Thursday, March 30, 2017

McDonald's Happy Meal feat. SMURFS The Lost Village

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Go on a magical journey with McDonald’s new Smurfs Happy Meal toys

Get ready for a fantastic adventure with McDonald’s new Smurfs Happy Meal toys! Collect all eight (8) Smurfs Happy Meal toys in vibrant colors for a fun playtime experience. Each toy features a specially designed Smurf house and two unique Smurf friends, including favorite Smurfs characters like Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette, so you can complete your own Smurfs village.

Catch these adorable Smurfs Happy Meal toys as they arrive in all McDonald’s stores nationwide starting March 25. Each toy comes FREE with every purchase of a McDonald’s Happy Meal! Customers can choose from a Cheesy Eggdesal or 1-pc Chicken McDo during breakfast hours and 1-pc Chicken McDo, 4pc Chicken McNuggets, Burger McDo or McSpaghetti during regular hours. Happy Meals come with a choice of fries or corn and orange juice for a delicious treat!

Make your playtime extra magical with the latest McDonald’s Happy Meal collection. Share photos of your Smurfs village on McDonald’s Facebook page,, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Loisa Andalio for Ever Bilena

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In Showbusiness, you gotta be more than just a pretty face. Must be fresh, strong and dedicated to your craft and must have the guts and extraordinary talent to stand out from the rest.

The young actress and singer Loisa Andalio believes that versatility is key to finding success in show business.

JolliRace, The Newest Kids Party Theme at Jollibee.

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Start your engines, gear up and race your way to Jollibee as they rev up the excitement with JolliRace, the newest and coolest addition to the Jollibee Kids Party. 
Ms. Charisse Sumulong, Senior Brand Manager Channel and Kids Marketing

Ms. Charisse welcomes everyone and proudly introduced JolliRace as the latest addition to Jollibee Kids Party Theme. + Party Packages Jollibee has to offer.

There are four special party themes that Jollibee offers in store:  
Hello Kitty, 
Fun-tastic Factory, 
and the newest addition is the JollliRace party. 

Now, parents can get in the back seat and let Jollibee host the jolliest party experience for their kids.
All racetracks lead to a fun, Grand Prix experience with this JolliRace Party Theme.  Boys and girls will have a blast on their special day with balloons, relay games, awesome prizes, and a delicious cake prepared to give them a birthday party set at full speed.

Jollibee, together with Yum and Popo will thrill party guests in this one-of-a-kind celebration.  All these, plus Jollibee langhap-sarap favorites Chickenjoy, Jollibee Spaghetti, and Yumburger meals, make the JolliRace Jolly Kids Party a sure winner among kids and kids-at-heart.

Road Testing the JolliRace Party Experience
#TeamBornea came for a preview of racing fun at Jollibee E. Rodriguez. I, together with DaddyO, our kids and other media guests did party like champ racers for the JolliRace launch. We get to experience the newest party theme for ourselves together with radio personality Delamar Arias with her sons Cooper and Parker, and celebrity mom Bettina Carlos with daughter Gummy and nephew Camilo Marco.

Everyone enjoyed the series of exciting games as well as the race-themed party hats, loot bags, balloons, prizes and other party favors.  

Ready-Set-Go! Game
Mechanics: There's a color combination, a pattern to be shown that the kid must remember and recreate via colored blocks. The first player/team to finish wins!

Night Vision Game
Mechanics: Players will be wearing a specially designed eyewear and must shoot as many straws that they can. The player/team with the most number of straws in the pail wins.

Pit-Stop Game
Mechanics: 1st player will have to carry a plastic tray with a cup and have to pass it to the next player, The next player will have to collect another cup and put it on his tray pass in again to the next team member. First team to finish wins.

Road Sign Game 
Mechanics: There are road signs found within the party area, the party host will ask for a specific sign, the first one to hand it to the host wins a prize.

Word Race Game
Mechanics: The party host will give out riddles and game participants need to assmeble the letters having the correct word as their answer. Team with most correct answers and finish first wins.

Guests also had a wonderful time posing in front of a photo wall featuring the race cars of Jollibee, Yum and Popo.  Some guests even dressed up in their racing gear to win in the best in costume contest.

JolliRace Photo Wall

All in all, it was an epic day at Jollibee, with everyone enjoying great packages of langhap-sarap meals with their little ones. JolliRace guest brought home party goodies to go with their jolly, cool memories.

Recreate the thrill of the racetracks and enjoy the newest and fastest route to a memorable birthday celebration today.  Parents booking a Jolly Kids Party can mix and match party elements for 30-80 guests with Jollibee’s “Create-Your-Own Package”

Ricci's turning 8 this March and Jollibee made it more memorable (^.^,)
Thanks a bunch Jollibee!

#TeamBornea at JolliRace Kids Party

The Jolly Kids Party is available for booking in store or set up in chosen locations.  
For more information on birthday fun that is up to speed, visit

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Citi Credit Card Application and Banking Just Got Digital.

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Citi aims to be the leading digital bank in the Philippines 

The country's leading foreign bank continues its aggressive bid to be the number one digital bank in the country with the launch of new digital partnerships, products, and services. 

Citi Philippines latest digital innovation comes in  the form of online credit cars application and approval program, a first in the Philippines. 

