches Community Care partnership with Special Olympics Philippines

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Peter Grimes, President & Cheif Executir Officer FWD Life Insurance Philippines and Ms. Kaye Samson, Special Olympics Philippines National Director during the FWD and Special Olympics Philippines held on April 23, 2018 at the Palms Country Club in Muntinlupa City.
“Through this partnership, FWD aims to champion the dreams of young people with intellectual disabilities by creating an inclusive environment that provide equal opportunities,” said FWD Life Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Grimes.
Peter Grimes, President & CEO of FWD Life Insurance Philippine
He also stressed that “FWD supports the vision of Special Olympics: using the power of sports to let people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities. Through this partnership, we are excited to bring to life our Community Care vision—to empower people to live fulfilled lives.” 

Pan-Asian insurer FWD Life Insurance believes there is a champion in all of us and that anybody can make a difference no matter the challenges they face. In line with this belief, the most exciting insurance brand in the country today launched its global partnership with the Special Olympics, the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities. 
FWD and Special Olympics Philippines celebrated the beginning of the partnership with a bowling friendship match participated by athletes from both organizations as well as members of the media. 
Asia-based FWD Group, which launched their region-wide support to Special Olympics in Hong Kong in February, is donating US$ 1.25 million across the markets where it operates: Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.  
Sir Peter tries to do the bowling.

Based on World Health Organization(2002), The World Bank (2011) and World Report on Disability, 15% of the world lives with a disability, Of these, more than 200 million have an intellectual disability making them one of the world’s biggest disability groups and one of the most underserved populations. People with intellectual disability face enormous attitudinal, structural, and logistical barriers to obtaining healthcare and getting a job. These compounding factors mean that many struggle with poverty and have significantly shorter lifespans than the general population.  
Encouraging inclusion through sports 
Roche Vandenberghe, FWD Life Philippines Head of Marketing and Community Care Lead 
“FWD Life Philippines has always been keen about addressing the needs of people across different lifestyles by teaching them and equipping them to live life to the fullest," FWD Life Philippines Head of Marketing and Community Care Lead Roche Vandenberghe noted. "Through the partnership with the Special Olympics, FWD hopes to change how society perceives people with intellectual disabilities, that despite their condition, they can make valuable contributions to society and should be given opportunities to do so," she added.  

Kaye Samson, Special Olympics Philippines National Director, said, “We are delighted to welcome FWD to the Special Olympics family. This new partnership with FWD in the Philippines will make a difference to the lives of our athletes and young people. Together, we will collaborate to create a unified generation—people with and without intellectual disabilities working together for an inclusive society, where respect, tolerance, and human equality prevail.” 
FWD to support Special Olympics’ Unified Schools and Athlete Leadership programs 
To fulfill their dream of an inclusive environment with equal opportunities for people with disabilities, FWD, through its Community Care program, will support two (2) Special Olympics programs—the Unified Schools and Athlete Leadership programs.  
For the Unified Schools program, FWD will partner with Special Olympics in engaging thousands of young people in workshops and unified activities to educate them about people with intellectual disabilities and train them to develop ways to create social change. FWD also plans to invite schools and communities to various sports and non-sports activities involving Special Olympics athletes, to celebrate acceptance and inclusion.  

On the other hand, for the Athlete Leadership program, hundreds of athletes with intellectual disabilities will undergo training to be empowered, develop leadership skills, utilize their abilities to undertake leadership roles in the Special Olympics movement, and create inclusive communities all over the world. These activities will be done under the umbrella of FWD’s 2020 Community Care program whose goal is to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities in Asia by promoting inclusion through rehabilitation and vocational training and generate positive change for the disabled, their families, and their communities.  

 “Stop the ridicule, choose to include.”  

During the FWD-Special Olympics Philippines partnership launch, FWD Life Philippines also launched its support for the campaign to end "the R-Word." During the event, guests and participants of the bowling match pledged to stop using the R-Word, which is short for the word "retarded," considered exclusive, offensive, and derogatory. The said R-Word aims to drive people to stop saying the R-word and other similar words as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for a more inclusive society.  

Globe myBusiness, Lazada Philippines help SMEs expand reach via online shopping

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Globe myBusiness, Lazada Philippines help SMEs expand reach via online shopping 
So the news was true! That was pretty fast!!! 

Globe myBusiness gives you DIGIMALL. An online shopping platform in partnership with Lazada Philippines helping SME's expand their potential reach thorugh Online Shopping.
So, business minded ka ba? ask me how? 

Globe Telecom, through its micro, small, and medium enterprise arm Globe myBusiness, recently entered into a partnership with leading online shopping proponent Lazada Philippines,  in time for the latter’s coming 6th anniversary, to help SMEs in the country grow and succeed, particularly in the online shopping sphere.

