Friday, January 30, 2015

Paradizoo Power Of Three:The World of Bonsai

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Jan24 is Bonsai Day!
Just Kidding :D

But Seriously, It is Bonsai Day at Paradizoo!
Last Saturdays, was the (soft) opening Bonsai and Eclectic Garden.
And in line with this Paradizoo invited Atish Dipankar Sarker an award winning bonsai enthusiast
Wedding Garden / Pavillon 
Atish At Work!
Looks so simple right? but actually it's not.
It requires a lot of "handle with care moments" 
Patience and Knowledge about bonsai stuff. 
di sya basta bastang nag alaga ka lang ng halaman in a pot :)
and of course dapat may green thumb or palm lol :D 

I remember during Highschool where na-tackle ang topic about plants, 
that... Plants Grow Upward 
hahaha :D naman
And mostly they follow the sunlight nga daw, in one of our experiments pa nga we kept a plant in a room with a small window where the sun shines and after sometime the leaves adapt to the surroundings. 
Meaning, they try their very best to face the sun :D #photosynthesis uhm!

Another example is the Sunflower, Right? 
They always, always face the sun :D which made me realize na may isip din pala sila #charot
And also that day nalaman ko na pwede palang imanipulate ang stems ng mga plants :D
YES, you can! by Wiring them! Wiring Technique 
and pwede din sila i-Style with Clouding Technique.
Clouding is simply for the clouding formation of the leaves :P 
kidding aside, this cloud formation is a must pala not to make the tree look nice 
but for ventilation and proper distribution of sunlight :P #AHA

And di lang pala sya basta basta ilalagay sa pot.
Pwede din sya ilagay inside a dead branch/bark of a tree or Coral, or Stones
This, will create "Drama" for your Bonsai :D

Like the Bantique, that body (trunk of tree) looks familiar, kasi madaming ganyan sa dalampasigan namin
yun pala Atish spray salt water on that piece para maachieve ang texture at color nito :) #connected
 Bantique is Atish's 150years old Bonsai with 50k worth :)

You can see some of Atish Bonsai at Bonsai Garden in Paradizoo.
And there are Bonsai's available for sale too :)
Price starts at P250each (small)

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Manulife’s Bundle of Joy

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 Take the first step to secure your family’s future
with Manulife’s Bundle of Joy  

The arrival of a newborn is an important milestone for parents – a joyous occasion for every Filipino family. This is the time when parents receive baby gifts, child care tips from family and friends, and more importantly, the privilege of helping nurture new life into the world.

Being a new parent means having your littlest loved one depend on you for everything. To help expectant parents or parents of newborns journey into their new life stage, Manulife Philippines has now made life insurance more accessible through its “Bundle of Joy” advocacy. Anyone who wants to build a more secure future for themselves and their family is invited to be a part of Manulife’s Bundle of Joy community by signing up to

Expectant moms and dads, and parents of children under one year of age are
entitled to a FREE one-year term life insurance coverage worth PhP 100,000. Furthermore, everyone who registers online can also access good reads and helpful tips from experts, join various promotions and win exciting prizes and freebies.

“Manulife’s Bundle of Joy is part of our continued advocacy to reach, secure and protect as many Filipino families as possible,” said Ryan Charland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Philippines.


 “Financial protection should be in every new or expectant parent’s checklist as the first step towards securing their family’s future. Through Manulife’s Bundle of Joy, we want to make it easy for parents to access life insurance coverage by having them register online and become part of a community that can support their responsibility as parents.”

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nurturing Giftedness For a New Generation

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Excellence can be achieved with the right balance of Proper Care, Proper Nutrition, and Support from Parents

The world has long been fascinated by prodigies – gifted kids whose accomplishments at such a young age, shed light to a child’s inherent talent, intellect and precocity.

In the Philippines, perhaps no other personalities represent the concept and reality of what gifted children are than the three who illustrated it via one of the most memorable television commercials of the 9 0s – Kiko Galura, James Flores, ad Shaira Luna.

But what has become of the three gifted kids features in the brand’s most prolific commercial yet?  The budding poet?  The promising astronomer?  The medical marvel?
First of all, they’re all grown up now and second, their accomplishments as adults are just as impressive as what they were able to deliver as kids.
 The young poet, Kiko Galura, has an established career as a publisher in one of the country’s biggest publishing housed.  From making words come to life in his poems, he now provides an opportunity and a voice to other storytellers. 

James Flores, who was known for his proficiency in astronomy stayed within the sciences, albeit in a different filed. Taking his masters in clinical psychology.  From his love of the stars and their radiance, he helps bring out the brilliance in every child through outreach programs in music for children. 

And finally, Shaira Luna, who was poised to enter into the medical world, grew up to become one of the most talented photographers of her generation.  Form her mastery of the human anatomy, she now captures the best in human form with her photography, building a successful career around her passion.

Was there every any doubt that they wouldn’t group to become successful gifted alumni?

It’s easy to assume things come easily to naturally gifted kids.  But it’s important to remember that it’s a factor of different things that will carve out a good future for any child.

“A gifted child can be expected to learn faster that other children, have more varied interests, have greater depth of feeling and generally be more that other children,” explain Dra. Leticia Penano-Ho, President of the Philippine Center of Gifted Education

That said, one can only imagine how they have to struggle with expectations and the machinations of educational systems not built to support such young talent, not to mention the pressure it puts on a child’s social development.

