Jan24 is Bonsai Day!
Just Kidding :D

But Seriously, It is Bonsai Day at Paradizoo!
Last Saturdays, was the (soft) opening Bonsai and Eclectic Garden.
And in line with this Paradizoo invited Atish Dipankar Sarker an award winning bonsai enthusiast
Wedding Garden / Pavillon 
Atish At Work!
Looks so simple right? but actually it's not.
It requires a lot of "handle with care moments" 
Patience and Knowledge about bonsai stuff. 
di sya basta bastang nag alaga ka lang ng halaman in a pot :)
and of course dapat may green thumb or palm lol :D 

I remember during Highschool where na-tackle ang topic about plants, 
that... Plants Grow Upward 
hahaha :D naman
And mostly they follow the sunlight nga daw, in one of our experiments pa nga we kept a plant in a room with a small window where the sun shines and after sometime the leaves adapt to the surroundings. 
Meaning, they try their very best to face the sun :D #photosynthesis uhm!

Another example is the Sunflower, Right? 
They always, always face the sun :D which made me realize na may isip din pala sila #charot
And also that day nalaman ko na pwede palang imanipulate ang stems ng mga plants :D
YES, you can! by Wiring them! Wiring Technique 
and pwede din sila i-Style with Clouding Technique.
Clouding is simply for the clouding formation of the leaves :P 
kidding aside, this cloud formation is a must pala not to make the tree look nice 
but for ventilation and proper distribution of sunlight :P #AHA

And di lang pala sya basta basta ilalagay sa pot.
Pwede din sya ilagay inside a dead branch/bark of a tree or Coral, or Stones
This, will create "Drama" for your Bonsai :D

Like the Bantique, that body (trunk of tree) looks familiar, kasi madaming ganyan sa dalampasigan namin
yun pala Atish spray salt water on that piece para maachieve ang texture at color nito :) #connected
 Bantique is Atish's 150years old Bonsai with 50k worth :)

You can see some of Atish Bonsai at Bonsai Garden in Paradizoo.
And there are Bonsai's available for sale too :)
Price starts at P250each (small)

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