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A sparkly-white toilet doesn’t guarantee that its germ free. Its gotta be Domex!


Mommy Duties 
As a mom who wants only the best for their kids (I  know we all are) we want to keep them safe, healthy and be the best they can be. It’s us, a parents duty, to educate our inklings on how to behave properly, being courteous, brave and even being strong, also proper hygiene and taking care of themselves.

Having 3 makulit, medyo pasaway but adorable and sweet kids, I know everything inside our home must be germ-free to lessen their chances of getting sick. My kids and I have a weak and sensitive tummy and with these, I know I have to raise the already a bit high standards of mine in making our home squeaky-clean and of course free from germs routine.

A sparkly-white toilet doesn’t guarantee that it’s germ-free.
It has been discovered that proper toilet cleaning is one of the topics that is often taken for granted in the house. And don’t be fooled by the sparkly-clean toilets for it can be loaded with tons of germs and bacteria. YIKES!!!

World Toilet Day
Last November 19, 2017, World Toilet Day was celebrated. Domex focused its research on understanding more about the state of toilet sanitation in the country. Surprisingly, they have discovered that 443 million school days – equivalent to one month of school for every child are missed due to the diseases caused by unsanitary toilets.

One Million Clean Toilet Campaign
With this learning, Domex is more dedicated for fighting disease through their partnerships with Maxicare, Philippine Public Health Association, and UNICEF. Actively participating for the past 3 years in the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, where they pledged to education 1 million individuals on what proper toilet cleaning really is.

This year, Domex is aiming to dig deeper, targeting moms in order to inspire them in leading the change for clean toilets wanting to emphasize the belief that everything including proper sanitation-starts at home 

We should not be at ease by a toilet that smells nice and may look free of visible dirt. For this doesn’t guarantee that it is germ-free. Unfortunately, some parents are unaware that even if it doesn’t look it, their toilets contain bacteria that may cause diseases like flu, diarrhea, gut infections, and eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

The Philippine Public Health Association has stated that there are numbers of germs found in toilets that were supposedly clean-looking.  They mentioned that in order to stay clear of germs that may potentially place a child in danger, a toilet bleach that thoroughly cleans germs is an essential to keep around the house.

Mommy Check List
Mommies head up!
Here are  some of the factors to consider in choosing the right cleaning agent for our toilets at home

*Effectively kills germs in an instant.
*Effective Contact time
*And reaches deep-seated dirt and can cover hard to reach areas of a toilet bowl.

It's gotta be DOMEX!
Being the perfect candidate: allow me to enumerate:

*Kills wide-range of germs such as various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. 
*Being 10 time thicker than thin laundry bleach, it lasts after 7 flushes, unlike bleach that can only last after 2 flushes. 
*Domex makes sure to target hard to reach areas in the toilet with its specially designed applicator spout and squeezable bottle.

 Effectively kills germs, 10x thicker than thin laundry bleach, can reach deep-seated molds and dirt and can cover hard to reach sections of a toilet bowl.

One Million Clean Toilets Movement

Definitely Approved by  Moms!
Moms lets make it work, hand in hand in this effort with Domex. Surely, this will spark an awareness around households in the Philippines, helping protect families we love away from harm and will soon achieve the goal of One Million Clean Toilets.

The World's First Curved Screen Gaming Laptop: Acer's "The Predator 21 X"

Acer's Highly-Anticipated Predator 21 X Gaming Laptop, Featuring the World's First Curved Screen Notebook, Shipping This Quarter

