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For a Zero-Ipis-Household, Use This...

Captain ZERO Unveiled as an Innovative Cockroach Bait! 
The internet has been abuzz the past few months about a mysterious superhero character which came out on a Facebook Page by the name of Captain ZERO. Curious netizens and bloggers alike gave their share of guesses on who (or what) the dark sil…

The 5 Exams A Woman Like You Should NOT Missed

Christmas Season is a glorious thing, a time for thanksgiving, celebration, and the ripe month to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. And just because you think your 13th-month pay and bonus are just a cherry on top, these hard-earned cash deserves to be saved and spent well on things with lasting impact on your health and sanity. With this in mind, let these 5 must-do lists from Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners’ OB-Gyn Faith Suluen serve as your guide to encourage you to make time and set aside a budget for these screenings.

A Fresh Morning Kiss with Dentiste'

DENTISTE' is the world’s first Nighttime Toothpaste for couples, with products spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents.

Made with 14 Natural extracts, this product inhibits bad breath bacteria at night so you can wake up ready for that fresh morning kiss. 93% of the product users and couples experience a decrease in bad morning breath from the first night of use.

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant: Boodle Fight sa Bilao On SALE!!!

And I just can't get enough of the St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant and here I am again reminiscing that sumptuous feast they lined for us when I visited them. This time I'll be sharing their pinipilahan and binabalik-balikan dishes that they do offer.
The Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set Pinoy …

Healthy Options Holiday Tradition 2016 Gift Guide

Festive family treats without the bad stuff
Noche Buena can just be as healthy as it is delicious
Christmas in the Philippines is like no other. With all the festive colors, bright lights, and jolly carols that play as early as September, it’s not surprising that Yuletide takes a different flavor in a country where the holiday lasts a season.
This is especially true about the food. Filipino Christmas is never complete without the scrumptious delicacies served throughout December, especially on Noche Buena.

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

St. Nicholas Catering by Chef Nick has a new venture and here's a clue, It is still in the scope of food industry... It's St.Nicholas Restaurant!
Sige na nga, that punchline didn't went so well but this post is a great one, though.
Chef Nick started his catering business in 2003 and it…

EUROPAK Bringing European Artistry in Quality-Crafted Bags

EUROPAK is a quality crafted bags. Actually, it is a premium brand, meticulously crafted with European artistry, made with passion, and sophistication by professional designers and is constantly inspired with the modern trend. Each piece is designed to be a classic yet still up to date and stylish to keep up with the style for urban professionals.

Read, Sip and Dine: Book & Borders Cafe Opens in Eastwood City

Grand Opening of Book & Borders Eastwood

Ever crave for a "quite" and "just-me" time in your favorite cafe? Or wanting to destress and just chill for a while as you indulged yourself for a warm cup of coffee or your pick of comfort food while reading your fave book? Or how ab…