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It's a Girl? It's a Boy? It's Manulife's Bundle of Joy!

Expectant Moms and Dads, lookie here!
Are you all hyped looking for baby thingies? Crossing out your Soon-to-be-Mommy Checklist
Wanting things ready before their arrival in this world? from baby oils, diaper, clothing and toys I bet you're all set and just can't way for baby's arrival. I know, right? Because I was like that too, getting all things prepared so when my baby is out from my tummy everything is within reach. Well, bet you should include the Manulife's Bundle of Joy on your checklist!

For now here's what happen to the Manulife's Bundle of Joy Event.
Mommies Lined up at Registration Area 
Fellow mommies trying out the Manulife Bundle Of Joy website. 
Cutesy Table Center Piece 
Hosted by Dj/Mom Delamar
Tips from Manulife's Bundle of Joy Pediatricians
Delamar with Dra. Annlo Nora -Gochingco and Dra. Ceres Paulino-Canto
Dra. Gochingco and Dra. Canto, the authors of some articles on the Bundle of Joy website. Articles about Parenting, Putting Babies to Sleep (sleeping patterns, moods and blues to watch out for) and Breastfeeding.
Their Advice: Ask the experts to avoid Misinformation
President CEO of Manulife Philippines Ryan Charland 
What is Manulife Bundle of Joy?
Manulife's Bundle of Joy is a part of continued advocacy to reach, secure and protect as many Filipino families as possible -Ryan Charland. 

They would like to develop long term relationship with their clients (in this case for expectant moms and dads and parents of newborns)

This is also their way of providing personalized solution for clients to secure their own families future.

New and expectant moms and dads aged 18-45years old and have a newborn baby or below 1y.old are qualified for the life insurance coverage

Yes, it's a LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE worth 100k
The Best part... Manulife's Bundle of Joy is FREE!!!
 Did you say FREE? now questions are rushing in...
Some of my take-noted facts:
Who can avail the Bundle of Joy program?
New or Expectant Moms and Dads aged 18-45years old.
With a baby less than a year old.
What is Manulife's Bundle of Joy?
Life Insurance Coverage worth 100k for a year
Just sign up ( and it's FREE!
Why not? -Ryan Charland 
For Maximum Reach

some facts:
Expire after a year.
Covers maternal death
Covers just the Parent NOT the baby so if anything happens to your baby it's not covered.
100k per parent if both Parent dies or something your kid will get 200k
Not for hospitalization, 
Life Insurance


  1. wow, I could recommend this to my friends. :) Thank you so much for the share!

  2. wow! So nice of Manulife to have this! I'll share this to my pamangkins. sayang Sam is already 6. :(

  3. I'll share this to my bro-in-law who has a cutesy 3 month old baby.. :D Thankies!

  4. I did a double-take on free -- is it true? I checked it and it is! I'll share this. :)

  5. i just got registered. you forgot to mention that they also have an ongoing promo like my baby's picture perfect moment and trip to hong kong.

  6. wow! yun lang. hahaha its a shame im not pregnant. wish they had something like this back then

  7. I hope I learned about this back when I was pregnant! hehee.

  8. I don't have an under 1 year old baby but this definitely reminded me to shop for insurances. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Thanks for sharing, this is a great idea for expectant parents :)

  10. I saw this and was surprised that it's free. Hehehe. What's the catch kaya?

    1. for expectant mom's lang sis and moms with less than a year old baby :)
      I think the main agenda is for awareness in securing family's future via insurance :)

    2. sayang talaga nga pagkakita ko na for less than 1 year old lng. :(

  11. What? Where was this when I was pregnant?! Seriously though, it is a very noble cause. I hope this will still be here if I get pregnant again hihi

  12. I can't believe there's insurance that's free!! This is a great move by Manulife.

  13. This seems like a great deal. Great job Manulife! And that centerpiece look so cute

  14. This is nice.. I wish I have seen this earlier. My youngest is turning 2 yo already.


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