"Clients can expect to get credit approval online. After they completed the simplified application form and submit digitized copies of required documents" said David Stoughton - Director for Credit Payment Products.
" We were one of the forst banks to launch an online presence and also one of the pioneers in attracting customers through our website, At that time,  we were only capturing theiQqq online when they apply, but the qprocessing still takes place offline including credit review. with this latest service, we are excited to break new ground for the industry and deliver another innovation for the Filipino consumer " recalled Stoughton

Apply Online and Get Digital Rewards

"This is a game changer as we continue to look at our products and services,  and accelerate digitization to deliver remarkable client  experiences," said Stoughton

Clients Applying online will know if she/he is qualified for a CITI credit card in just minutes. The approval process is so quick and easy. 

Citi is known for giving out rewards for every successful application. now that they've gone digital,  so is their rewards!  

Starting now,  completed application done online will automatically receive a voucher from Auntie Anne's (pretzels and iced tea) And upon approval, clients who are getting their first Citi credit card and make php20,000 or more within 60days are eligible to get a Fitbit Charge2 fitness wristband.

Partnerships with Leading Digital Retailers
Just recently, Citi partnered with Amazon. 

The Philippines,  next to Thailand where the only credit card holders will be able to use their rewards points to pay for purchases at Amazon.Com

On average,  Citi announced a new digital innivation in the last 12months 
across Asia

Some if these includes Alipay,  WeChat in China and Line in Thailand and Taiwan. Also the bank formed a digital credit card partnership with AirBnb and Uber in various countries. The Bank's social media following grew fron 3million to over 10 million during 2016.

Here in the Philippines, its regional digital partners include Booky, Zennya, Lazada, and Grab to name a few.

Citi’s ongoing promotions with leading travel sites including Asiatravel (grab 12% off on hotel bookings until June 30, 2017); Agoda (get 10% off on hotel accommodations year-long); Expedia (enjoy 8% off until October 2017); and Airbnb (on first stay, get P1,800 off until November 15, 2017).

Beyond travel, expect to also enjoy exclusive discounts when shopping online with Citi credit cards.

15% off at (until March 31, 2017) 
and Shipping Cart (for air and shipping fees until July 31)

12% off at Zalora year long

10% off at until July 31

Island Rose extends 10% off year long

Banking on a Digital Future

“Our Consumer Bank business in Asia draws some 20 million visits to our online properties every month and between 90 to 95% of all transactions already happens outside a branch,” Stoughton.  He added that regional figures show one out of every four new credit card accounts acquired comes from digital sources and over 50% of clients are actively using digital banking channels, up from 30% three years ago.
Over the past five years, traffic in Citi branches across Asia has declined 50% as digital transactions grew over 100%. While digital banking is not completely replacing the branch experience, the nature of branch interactions is changing, and Citi’s strategy is now aimed at a combination of bricks and clicks.

“In our drive to digital, we have also become the credit card brand that online and mobile retailers prefer. This initiative presents a bright outlook in a country which greatly embraces the growth of online shopping and lifestyle,” added Stoughton.

Over the last year, Citi launched the newly-refreshed Citi Mobile App in Asia featuring easy-to-use functionality and interfaces such as Snapshot and Touch ID which has seen over 2m million downloads to-date. The bank also was the first to launch Voice Biometrics across the region which has since received more than 700,000 sign-ups from customers with over 1m clients consenting.

“We are focused on becoming the world’s leading digital bank, and we will continue to leverage on our global network for strategic partnerships even as we develop and deliver digital products and services,” said Stoughton.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Which Dress Still Smells Fresh and Fragrant After 6 Days?

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Downy Unveils #NeverFade Windows Display in Puregold QI Central in Quezon City. Set for the people to smell for themselves which among the dresses that were displayed is still smells fresh and fragrant.

Downy Philippines unveiled an amazing window display to commemorate the launch of new and upgraded Downy Parfum Collection.

This window display had two mannequins, one wearing an elegant red dress washed with Downy Parfum Collection, while the other one had a dress that had been sprayed with expensive fine fragrance.

We want to let Puregold shoppers smell and prove for themselves that the new Downy Parfum Collection gives freshness that lasts longer than expensive fine fragrances on fabric: said Shreyas Subbaraya, head of shopper marketing at Procter & Gamble Philippines.
Designed to match the varying personalities and preferences of Filipinas, the new Downy Parfum Collection features an upgraded formula of its flagship sophisticated scents:  Passion, Mystique, Romance, and Fusion.

The upgrade collection has the highest-ever intensity of premium perfume oils and the best dual perfume capsules technology in Downy's history in Asia added Mr. Subbaraya.

New Downy Parfum Collection offers the freshness that lasts longer than expensive fine fragrances. Which is why that red dainty dress is still smelling oh so good even on its 6th day being on display.

Downy has also set up scent selector booths in leading branches of Puregold, so shoppers can choose the scent that suits them best.  Shoppers purchasing P100 worth of Downy Parfum Collection at these branches will be eligible for a chance to win a full year's worth of Downy.

The #NeverFade displays can be seen at Puregold QI Central branch until March 18, 
and at Puregold Shaw branch from March 24 to 31 2017.

Your Php100 worth of Downy purchased can give you a chance to win a 1 year supply of downy.
Promo up from March 11- till April 11, 2017 only.
Raffle draw on April 19, 2017 at MASA Office.

Good Luck!