From L-R:  Lazada Philippines COO Jesus Diaz Sarabia, Globe myBusiness Director for Supply Chain – Segment Marketing Anne David, Globe myBusiness VP for Segment Marketing Debbie Obias, Globe myBusiness Senior Advisor Derrick Heng, Lazada Philippines Chief Business Officer Raymond Alimurung, and Lazada Philippines VP for Marketplace Hussein Khalid
Globe myBusiness is the preferred digital partner of entrepreneurs in terms of coming up with significant and relevant business solutions, and is one of the enablers of e-Commerce in the Philippines.  Availing Lazada through Globe myBusiness allows its customers to have premium placement ads on the Lazada homepage to promote their products and attract more buyers, with a chance to be featured in the Globe myBusiness Marketplace housed in the Lazada website. The subscription also comes with waived sales commission capped at P5,000/month.
This way, Globe myBusiness and Lazada would be able to help more SMEs expand their reach through online selling and provide a worry-free shopping experience to their customers. This also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to look into the e-commerce space to promote their products or services using technology solutions from Globe myBusiness.

"We are very happy that Globe myBusiness has chosen to partner with Lazada in championing the success of our SMEs in this age of digital retail. We are positive that our marketplace service tools, trainings and digital solutions will revolutionize the way they do business. This marks the beginning of a bigger future for every entrepreneur," said Raymond Alimurung, Chief Business Officer for Lazada Philippines.

 “We believe in strength through partnerships – and strategic partnerships with other enablers help us turn this vision into a reality. This is why we partnered with Lazada Philippines to enable online sellers to bring their products to where the market is,” said Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness.

He added:  “As more and more people turn to their phones and gadgets to shop online, there is a great opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of.  Lazada’s success is proof of this. To complement Globe myBusiness’ solutions, Lazada Philippines will enable them to reach the growing online market – creating our formula for digital success.  We are only just beginning but through this partnership, we can take great strides in bringing the future of retail today.”
Likewise, Debbie Obias, vice president of segment marketing for Globe myBusiness said that many entrepreneurs have already seen the advantages of Globe myBusiness solutions and how they have changed the way SMEs run their business. This time, she said Globe myBusiness wants to show that with an online store, profits are no longer limited by the number of customers that can physically visit a brick-and-mortar location. 

“Anyone can sell across towns, municipalities, cities, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations.  With this initiative, we hope to spur further interest among the entrepreneurs to try selling their quality products and services in a non-traditional way, which is through Lazada Philippines, and discover a new way of doing retail,” she said.

To showcase the partnership, Globe myBusiness and Lazada introduced the future of retail in the 21st century via the DigiMall which served as a re-imagination of the marketplace using a “digital” shopping mall.  Local quality products from Lazada merchants were displayed through an interactive set-up.
Apart from the DigiMall, Globe myBusiness Academy and Lazada earlier joined hands in providing a series of workshops and business consultations entitled, “AdvantEDGE”. This is a free learning session for all online sellers regardless of their type of business and includes a healthy exchange of knowledge and experiences to help participants understand mistakes and how to correct them. This is also aimed at making business management easier, all through the power of business solution products provided by Globe myBusiness. is part of Lazada Group which operates Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Pioneering e-commerce in the region, Lazada provides customers with an effortless shopping experience and retailers with simple and direct access to the largest customer base in the Southeast Asian region.

Sign up for Globe myBusiness The Plan to be part of the Globe myBusiness marketplace in Lazada today, visit,

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A Legacy Passed On: The New Generation of Josiah’s Catering Promises Fresh Culinary Experiences

Friday, April 27, 2018 2 Comments
It's the dawn of a new era for Josiah's Catering, as a new generation of management takes its turn to bring fresh ideas and exciting ventures with the same quality of culinary experience that has captured the hearts of its patrons.

After more than two decades of making occasions and events sumptuous with bespoke catering service, Josiah's owners Jet and Boyet Versoza passed on their legacy, entrusting the future of the company to their children.

Chef Jasper Versoza , Chief Production Officer and Corporate Chef

Chief Operating Officer Freshnaida Versoza is now on top of the entire operations, including new partnerships and business ventures. All marketing innovations and creative concepts are managed by Chief Marketing Officer Josh Versoza. Chef Jasper Versoza is making sure that the supreme quality of food Josiah's is known for is well-maintained and improvements through research and development are performed well.

Their inherent passion for food bolsters the confidence that Josiah’s Catering will remain committed to providing world-class catering service. Before their takeover, the siblings were already involved in running the family business, giving them enough exposure and experience to master the craft.

