St. Nicholas Catering by Chef Nick has a new venture and here's a clue, It is still in the scope of food industry... It's St.Nicholas Restaurant!

Sige na nga, that punchline didn't went so well but this post is a great one, though.

Chef Nick started his catering business in 2003 and it's working pretty fine and now he's up for another one and it's a restaurant that opened in April 2014. 

The Restaurant

St. Nicholas Restaurant is located in a spacious area at Brgy Plainview in Mandaluyong. Nothing fancy but there's a lot going on. There's a corner with lots of paper lanterns hanging, a Japanese inspired side. Also, a Pinoy corner where images of some popular landmarks where seen. Plus the not-to-be-missed Christmas side with Humungous Teddy and a couple of St.Nicholas displays were spotted too. Bes, si Santa Claus, Just livin' in up to the branding :) The venue is not air conditioned or with enclosed glass panels like the usual resto's I've been into. But this place? hindi naman magpapahuli, lalo na sa FOOD! Plus Afford naten toh (^.^,)

St Nicholas Menu

The Food

Boodle Fight sa Bilao Davao Php1200.00 
asked for a special discount at Php999! ;)


Hot & Juicy Shrimp 

Calamares, Shrimp tempura, Lechong Kawali

Eggplant Tempura
Rice, Salted Egg, tomato and onion

My Instant Favorite

The hot & Juicy Shrimp Php 999.00 / half kilo


What's on my plate?

Almost everything (^.^,) I love everything they had in this bilao. Most especially the hot and juicy shrimps. I just wished that the liempo was cooked the ihaw way or without breading for contrast, making it more appealing. But still, it was delightful.

Tinolang Manok sa Pakwan - Having a pakwan in a soup is not new to me. I loved it in sinigang :P But for Tinola? I was not expecting this. But amazed that I like it. Actually, I want to try making this at home. :)

Just some of the Bilao Set St. Nicholas Restaurant Offers.

Check them out online for more promos
St Nicholas Catering and Restaurant