January 3rd 2017, Acer announced the availability of its highly anticipated Predator 21 X gaming laptop in Las Vegas. Being the world’s first curved screen notebook that features Windows 10 and designed for ultimate gaming enthusiasts who only want nothing but the best. The Predator 21 X is advanced beyond anything on the market today.
As the world’s first notebook to offer a curved 21-inch IPS display (2560 x 1080 resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate), it delivers a truly immersive gaming experience, especially when combined with the notebook’s eye-tracking technology from Tobii. Taking PC gaming immersion to new depths, eye tracking lets gamers identify enemies, aim and take cover simply by gazing at objects on the screen in over 45 titles like Elite DangerousDeus Ex: Mankind Divided and WATCH_DOGS 2. The curved screen also features NVIDIA® G-SYNC technology, ensuring smooth and sharp gameplay.
Beneath the notebook’s curved hood lies a powerful engine just waiting to be unleashed. The Predator 21 X (GX21-71) features dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 graphic cards in SLI and an overclockable 7th Generation Intel® Core i7-7820HK processor for ultimate performance and responsiveness.

Supporting all this power is 64GB of DDR4-2400 memory, up to four 512GB solid state drives in RAID 0 configuration (including 2 NVMe PCIe SSDs, which are up to 5x faster than SATA SSDs) and a 7200 RPM hard drive of 1TB capacity. In addition, Killer DoubleShot Pro automatically picks the fastest network connection (Ethernet or wireless) and sends all high priority traffic over that interface while standard traffic is sent over the other. This ensures the highest priority traffic will always be put on the fastest and most reliable link. Thunderbolt 3 brings Thunderbolt to USB-C at speeds up to 40 Gbps.
Dissipating excess heat effectively for uninterrupted performance during intense gaming sessions, the notebook also features an advanced cooling architecture consisting of 5 system fans (including 3 ultra-thin AeroBlade metal fans) and 9 heat pipes. It also includes Acer DustDefender, which removes dust build-up and improves heat dissipation, and Acer’s CoolBoost app, that can be used to adjust the fans’ airflow to deliver extra cooling performance during heavy use.
Its full-sized mechanical keyboard features Cherry® MX Brown switches, with individually programmable backlit keys, offering 16.7 million color options. Customers can swap out the black W, A, S and D keys with teal ones, using the included accessory kit. A unique numeric keypad allows it to be flipped over and turned into a Precision Touchpad.
Making the action come to life, the Predator 21 X features a new 3-way (tweeter, midrange, woofer) audio design which produces Hi-Fi quality sound and is powered by 4 speakers (2 tweeters, 2 midrange) and 2 subwoofers to produce a full spectrum of sound.
The Predator 21 X works with Windows Hello, supporting secure and password-free sign-in by recognizing your face. Skype for Business Certification ensures people can communicate with crisp and lag-free quality, and also allows for clearer, higher quality audio and a great Cortana with Voice experience on Windows 10.
Preloaded Acer PredatorSense software allows users to control and customize the whole gaming experience from one central interface, including overclocking, lighting and fan control. In addition, the included Xsplit Gamecaster software makes it easy for gamers to record and edit videos and live streaming on Twitch and Youtube channels.
Located just above the keyboard on the right side is a metal maintenance panel which provides access to the RAM modules and one 2.5-inch hard drive. The notebook ships with a blue dragon graphic on the panel, or it can be customized with a combination of graphics, nation flags and name engravings. In addition, the first 300 notebooks will include a limited edition series number on the panel.
For safe transport and storage, each Predator 21 X ships with a custom ultra-durable hard-shell carrying case which securely stores the notebook and accessories.
Loaded with high-end features and technology, the Predator 21 X is the de facto dream machine for ultimate gaming enthusiasts.
  • The Acer Predator 21 X is the world’s first notebook with a curved screen and integrates eye-tracking technology for an even more immersive user experience
  • The Predator 21 X features the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, 5 cooling fans and dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI for unmatched graphics performance
  • Making each Predator 21 X unique, Acer lets customers add a design, flag and laser engraved name to the notebook’s maintenance panel
  • Acer also updated its high-performance Predator 17 X gaming notebook with the powerful 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU

Predator 17 X Gets an Upgrade with Higher Performing CPU and GPU
The Acer Predator 17 X gaming notebook also received both a CPU and GPU upgrade, and will now include models with a 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7820HK processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU with 8G GDDR5X video memory. Featuring overclocking, desktop grade components, a custom triple-fan cooling system with front air intake and a server-class vapor chamber, it is ideal for the most demanding games and running virtual reality (VR) devices. It’s overclocking lets gamers experience turbo speeds[i] of up to 4.3GHz for the CPU; up to 1732MHz for the GPU; and up to 5.4GHz for VRAM. Immersive game play is delivered with buttery smooth visuals via the notebook’s 17.3-inch G-SYNC Full HD IPS (1920 x 1080) or UHD IPS (4K 3840 x 2160) display.
The Predator 17 X (GX-792) is also configured with an overclockable 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7820HK  processor, up to 64GB of DDR4-2400 memory and an enterprise level NVMe PCIe solid state drive[ii] or three-SATA-SSD RAID 0 array for immense data transfer speeds. It features a Precision Touchpad supporting Windows 10 gestures, and also Skype for Business certification for crystal-clear audio communications.
Price and Availability
The Predator 21 X will be available in North America in February with prices starting at $8,999; and in EMEA in February with prices starting at €9,999.
The refreshed Predator 17 X will be available in the North America in January with prices starting at $2,599; in EMEA in January with prices starting at €2,999; and in China in February with prices starting at ¥39,999.
For specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To learn more about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via

TravelFeat: What is

eGetinnz: The newest accommodation rental booking site!

A new accommodation booking site hits the web and offers more than its counterparts.


With travel being amongst the top industries it’s no wonder that there have been many services to pop up. eGetinnz joins the fray but with a unique take not only offering travel booking and vacation rental but being an all in one portal for your travel desires.

There are accommodations that can suit your needs in almost any place of your choosing. Be it by a beach, the outdoors, on a waterfront, in the city or in the country, eGetinnz gives you affordable stay options.

The best way to immerse yourself in any place you travel is to live amongst the local folks.  What better way than to stay in a local home.

Vacation rentals are cost effective allowing you to pay for only a fraction of the cost you would have spent at a hotel. You won’t have to miss those creature comforts when you’re traveling.

eGetinnz also provides you a guide of recommended places from attractions to dining options. Discover what the city offers with our suggestions.

Visit eGetinnz at to start your journey. Create an account as a guest or host and navigate through our site with ease. Be assured of verified reservations, unlimited access to your rentals and privacy through our protected payment gateways.

The 5 Exams A Woman Like You Should NOT Missed


Christmas Season is a glorious thing, a time for thanksgiving, celebration, and the ripe month to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. And just because you think your 13th-month pay and bonus are just a cherry on top, these hard-earned cash deserves to be saved and spent well on things with lasting impact on your health and sanity. With this in mind, let these 5 must-do lists from Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners’ OB-Gyn Faith Suluen serve as your guide to encourage you to make time and set aside a budget for these screenings.

Five Annual Exams that Deserve a Budget from Every Woman’s Bonus
1. Pap Smear and Pelvic Exam

Since it’s the quick screening test/procedure and the gold standard that detects precancerous or cancerous cells from papillomavirus or HPV, it’s essential to catch early any possible abnormal growth whether you’re sexually active by age 21 or the disease runs in the family. If you haven’t had a cervical vaccination, don’t hesitate to talk to your OB-Gyn or employer/health card provider to check if it’s part of your package, which according to Dr. Faith, is especially advantageous for women without a prior sexual contact.

2. Transvaginal ultrasound

Ensure your reproductive system (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina) is on its absolute best. Highly recommended for checking irregularities or possible cysts, pelvic pain, unexplained vaginal bleeding and more, the ultrasound probe allows the doctor to see a bird’s eye view of the organs with more accurate results.

3. Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound
Although breast cancer is deemed as one of the leading causes of death among women worldwide, it’s totally curable and controllable with the help of early detection and regular screening. Both mammogram (for 40 years old and above) and breast ultra sound  (for 40 years old and below) is powerful tools even before a woman experiences its symptoms, so consider these tests as your major partners in prevention and to ensure full mammary health throughout your lifetime.

4. Blood Chemistry Test
Make a point to regularly monitor blood pressure and cholesterol, which are lifesavers from heart disease and stroke. Remember that the tender age of 20 should be a starting point of your biannual blood pressure monitoring habit with cholesterol checking every four to six years, but perhaps more frequently if age, weight, lifestyle habits, and family history are major factors of developing your risks.

5. Routine Urinalysis

Considered as one of the simplest yet most powerful screening tests that detect UTI, kidney disorders, liver problems, and diabetes, it also helps to diagnose specific disorders such as endocrine diseases and bladder cancer. Even if you don’t feel any abdominal or back pain and abnormalities in your urine, it’s a preventive test that will keep your urinary system at the pink of their health.

The budget and time you set aside for wellness will determine whether or not this old adage rings true for you. So as a grown-up woman who’s also fussy about your sanitary pads, choose quality and mull over a brand that can do more for you, like Jeunesse Anion. Since its anion strip feature is uniquely on its own that greatly helps in reducing feminine discomforts like dysmenorrhea, cramps, and icky odor, consider this to be one of your most valuable essentials as a smart and wellness-conscious woman. Available in 5 variants from panty liner, ultra day pad, ultra day non-wing, ultra night pad, to all night pad, these choices ensure that you’re covered throughout every stage of your red days and helps relieve the not-so-pleasant side effects of being a lady.

PayMaya x foodpanda : An Exclusive Promo

PayMaya teams up with foodpanda for an exclusive promo

PayMaya Philippines, the country's pioneer in mobile money and payments, has partnered with leading online food ordering platform, foodpanda, to treat  its users with an exclusive promo that will make ordering food online, a whole lot more convenient and affordable.

Until December 31, 2016, foodies all over Metro Manila and Cebu will be given a 20% discount for a minimum purchase of Php 500.00 when they order meals at the foodpanda website or app and use PayMaya as their payment option. They will also get a 10% discount on every succeeding orders made until the end of the promo.

To avail the 20% discount on the first order, customers must simply use the voucher code PAYPANDA20 plus the first six digits of their PayMaya account number. For the succeeding orders, customers must use the voucher code PAYPANDA plus the first six digits of their PayMaya account number, in order to avail of the 10% discount.

PayMaya is a prepaid wallet that enables users to pay, and purchase the things they love online--even without a credit card. In just three minutes upon download, users are given a 16-digit virtual card number which they can use to shop online, pay for Uber, book flights, buy games, concert tickets, and subscriptions, and now, order food to be delivered right to their doorstep. PayMaya is accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as well as international card security bodies such as the PCI DSS so users are ensured of a safe and secured payment option with PayMaya.

Our group’s mission has always centered on enabling the Filipinos to avail of the anytime, anywhere experience. We are delighted to team up with foodpanda and offer exactly this to #NowNation -- a convenient and affordable way to satisfy their cravings, whenever, wherever. - Sharon Kayanan, Marketing and Brand Head for PayMaya Philippines.

We are one with PayMaya Philippines in their mission to provide consumers a service that is secure, hassle-free, and affordable. With this partnership, we are confident that more Filipinos will be able to enjoy the convenience foodpanda offers to its customers. -Rommel Bulaquina, PR & Partnerships Lead, foodpanda Philippines.

PayMaya, which remains to be the no. 1 most downloaded Finance app on the Play Store - Philippines, can also be downloaded on the App Store, for iOS users, for free. To start online shopping, all the user has to do is register with any Philippine mobile number, fill out basic personal information, and load up the account using the registered mobile number.

