So much feels in this photo. I can't contain my excitement being here for the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival 2018. Yes, another hot air balloon festival that I was able to be part of this year. Hot Air Balloons really is such an amazing sight.

But the struggle is real for the not-so-morning-person in me. Team #EatGetaway decided to travel up north the night of March23 after an event that we all are in, up we go for a road trip with Az, Enzo, and Ted of Eatgetaway. 

Housed at Royce Hotel in Clark I should be up and be going by 4am to Pradera Verde in Prado Siongco Lubao, Pampanga. Oops, I'm not complaining, you know there's no stopping me when it comes to having a gala!

This is my first time being here for The Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival. The first day of the 3day festival seems pretty fine except for the chilly breeze of the super early morning. We arrived just in time as we can still see some of the balloons being set-up.

As the sun starts to shine on us, one by one the balloons rose up. 

Still having the cold morning breeze, yet the strong wind kicks in.

With this, the balloon flights were canceled. I kinda felt sad for my first day here in LubaoIBMF. But safety should always come first. Wind is a major factor in flying a hot air balloon. For the wind affects every phase of its flight. Stable winds like 4-6miles per hour are the ideal measures for a good balloon flight. 

Watch how my day went at the #LubaoIBMF2018. 
See how strong the winds were and take a peak of how the balloons are being set up.

The fun didn't stop there, actually, the fun part is just getting started. 

At night, the LUBAO IBMF offers another attraction that festival goers will surely love.

The Night Glow
also known as Balloon Glow

As the sun sets, the balloons are just being set up once more for another wonderful attraction.

The Night Glow, also known as the balloon glow is my favorite part of any Hot Air Balloon Festivals.

The balloons are stationed and being lighted up intermittently by the propane burners.

And the effect is so awesome, seeing it like having a magical glow.

Never fails to amaze me.

Still, the night is young and the Lubao IBMF got so much more activities lined up for us.
Just after the Night Glow, the Music Festival took place. 

Ex Battalion invites you to #VisitPampanga!
Watch it here

The first-night was Performances from Ex Battalion, Kyoto, Silent Sanctuary, and Moira dela Torre

Watch the Snaps and Ganaps feat. Silent Sanctuary here

Watch the Snaps and Ganaps feat. Moira dela Torre here

The second-night was performances from Autotelic, December Avenue, Michael Pangilinan, and Sarah Geronimo

Watch the Snaps and Ganaps featuring Sarah Geronimo

On Day2 MayMay and Edward of the #MayWard loveteam joins the fun and kept the festival goers entertained with tons of kilig feels. 
Watch the Snaps and Ganaps about #MayWard on my Youtube

And on Day3, loveteam McCoy and Elisse was there

As for the third-and final-night of the festival, I wasn't able to see it for pagodabells na ang lolabells nyo. It was performances from Ben & Ben, Random Collective, Up Dharma Down, and Bamboo.

For Snaps and Ganaps at the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival
check this out: Lubao IBMF Videos

It was a super-awesome-fun-packed Festival that I have ever been into.
Thank You Lubao IBMF for a great experience!

Definitely a must in my #VisitPampanga bucket list!