• Adventures of Aci Girl Goes Up North x Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel

    I and the rest of #TropangFreshness had plans going up North. In Vigan Ilocos Sur to be exact. With common likes with Eens, and Ace wanting to visit Calle Crisologo we planned our Vigan Escapade. It was set to happen  this November but unfortunately, it won't be happening anytime soon. Due to conflict of schedule and whatsoever excuses only Ace would know. Charot! But we are planning to go hopefully with a lot of luck and prayers by January next year.

    Wait where am I going on this post? Well, that's just a mini back story about how Vigan was part of my travel bucket list. Now here's the best part. A friend, na itago sa pangalang Lee who's celebrating her birthday this month, (HBD LEE!) asked if I'm up for a trip to Ilocos. 

    Shocks, a-arte pa ba ako? I said yes right away. After some ups and downs in our convo I was set to travel up North for the first time, and  solo with no ka-kilala at all.

    Good thing the one that handling the tour is someone I know, her name is Ms. Vannah. I managed to ask if there's someone I know on the batch of  bloggers that they invited, sadly wala akong kakilala. But I won't let it spoil my excitement. 

    Then I met Astrid. a teeny bopper looking girl  but don't be fooled she's way older than she looks like. We rode together a Partas Bus from Cubao going to Vigan. We arrived an hour before out ETD and the bus from Pasay that we are set to board came an hour early too. So the scheduled 10pm ETD was moved to 9pm. 

    Why? Because after we decided to climb aboard the bus head out the terminal in an instant :P Ay wow kami lang ang inantay? Staying true to its sign Board "SPECIAL" Actually, I have no idea what "Special" really means on our trip, not after the first and last stop-over was reached. Yes, Only one stop-over making me and Astrid so hungry :P 

    Then the bus stop for a while at Durung's and they bought a pack of malunggay pandesal. With a mental note to self, saying "Pag ako inalok ni manong kukuha talaga ako, soooo gutom na mga besh! But sad to say di nila ako inalok huhu.

    I managed to take some snaps with what's left of my energy and cellphone battery after 7hours of road trip via Partas Bus, did a quick tour of the hotel lobby and so far I'm liking what I see.

    Our Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel Room

     And finally, Sleeping time (^.^,)

    DAY 1: DIY Vigan City Tour  
    Because we were so excited, having our breakfast was just a breeze. So eager to head onto the city proper and take a peek at that historical street called Calle Crisologo.

    And mostly relaxation time... #StaycationMode 

    It was a bit rainy during the first day of our stay in Metro Vigan. Since it's (mostly) everybody's first time to in Vigan, we all decided to go out for a stroll even when it's raining :P 

    Where have I Gone in Vigan?

    Our DIY Vigan Tour : First Stop, Empanada Iloco

    Team Clingy Friends: Me, Zoe, Edmar, Kev, Asta, Cha. and -minus 1 Wala pa kasi si Kieth
    We are still waiting for our import blogger friend to arrive fresh from Dubai.
    P.s Kieth if nababasa mo toh, bukod sa wala ka pa sa picture eh masaya pa kami dito (^.^,) cheret.
    Walking around Metro Vigan Starts Now. 

    We, the #TeamClingyFriends were a bunch of super excited big kids na hindi ma-pirmi sa isang tabi, the main reason why we head out touring around the city even with the bad weather. Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden prepared a tour for us with a detailed itinerary. Day1 is basically our free time and hotel familiarization tour. So after seeing the hotel rooms and its facility, off we go to the city.

    And the journey of "finding payong' is on. Simply because we know that it'll be one hell of a week, because of the typhoon. But, #TeamClingyFriends won't let this trip go just like that. Therefore, we decided to buy our own payong cause walang makakapigili sa amin :P.

    Day2: Still Rainy in Vigan City Tour 

    Burnayan in Vigan | Pottery

    Crisologo Museum
    Crisologo Museum

    Quirino Museum
    Elpidio Museum
    Hidden Garden

    Bell Tower at Bantay
    Bantay Bell Tower

    at Quirino | Banaoang Bridge
    Take a look at how the weather was like that day (^.^,) OO Mahangin sa labas :P

     Calle Crisologo at last.... 

    Day3: Sight-Seeing up North c/o Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel
    First Stop: Ilocos Norte Arch.
    Ilocos Norte Arch
    San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
    Laoag Plaza
    Touch Down Pagudpud!!!
    Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
    Patapat Viaduct / Bridge

    Hannah's Beach Resort

      Bangui Wind Farm

     Wind Mills Overload 

    Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

    Malacanang of The North

    Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure
    Ayan, present na si Kieth! wait... Sinong-Kieth? #TeamClingyFriends 
    Photo by: Kieth Walter Ayuso

    Last Stop for Day3 Ilocos Escapade: Kaway-Kaway in Paoay Church

    Day4: Watch out for my DIY Ilocos Tour post.
    Cause were going to Pinsal Falls (^.^,)

    Plus Calle Crisologo Part2

    So next time you'll hit the northern lands of Ilocos, 
    Choose Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel!

    Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel
    National Highway, Guimod, Bantay,(Metro Vigan) Ilocos Sur, Philippines
    +63 77 644 0401 | +63 02 584 4176 | +63 917 809 8909
    for reservation email at: reservations@fiestagarden.com.ph

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