In fact, all concept restaurants by the Versoza family are brainchildren of the siblings. The Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse, which is popular for its juicy rack of perfectly smoked ribs, has grown from its first branch at Dau, Marikina and with its new branch in Ayala UP Town Center.  The launch of Jet’s Bistro at Sikatuna Village in Quezon City was the sibling’s tribute to their mother. It’s a heritage restaurant that offers Josiah’s bestsellers albeit with a modern twist.

Josh Versoza, Chief Marketing Officer
This 2018, the company’s list of concept restaurants will expand with two new additions, the Lick and Bite and the Steaming Cow at Vertis North. Josiah’s Catering is also making its first venture in hospitality management as they bring their culinary expertise at Summit Ridge in Tagaytay.

Chief Operating Officer Freshnaida Versoza
“Right now, our energy is focused on continuing the quality of food and catering service with fresh ideas and culinary offerings to stay relevant to the market,” Freshnaida Versoza.  “We are also expanding the brand with soon-to-open concept restaurants to diversify the tastes and flavors that Josiah’s Catering can offer.”

New, exciting ventures and food innovations await Josiah’s Catering, as it begins a new era in the hands of Fresh, Josh, and Jasper.

More about Josiah’s Catering
website or call (+632) 475-2703.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

KathNiel Spotted at The Vivo V9 Grand Mall Tour in SM Mall of Asia

Sunday, April 22, 2018 3 Comments

Vivo, the global smartphone brand that is endorsed by the greatest shooter in NBA history none other than Stephen Curry, is set to introduce its newest flagship smartphone, The Vivo V9. In line with this was a series of mall tours and earlier today was the grand launch at SM Mall of Asia.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Visit Pampanga: The Lubao IBMF 2018.

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So much feels in this photo. I can't contain my excitement being here for the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival 2018. Yes, another hot air balloon festival that I was able to be part of this year. Hot Air Balloons really is such an amazing sight.

But the struggle is real for the not-so-morning-person in me. Team #EatGetaway decided to travel up north the night of March23 after an event that we all are in, up we go for a road trip with Az, Enzo, and Ted of Eatgetaway. 

Housed at Royce Hotel in Clark I should be up and be going by 4am to Pradera Verde in Prado Siongco Lubao, Pampanga. Oops, I'm not complaining, you know there's no stopping me when it comes to having a gala!

This is my first time being here for The Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival. The first day of the 3day festival seems pretty fine except for the chilly breeze of the super early morning. We arrived just in time as we can still see some of the balloons being set-up.

As the sun starts to shine on us, one by one the balloons rose up. 

Still having the cold morning breeze, yet the strong wind kicks in.

With this, the balloon flights were canceled. I kinda felt sad for my first day here in LubaoIBMF. But safety should always come first. Wind is a major factor in flying a hot air balloon. For the wind affects every phase of its flight. Stable winds like 4-6miles per hour are the ideal measures for a good balloon flight. 

Watch how my day went at the #LubaoIBMF2018. 
See how strong the winds were and take a peak of how the balloons are being set up.

The fun didn't stop there, actually, the fun part is just getting started. 

At night, the LUBAO IBMF offers another attraction that festival goers will surely love.

The Night Glow
also known as Balloon Glow

As the sun sets, the balloons are just being set up once more for another wonderful attraction.

The Night Glow, also known as the balloon glow is my favorite part of any Hot Air Balloon Festivals.

The balloons are stationed and being lighted up intermittently by the propane burners.

And the effect is so awesome, seeing it like having a magical glow.

Never fails to amaze me.

Still, the night is young and the Lubao IBMF got so much more activities lined up for us.
Just after the Night Glow, the Music Festival took place. 

Ex Battalion invites you to #VisitPampanga!
Watch it here

The first-night was Performances from Ex Battalion, Kyoto, Silent Sanctuary, and Moira dela Torre

Watch the Snaps and Ganaps feat. Silent Sanctuary here

Watch the Snaps and Ganaps feat. Moira dela Torre here

The second-night was performances from Autotelic, December Avenue, Michael Pangilinan, and Sarah Geronimo

Watch the Snaps and Ganaps featuring Sarah Geronimo

On Day2 MayMay and Edward of the #MayWard loveteam joins the fun and kept the festival goers entertained with tons of kilig feels. 
Watch the Snaps and Ganaps about #MayWard on my Youtube

And on Day3, loveteam McCoy and Elisse was there

As for the third-and final-night of the festival, I wasn't able to see it for pagodabells na ang lolabells nyo. It was performances from Ben & Ben, Random Collective, Up Dharma Down, and Bamboo.

For Snaps and Ganaps at the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival
check this out: Lubao IBMF Videos

It was a super-awesome-fun-packed Festival that I have ever been into.
Thank You Lubao IBMF for a great experience!

Definitely a must in my #VisitPampanga bucket list!