Monday, April 24, 2017

Easy-to-Prepare Refreshements for a #PrimeSummer Experience

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Treat your kids to a #PrimeSummer experience with easy-to-prepare refreshments! 

Summer has always been the perfect season for the ultimate family bonding experience, especially since the kids are on vacation. While you may plan and do a lot of summer activities, there are some activities at home, which can let you have a #PrimeSummer experience.

One of the activities that your kids will surely enjoy is to let them help you in preparing some fun and exciting summer refreshments. It allows them to learn new stuff while satisfying your family's craving for cool drinks and snacks, as a way to beat the summer heat.

Here are two must-try goodies that you can make using #MegaPrime Whole Kernel Corn and Cream Style Corn.

Mega Prime Corn Ice Pops

If there is one thing that kids and the kids-at-heart will truly enjoy this summer, it’s the delectable corn ice-pops. These refreshments are easy to make, especially with the easy-to-open Mega Prime Cream Style Corn.

What you need to prepare:
¼ cup water
1 pack plain gelatin
½ cup condensed milk
½ cup coconut cream
1 can 425g cream style corn

5 easy steps to follow:
1.    In a pot, pour ¼ cup of water and one pack of plain gelatin. Mix well until the gelatin granules are dissolved.
2.    Heat the dissolved gelatin mixture and pour in the rest of the ingredients: ½ cup condensed milk, ½ cup coconut cream and 1 can 425g Mega Prime Cream Style Corn. Make sure that you and your kids wear pot gloves or use pot holders for safety purposes.
3.    Mix well and let it simmer.   
4.    Remove pot from the stove and let it cool.
5.    Pour mixture into ice pops maker and chill overnight.

Mega Prime Sweet Corn Smoothies
Summer and smoothies are a match made in heaven. These smooth blends not only quench our thirst, they are also comfort food for some people. So, if you want to treat your family with an easy-to-prepare and satisfying homemade smoothy, with an exciting twist of corn kernels, here’s how to prepare this:

What you need to prepare:
1 can Mega Prime Cream Style Corn

1 can Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn
½ cup fresh milk
¼ cup plain yogurt
2 tbsps. sugar
2 tbsps. honey
3 cups crushed ice

Three simple steps to follow:

1.    In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy.
2.    Pour into a glass or tumbler and sprinkle Mega Prime Corn Kernel on top.
3.    Serve immediately.

*stay tuned for my next post and let's see how this recipe turns out.

These exciting summer coolers are made one-step easier with Mega Prime Whole Kernel and Cream-style Corn, in 425-kg easy-open cans. It is an ideal partner for moms to create refreshing recipes and still have enough bonding time with their loved ones this vacation season, so that families can enjoy a #PrimeSummer!

Mega Prime is a complete array of high quality products that are bursting with freshness. Aside from canned corn, Mega Prime also has canned green peas and mushrooms that can turn the simplest of recipes to hearty, delicious and delectable meals for the entire family.

To learn more about Mega Prime, visit their website at

Facebook and Instagram: Mega Prime Quality

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Colorful Way To Achieve Good Health

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Going healthy may be a challenge to some, because it may ask so much lifestyle changes. And it is especially hard for those who have gotten used to so many unhealthy practices. 

According to a joint report published by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, an adult must at least need to eat 400 grams of fruits and vegetables every day (excluding starchy foods). That is quite a mouthful to chew on every day, which is why IAJ Wellness Corporation (IAJWC) has been promoting juicing in the Philippines.

The key benefit of juicing is it skips two processes of eating, which is mastication or chewing, and digestion. Food needs to be broken down, so that the body could absorb the food better. With juicing, all the nutrients from the food could be readily absorbed by the body through the bloodstream, unlike with just blending the food which only skips mastication. Aside from this, juicing keeps life enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which most of the time are taken away through cooking. This also allows detoxification which prevents chronic diseases from unhealthy lifestyles, and promotes healthy ageing.