But environmental conditions, honing the dedication to succeed at such an early age, as well as providing good nutrition, are all factors that contribute to their development – and are all typically provided for by their family.

To celebrate the current success of the gifted alumni, Promil Pre-School brought back toger the famous trio, almost 20 years after their commercial first aired on national television.  The brand’s heritage on giftedness is further exemplified through their achievements and their journey towards becoming valuable gifts to society.

“Throughout the years, Promil Pre-School has been encouraging parents to keep nurturing the gifts of their children.  As we usher in a new year, we encourage others to become advocates of giftedness as well, “says Dian Yu, Product Manager of Promil Pre-School.

Parents always envision the best for their children – From providing expert care, to the highest quality nutrition, to supporting their children’s interest and endeavors.  Whilst some parents are deeply involved in their children’s development, the idea remains to be unsupported and uncelebrated by most.

In 2015, Promil Pre-School is launching their Gifted Movement campaign, which is a movement to supporting and celebrating giftedness in the country.  The brand aims to spark interest and gain the commitment of moms and consumers to take an active role in advocating giftedness and nurturing it.

“Promil Pre-School, as a catalyst for the Gifted Movement campaign, puts focus on discovering and bringing out the inherent talent of today’s youth, by way of providing the proper nutrition, and proper care, “ says Yu.  “Combines with the support of parents to continuously encourage kids to find their passion and make learning enjoyable, there’s no end to what this new generation can accomplish, “she adds.

And as a testament to this, one only needs to look at how these alumni successfully grew to become the passionate, well-rounded individuals they are today. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

FoodTrip at Grande Island Resort

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Aside from the fact that an Island tour consumes a lot of our energy and wala pa jan yung water adventures, malamang mag reklamo din ang katawang lupa namin diba? and I just hear my stomach rumble :P 

Of course, Nagutom din kami :) and here is what in store at Orchid Graden Restaurant

Orchid Garden Restaurant
Open Daily 7am-10pm
 The Resort main outlet that serves delectable fare of local and international cuisines. 
Perfect dining place for corporate group with its warm ambiance that offers pool and lush garden view.

Sweet and Sour Fish

Sinigang na Hipon

My First Grande Island Meal
Sweet and Sour Fish, Chopsuey 
I enjoyed my meal naka 2 and a half rice ata ako :)

I was late kaya ito na lang ang may picture :P
 Singang na Hipon Ulit :P
Pork Sinigang

Pinakbet with Bagnet
Buttered Garlic Shrimp
Sweet and Sour Fish
*di ko na napicturan

and My Plate
Buttered Garlic Shrimp
Sweet and Sour Fish
Pinakbet with Bagnet

I didn't for Sinigang na Shrimp and Pork kasi mabenta sa sa group and Ok na ako sa what I have :)
specially sa Sweet and Sour Fish and Pinakbet with Bagnet


Buffet Breakfast
Beef Tapa, Breaded Bangus, Pork Tocino, Mixed Veggies and Garlic Fried Rice
My Plate :)
Mixed Veggies
Pork Tocino
Beef Tapa
Garlic Fried Rice

excuse the mess :) shaky hands

yey for Omelette Station!
You can request the "kuya Cook" how you like your omelete done :)
As for me I like my omelette with 1kg of cheese lol :D

Ham, Veggies and Cheese Omelette
 Fruit Platter
dining out-door this time



Fruit Platter

My Plate
Buttered Garlic Shrimp and Pork Steak...
*diet ako kasi pauwi na kami ng manila.
Precautionary Measures lol... mahirap na :P

Check out Grande Island Resort's  Menu

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Grande Island Chalet Rooms and Island Activities more.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Face Anything: Latest Innovation by Kleenex

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Hi Gals! 
Still feeling kilig about this invite I got :)

Kleenex Brand Facial Tissue

For some reason, AYALA is super Traffic that day, that it took me an hour for the usual 5-10 minutes travel time to R Space from Glorietta... sana pala nag lakad na lang ako :P I'm super inis na, because this is the first ever event na malalate ako huhubels. I was praying on the side na sana may mas late pa sakin lol. kidding aside nakarating din sa avenue ang lola nyo :)
Venue: R Space 
Good Food, comfy sofa's, cozy blue lighted room, fresh flowers, candles and soothing music. 
Hmm, Classy Set Up I say :)
 a calm, easy, relaxing vibe.
Ideal mood for a lil' chat with Kleenex Brand Ambassadors

Hosted by Ritz Tan -Family Care Senior Brand Manager
"Softer means cleaner, gentler and refreshing,"
with cucumber extract we develop a new softer than before Kleenex 
that's sure to give women a soft gentle clean 
with Kleenex Brand Ambassadors
 Socialite and Model, Divine Lee
Fashion Bloggers, Lauren Uy and Nicole Anderson
VolleyBall Player, Gretchen Ho 
and Celebrity Mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer

The Brand Ambassadors (mostly) grew up with Kleenex
passed on from generations to generations...

WOW! even for me, nakilala ko lang ang kleenex sa mama ko and Pag sinabing kleenex super soft talaga!
and because of the latest innovation with Face Anything and Kleenex Facial tissue  with cucumber extract...(^.^,)  the softness that we were used too, is now made even softer and way better. 
The No.1 Facial Tissue now with Cucumber Extract 
making it softer ever than before.
My Kleenex Loot 
Thank You So Much Kleenex!

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