Users can load up their account at over 15,000 touchpoints nationwide including Smart Money, BDO online banking, SM Malls Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, Smart Padala Centers, Union Bank ATMs, 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosks and Ministop Touchpay Kiosks.

Users can also opt to have a physical PayMaya card which can be used in over 30 million establishments worldwide. The cards can be purchased at

Download the foodpanda app now or visit to know your next great meal adventure. Happy craving!

A Fresh Morning Kiss with Dentiste'


DENTISTE' is the world’s first Nighttime Toothpaste for couples, with products spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents.

Made with 14 Natural extracts, this product inhibits bad breath bacteria at night so you can wake up ready for that fresh morning kiss. 93% of the product users and couples experience a decrease in bad morning breath from the first night of use.

It's more than quality toothpaste. DENTISTE’ also helps couples to be confident in that intimate moment in the morning.

Dentiste Philippines recently launched its website where customers can shop at and giving 20% discount on all products until December 31, 2016.

Dentiste’ is available in Watsons Personal Care Stores, SnR Membership Shopping, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarkets, SM Supermarkets, The Landmark Department Stores, Metro Gaisano Supermarkets and other major grocery stores nationwide

instagram: @dentistekiss #DentisteKiss | facebook page |

Classic Holiday Dessert Recipes from Jolly Cow Condensada

No-Fail Classic Holiday Dessert Recipes from Jolly Cow Condensada

For the season of feast and festivities, nothing beats the classic and decadent Filipino desserts. Find joy and comfort from these incredibly affordable recipes that were creamier and perfectly sweeter with Jolly Cow Condensada, the all-time favorite dessert ingredient to round out your holiday meal.

Fiesta Fruit Salad
1 can                   Jolly Cow Condensada
1 can (850g)       Jolly Tropical Fruit Cocktail, drained well
1 cup                  Shredded fresh buko (young coconut)
1 cup                   Nata de coco, drained well
1 cup                   Jolly Peach halves, drained well
1 cup                   Pineapple tidbits, drained well
1 cup                   Slices of fresh fruits like apple and seedless grapes (optional)
½ cup                  Cheese, diced (optional)
1 can                   All-purpose cream

1 cup                   Mini marshmallows (optional)
                            Jolly Maraschino cherries (optional)

1.      Drain all the water from the cans of the fruit ingredients.
2.      Combine all ingredients (except for the marshmallow and cherries) in a large mixing bowl and blend well.
3.      Place in a container and chill for 2 to 3 hours before serving.
4.      Serve with mini marshmallows as garnish on top and finish off with a cherry if desired.

Makes 8 to 10 servings.

Pinoy Leche Flan

1 can (390g) of Jolly Cow Condensada
1 can (370ml) evaporated milk
10 egg yolks
1 teaspoon of grated dayap or lemon peel
1 cup of white sugar

1.      Put sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over low fire until the sugar caramelizes.
2.      Pour the caramelized sugar equally into three llaneras. Evenly coat the caramelized sugar on the bottom of the llanera. Set aside.
3.      In a bowl, gently mix together the Jolly Cow Condensada, evaporated milk, egg yolks, and the grated dayap. Make sure to gently mix so as not to create bubbles in the mixture.
4.      Gently and evenly pour the mixture on the llaneras containing the caramelized sugar.
5.      Cover each llanera with aluminum foil.
6.      Steam for about 30 minutes or until firm (steaming time may depend on the thickness of the llanera).
7.      Cool and then refrigerate.

Tip: You can tell when the leche flan is fully cooked by inserting a knife in the middle of the mixture--if
          the knife comes clean, it is fully cooked. 

Makes three(3) llaneras                                                              
Have a Jolly Cow Christmas!

Jolly Cow Condensada is available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.
Jolly Cow

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant: Boodle Fight sa Bilao On SALE!!!

And I just can't get enough of the St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant and here I am again reminiscing that sumptuous feast they lined for us when I visited them. This time I'll be sharing their pinipilahan and binabalik-balikan dishes that they do offer.

The Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set
Pinoy lovesto eat and it's more "masarap" when shared. Boodle fight is one way to eat with friends, family and loved ones with that certain hype and feel. Feast your eyes (for now) of the Festive Boodle Fight sa Bilao set St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant offer. And maybe if I convinced you now, how about order yours later di ba?
Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set 1: Davao
Includes: Vegetable and Shrimp Tempura, Calamares, Breaded Lechon Kawali, Hot and Juicy Shrimps, White Rice, CornSliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions
Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set 2: Palawan
 Includes: Hot and Juicy Shrimps, Calamares, Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton, Vegetable Okoy, White Rice, Corn, Sliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions
Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set 3: Boracay
 Includes: Hot and Juicy Shrimps, Fried Chicken, Lechon Kawali, Sisig, Fried Eggplant and Bagoong, Pancit Canton, White Rice, Corn, Sliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions

Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set 4: Cebu

 Includes: Hot and Juicy Shrimps, Calderetang Baka, Lechon Kawali, Sisig,  Pancit Canton, White Rice, Corn, Sliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions
Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set 5: Batangas
 Includes: Hot and Juicy Shrimps, Adobo sa Dilaw, Calamares, Shrimp Tempura, Pancit Bihon,  White Rice, Corn, Sliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions

For a special price of Php999.00, the Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set is indeed very affordable compared to other restaurants having the same idea. Restaurant diners have the option to choose from the of other Boodle Fight variants that the restaurant offers like from Palawan, Boracay, to Batangas for the same price of Php999.00.

Meet the Chef
Chef Nick Pelaez of St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

He owns and managed and still cooks for St. Nicholas Catering and the restaurant. St. Nicholas Catering started back in 2003 while the Restaurant is his newest baby that is already in its third year serving sumptuous Filipino dishes in Mandaluyong. We all know that fast-food chains were almost everywhere, but St. Nicholas has its own charm. Having the intimate ambiance of the restaurant, diners visit at the odd hours of the day like brunch or late afternoon for early lunch or merienda, respectively. The busiest hours, of course, are lunch and dinner times. The usual guests are those who prefer clean and delicious home-cooked food over random finds at eateries.
 *plus Chef Nick is charming too :)

Lovers Set - Boodle Fight sa BilaoSet A: Mandaluyong
 Includes: Hot and Juicy Shrimps, Lechon Kawali, Fried Eggplant with Bagoong, White Rice, Corn, Sliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions

Lovers Set - Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set B: Bataan
 Includes: Hot and Juicy Shrimps,Calamares,  Fried Eggplant with Bagoong, White Rice, Corn, Sliced Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions

BEST SELLER: The Hot and Juicy Shrimps

The restaurant's Hot and Juicy Shrimps are available in the following flavors/variants: regular, spicy, mild, sweet, and medium. Their shrimps were carefully sourced from Roxas City, the seafood capital of the Philippines. So it is guaranteed fresh and tasty!

Trivia: Did you know that Chef Nick personally came up with its signature sauce. And once you tasted it, mapapa extra-rice ka pa! PromiseQ!

"Shrimp Wednesday" Bestest Deal at St. Nicholas Restaurant!

Wednesdays is a special day for shrimp lovers and regular customers at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant for its called "Shrimp Wednesday" A Good Deal you shouldn’t missed. St. Nicholas diners have been returning every week for the 50% off promo. YES 50% OFF. From the regular price of Php399.00, marking down to only Php199.00 with the very same quality of Hot and Juicy Shrimps is basically a promo offer to grab!

Oy, Oorder na yan (^.^,) 
But sadly, as of the moment, there's no delivery service available.
Dine and Take Out Only and Of course, Catering Services is offered. 

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant
follow them on facebook to get the latest update and promotions.

Address: #1 Fatima St. corner San Rafael st., 
Bgy., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550
Phone: (02)535-7637 | Email:

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