With summer starting to heat things up and with most fruits and vegetables are becoming more available and abundant, IAJWC offers two of its wellness products to help in starting a healthy juicing lifestyle to cool off this hot season— the Breville® Juice Fountain MaxTM and MATSTONE® wonder machine. While it is obvious that these two are very different on how they juice fruits and vegetables, both could do the same work. It is only a matter of preference or lifestyle choice, whether they need their juices fast and be on the go, or enjoy the experience of putting their favorite fruits and vegetables through the juicer and see how juices are made.

While some, especially those who are new to juicing, may just put in all their favorite fruits and vegetables because they like how it tastes, people should be conscious with what they are juicing and the nutrients their body need. Too much fruits, especially those that are sugary, may not be that beneficial at all, and may cause stomach upsets because of too much starch. While juicing vegetables is good, the taste may become unbearable to drink. The balance between the two is important in juicing to maximize its benefits, and have an enjoyable time drinking every concoction.

That is why, IAJWC came up with a juicing workshop to share tips on how to make juicing enjoyable and provide recipes that are meant for some key health areas. IAJWC held the workshop at the WOW Group Showroom where they invited some of their clients, Breville® and MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer owners. The workshop focused on five colors that are dedicated to key health areas that need some boost to have a complete enhancement with the body’s overall wellness.

Starting with the color red, juices with this hue has lycopene, anthocyanin, ellagic acid, vitamin c, and quertcetin which help in keeping the heart healthy. Yellow-orange juices on the other hand are rich in alpha and beta carotene, vitamins a and c, lutein, and potassium which are good for the joints and vision. Green juices may not be attractive for most, but it is packed with magnesium, iron, sulforaphane, calcium, vitamin k, folate, as well as lutein, and these nutrients help in detoxifying the liver and keep it healthy. There are also the white juices, which are rich in nutrients and vitamins, but it is best known to improve blood pressure with its allium and flavonoids. Lastly, the blue-purple juices can help prolong life and promote good memory.

“Whether we choose a fast or slow juicer, we have to be conscious of what we are juicing,” shared by Ms. Dianne R. Dupa RND, one of the facilitator of the workshop, reiterating the importance of choosing the right ingredients, with the right amount, for their juicers. With these tips, IAJWC hopes that more people would try juicing to take care of their health, and at the same time, make juicing less stressful, and as fun as possible. Whether people choose, Breville® or MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer to juice their fruits and vegetables, they can be sure to be on their colorful way to a good health.

MATSTONE® Horizontal Slow Juicer and Breville® are exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation and available in all leading appliance and specialty stores nationwide. To know more about IAJ Wellness Corporations lineup of products, testimonials, and healthy recipes, visit their website at 

The Wellness in Color workshop brought by IAJ Wellness Corporation allowed some of its participants, to experience juicing first hand. They used Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer and Breville Juice Fountain Max, and got to taste their concoction.

Some of the participants also got the chance to make their own concoction by applying what they learned from the Wellness in Color workshop by IAJ Wellness Corporation. They chose their own ingredients to juice and they had to explain why they got these ingredients, including the name of their concoction. 

Some of the participants were not afraid in using malunggay in creating their own juices, after they have learned its nutritional value and getting some tips in keeping its flavor tolerable from the Wellness in Color workshop by IAJ Wellness Corporation.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Partakan Festival 2017

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Ropali Motorcycles and Honda Philippines Inc. together with other major sponsors like Kawasaki Motor Philippines, Inc., Yamaha Motor Philippines and Suzuki Philippines have joined forces for the Partakan Festival. This will be the 4th Partakan Festival set to happen on April 14-15, 2017 at Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, Philippines.
The Amazing Ride Moto-Tourism Challenge is just one of the many challenging activities at the festival. The Amazing Ride is kinda like the Amazing Race, that popular reality game show. This challenge aims to promote tourism, camaraderie and even family bonding. It will feature teams of 5 members who must complete challenges at different Shell stations. This challenge is open to all riders, commuters, clubs, family members, backpackers or even a group of friends. Prize at stake: up to Php 20,000.00 cash prize and more. (Brought to you by SHELL)

