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World Vision Run 2015: The Difference is LOVE

For 58 years in the Philippines, International child-focused organization.  World Vision, has taken huge strides to ensure that Filipino children enjoy the fullness of life they deserve.  These efforts gave birth to what is now the most – anticipated running event of World Vision supporters and pa…

FoodTrip: Healthy Day Cafe and Restaurant

Healthy Day Cafe and Restaurant with a Nail Spa on the side  is owned by a Doctor Couple
I asked the lady owner "What's your specialty Dra?" implying about her medical practice and she answered me back with "Internal Medicine"  I also checked her jacket and its says so too :) 

Presented by ALASKA: Jr.NBA Jr.WNBA National Training Camp Finale

Because I'm Too excited for this ang aga ko dumating :P People still on setting up the court mode as I arrived the venue.  Shortly after that... The Jr.NBA Alumni All-Stars arrived too. Team Nerlens VS Team Ruth  Jr.NBA Alumni Team Practices
 Blue Jersey for Team Nerlens  Red Jersey for Team Ruth
So …