This post is getting on my nerves. And is actually getting too personal.

Not so long ago, I felt a tingling sensation on my both of my hands. At first, I thought baka pasma lang, napagod lang. But later on, I felt numbness and pain and with this, doing my daily task is such a hard thing to do, even holding a mobile phone for a while is such a pain. 

Now, Insert my Mudra's pangaral. "Yung vitamins mo kasi di mo iniinom? Yung Saging dinedeadma mo lagi." etc.etc.

It is sooo true na pag pinabayaan mo ang sarili mong kalusugan, ikaw din ang mahihirapan at sisingilin nito pag dating ng panahon. Kaya while you still had a chance to make a good turn to a healthy lifestyle it's not too late to take care of your health again. Kaya ako, as much as I can I go for a healthier choice I'll go for it.

I was invited to a Nerve Care Forum hosted by Merck. I was greeted by the friendly staff and they asked me if I would like to have my nerves checked thru a vibrometer machine. I hurriedly go for it cause I really want to know the status of my health and my nerves specifically.

Our nervous system is the one responsible for coordinating our actions by relaying signals all over the body. This enables the impulse of sensation and motion between the brain, spinal cord and the other parts of the body.

Dr. Rizaldy Pingson at the Nerve Care Forum

Peripheral Neuropathy
 is a disorder affecting nerves, impairing them in their function of transmitting information and potentially affecting millions of people worldwide. Peripheral Neuropathy can cause various body discomforts, such as tingling, increased or decreased sensitivity to vibrations, hot or cold, numbness, muscle weakness and even burning pain. This can also cause "typical symptoms" which appear more often and "atypical" symptoms, which are less frequent and can be overlooked or misinterpreted.

Observational, Non-Interventional Clinic Study Confirms the Benefits 
of a Unique Treatment for All

Asian Journal of Medical Sciences Jan 2018: A new clinical study has brought a major step forward for nerve health: it has demonstrated that an effective treatment helps relieve all neuropathy symptoms, regardless of the cause of peripheral neuropathy. Whether the patient is suffering from numbness, pain or paraesthesia they experience relief in all these symptoms. It was also observed that the longer they used the treatment, the more relief the patients felt from these symptoms. And lastly, it is very reassuring that the treatment has shown a good tolerance profile over the whole 3months duration.

Watch me as I take the VibroMeter test to see if my nerves are working fine.

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