The Auto/Moto Speed Challenge - Drag race competition
The Bail Out Challenge - Wipe Out inspired.
 Rock Fest - Battle of the bands
Summer Re-Vibe Hip Hop Dance Showdown and Partakan Summer Bod Swimsuit Competition.
For complete details check this out:
Participants can also join the safety riding seminars, sand building contests, and other various water activities. 
Plus a motorcycle is at stake for a raffled draw!
 For more details, visit Partakan.Com

Water Sports Adventure at Club Balai Isabel

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Make your staycation worth the while with these water sports activities available at Club Balai Isabel

photo from:
Php150.00/hr Single | Php300/hr Double

Banana Boat
P350.00/head for 15mins

Php2.500.00/30mins Php4,000/hr

Php6,000.00/hour Php3,500.00/30mins
maximum of 4pax

photo from:
Wake Boarding
*Prices for Wake Boarding depends on the type of speedboat to use.

photo from:

Paddle Board 
Php500.00/hr Php250/30mins

Fly Fish
Php500.00/head for 15mins
minimum of 4pax

No need to wander too far for Club Balai Isabel is just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila

 Club Balai Isabel
"Taal Volcano, up close and personal"
Site office: Banga, Talisay, Batangas
Tel. No. 043728 0307 | 02 584 4068 | 0906 518 5494

Friday, April 07, 2017

Project T International IT and Business Solution

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Project T officially launched its first facility in Bonifacio Global City last March 16. Its forward-thinking focus on design and detail makes it suitable for SMEs planning to set-up businesses in the Philippines.

The serviced office boasts of 29 private offices, 400 internet-enabled workstations, two conference rooms which can accommodate respectively 25 and 10 people, 70 seater training room, 2 interview rooms, work pods, sleeping quarters, a clinic and lactation area, business center and lounge, and two pantries.

Project T offers end to end business solutions.
Their services include:
Serviced Office:
Private office spaces (BGC) with furniture and internet-enabled workstations for 4 to 400

Virtual Office:
Premium office address (BGC or Makati), landline number, mail and call handling services

Co-working Space:
400 flexible plug and play seats (BGC), available with no minimum number requirement

Business Continuity Plan:
Disaster recovery office spaces, multiple redundant internet connections.

Staff Leasing:
Recruitment, onboarding, and management of virtual, part-time and full-time employees

HR & Payroll:
Redundancy control, process payroll and mandatory benefits - SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig

Commercial Space:
Locate suitable office spaces (bare shell and furnished) in BGC, Makati, Ortigas, and Cebu 

Residential Space:
Locate suitable housing (apartments, townhouses, condos) for individuals and companies and

Business Registration:
Process documents with SEC, PEZA, FDA, BIR, LTO, BI and other PHL government agencies

Project T International IT and Business Solution
Email Address:
Address: 23rd Floor, Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center, 31st St. Corner 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634
Phone Number: 02-236-5999

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Why is The Big Dome lit in Blue?

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Just like the Empire State Building in New York, the CN Tower in Canada, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, and even Niagara Falls, the Philippines’ iconic entertainment and sports landmark fondly called the Big Dome has been lit up blue for a good cause.

Big Dome lights blue for autism awareness

On April 3, the Smart Araneta Coliseum’s main gate was lit blue in line with the global campaign to support World Autism Awareness Day (April 2 in the US), declared by the United Nations. With April being the World Autism Awareness Month, the “Big Dome Lights Blue” project supports the global autism community – a symbolic gesture behind a bigger aim to promote awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of people with autism.

“Big Dome Lights Blue” was a joint effort of the Araneta Center, Inc., the Smart Araneta Coliseum, and the J. Amado Araneta Foundation, Inc. (JAAF), in partnership with the Philippine Associate for Citizens with Developmental and Learning Disabilities, Inc. (PACDLD). Prior to the ceremonial lighting of the Big Dome’s main gate, PACDLD held its first-ever Autism Advocate Awards at the Gateway Gallery on the 5th level of Gateway Tower, in recognition of several medical professionals and parents that have made advances and contributions to Autism Awareness and Advocacy in the Philippines.

