In Showbusiness, you gotta be more than just a pretty face. Must be fresh, strong and dedicated to your craft and must have the guts and extraordinary talent to stand out from the rest.

The young actress and singer Loisa Andalio believes that versatility is key to finding success in show business.

Loisa Andalio for Ever Bilena

Ever heard of the name Loisa Andalio? I bet you do, She's the current buzz around the metro city, or should I say nationwide? 

Loisa Andalio first appeared on TV April 2014 as a Pinoy Big Brother Housemate tagged as the "Talented Darling ng Paranaque" She was the last evictee for that season. Prior to that, she was part of a sing and dance girl group called 3G. Been into some TV Guesting, appeared in teleserye's and a couple of movies.

Now, she's the new face of Ever Bilena also appears in her very first TVC for the brand.

The new TVC which shows her waking up and imagining her day – as a “cool girl” on the city streets, a fun-loving talented dancer, a high-impact performer, or a sweetly romantic date partner. Truly reflects her character.

In real life, Loisa is all of these and more. 

This girl was soaring high on social media with 500k++ followers on twitter and 1.9M followers on instagram.

Did you know that she's a self-confessed beauty enthusiast - who proudly "do" her own make-up look whenever she's going out or for being in Showtime like things like that. And actually, during this event, she mentioned that she did her own make-up all by herself for 30minutes with her favorite Ever Bilena picks.

Denice Sy and Loisa Andalio

“I love being on ASAP and Showtime because I have more freedom to be myself and I express this by playing around with different make-up looks.Thankfully, Ever Bilena helps me create different looks for the various roles that I need to play.”

Loisa is sooooo excited about being the face of the country’s leading cosmetics brand. Not just because it’s her first-ever TVC, but also because she too was a long-time fan of Ever Bilena.

Ms. Denice Sy of Ever Bilena and EB's newest celebrity endorser Loisa Andalio 

“I have loved Ever Bilena’s Lip and Cheek Tint since I was in high school, before entering showbiz,” Loisa says. “I have had it even when I began doing my own make-up for events and TV shows, up to now. I am really happy to be part of the Ever Bilena family, because I never once thought that all those things would lead me to where I am today!”
Apart from becoming the new Ever Bilena endorser, she is set to celebrate make her solo performing debut on her 18th birthday through Lo18a: A Birthday Concert on April 29 at the Music Museum. She also looks forward to new projects once her Wansapanataym series reaches its conclusion.

With all these opportunities as a singer, dancer, and actress coming her way, she only feels blessed that the industry has ultimately been good to her, in spite of the haters and bashers. The talented star promises to work even harder and to continue honing her skills for the benefit of her supporters.

“I want to look my best and give my best performance all the time – as a singer, a dancer, an actress, and even through my posts on social media because it’s the only way to thank and inspire my fans and followers to continue supporting me,” Loisa says.   

Ever Bilena, celebrating 34 Beautiful Years this 2017

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