Because I'm Too excited for this ang aga ko dumating :P
People still on setting up the court mode as I arrived the venue.
 Shortly after that... The Jr.NBA Alumni All-Stars arrived too.
Team Nerlens VS Team Ruth
 Jr.NBA Alumni Team Practices

 Blue Jersey for Team Nerlens
 Red Jersey for Team Ruth

So who will win this Alumni All-Star game?

Let the BallGame begin...
 Jr.NBA Alumni Game

 Jr.WNBA Top 24 Game

Jr.NBA Top 50 Game

After the game, everyone is patiently waiting for the announcement of  Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA
As the coaches deliberate and tally the scores, make way muna for an  Alaska PowerDance
  Alaska PowerDancer

 The moment of we've all been waiting for... #TheMomentOfTruth
 NBA Country Manager Carlo Singson, Bien Fernando for Alaska 
and JrNBA Head Coach Chris Sumner

Sportsmanship Award
JrNBA/JrWNBA Alaska Brand Ambassador

 JrNBA / JrWNBA Coaches
JrNBA| JrWNBA The Coach of the Year 

(L-R): (First Row) : Joshua Garing, Heart Pagaran Donor, Luisa Krizelle San Juan, Micaela Pentecostes, Nelia Jean David, Kyla Flores, Robert Alomar Castro, Ernest John Felicidad; 
(Second Row): Nerlens Noel, Jeffy Mailim, Christian Allen Magno, Daniel Coo, Lloyd Raphael Oliva, Miguel Luigi Santos, Luis Sebastian Locsin, Edrian Custodio and Ruth Riley.

Congratulations Alaska Boys and Girls for being Jr.NBA Jr.WNBA finalist