A short program followed at the gate of the Smart Araneta Coliseum. PACDLD co-founder Ms. Felicite Jean Gonzales said a few words and introduced special guest Mr. Rizalio Sanchesz, the Chief of Information, Education and Communications Division of the National Council on Disability Affairs, who also delivered a message of gratitude for the “Big Dome Lights Blue” effort.

Before the Big Dome was bathed in blue lights, a handful of children with autism and other learning disabilities, collectively called Kontra Gapi Plus, performed using Filipino ethnic instruments. Trained in art and performance by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the wonderful kids showed the audience that no disabilities could hamper their leading productive and creative lives. Their joyful performance and demeanor onstage proved an inspiration to all.

“We are proud to support this global awareness movement and the advocacy of acceptance of people living with autism,” noted Ms. Diane Romero, the Executive Director of JAAF, in her speech during the event.
 “Our founder, Don Amado Araneta, has always envisioned the Center to be a place that welcomes all, and our participation here signifies our commitment to his vision. Today, we light up the main entrance of the Big Dome blue to signify our belief that we can be partners to tireless groups like the PACDLD  and the Autism Advocate Awardees in the movement towards acceptance, appreciation and protection of children and individuals living with autism and other learning disabilities.”
 “Big Dome Lights Blue” is just one of the CSR activities of the Araneta Group in support of autism awareness. Future plans include activities in partnership with groups like PACDLD in disseminating information on autism, holding art and crafts workshops for kids with autism, and training frontliners in recognizing and giving a proper response to people with autism.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Power Clean Chemicals

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POWERCLEAN is one of the brands carried by Oxychem Corporation for basic cleaning solutions. It goes with catchy tagline “Panlinis na Mura at Dekalidad pa!”  

This brand primarily caters to cleaning chemical products for laundry, housekeeping, restaurant, car cleaning, spa, and swimming pool. However, for a period of time, it evolves to become a “One-Stop-Shop” of Cleaning Chemicals, Supplies, Equipment, Pest Control Services and Cleaning Services. 

Powerclean is proud to say that their products are known for its high quality, safe to use, and affordability features. According to their current customers, Powerclean’s product quality is comparable with known brands in the market today. If the price of Powerclean products is compared with the known brands in the market, its use can generate big savings as much as 50%. 

The No Chalk Challenge for Detergent Powder

Their products are brought about by the effort of the company on quality control, as it is now on a process for its ISO Certification ( ISO 9001-2015).

For more than 12 years that it has been in the market (since 2004) it has already gained the trust and confidence of the majority of laundry shops, restaurants, car wash, spa, offices, and households nationwide. 

Among its clients are big, medium, and small laundry shops,  restaurants,  janitorial companies, cleaning service providers, trading companies, government and private institutions, offices, residentials, and many others. 

The brand also utilized the name of the Outlet which sells different cleaning solutions products in various locations nationwide. At present, there are 35 Powerclean Outlets in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  

Powerclean Metro Manila and Calabarzon Branches are known as ‘ONE-STOP-SHOP for Cleaning Chemicals, Janitorial Supplies, Kitchen Hygiene Supplies, Dining & Restroom Hygiene Supplies, Cleaning Equipment, Dishwashing Machine, Pest Control and Cleaning Services 

Check this out! Power Clean Chemicals Bahay Pack for Php650.00 only
Includes dishwashing liquid, liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, liquid bleach, liquid hand soap, wax, toilet bowl cleanser, air freshener, multi-purpose cleaner and wave supreme detergent.

I will give this a try and let's see if this will work as good (or better) than the brands I am currently using at home.

p.s. I will update this post and add my review.
Please do check it again soon for more details.

You can find Powerclean Outlets in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 
See the specific locations of each Powerclean Outlets at website: 

Power Clean @Social Media
 facebook: PowercleanOfficialPage | twitter: @powercleanPH | pinterest: