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Aci Girl X Photobook Worldwide

I do have a thing for diy's and crafting. Making things more personalized, more of like being "Me" or More like the person I'll be giving the gift with. I do think that gifting, especially this holiday season should be more like this with a little help from Photobook Worldwide

The gift item that you'll be sending someone or even just a gift for yourself (Cause you deserve it too!) is personalized and or customized. I find it more awesome in receiving gifts that are pretty handmade and is especially for me. Cause I know the thought really counts and making it personalized counts double! Now check this Photobook Worldwide out!😁

This is how Photobook Worldwide website looks like.
Photobook Worldwide website

Photobook Worldwide website

Photobook Worldwide website

Photobook Worldwide website

No artsy-fartsy hands? No problem! From what I've said, Photobook worldwide is here to help. Just visit their website and check the items they offer. Once you picked out an item you like you can start decorating. There's an easy-to-navigate-tab for you to explore and get creative with Photobook Worldwide 😉 

How to Order? 1. Choose a Format | 2. Upload your images | 3. Design and Order

Of course, you have to create an account. Don't worry it's super easy and once you start creating your project, you'll find it hard to stop :P  It's kind of addicting (^.^,)

This is how Photobook Worldwide dashboard looks like.
Photobook Worldwide has this pop-up Quick Tour for us to get familiar with the software.

Layout, Background, Scrapbook and other tabs for easy navigation and creating your project.
Once you're done with your project, save it and go for final check out. 

But please be minded of the spellings, images, and lining/margins or any possible errors for everything is based on your final layout. 

Better have someone else to check it out for you too. 

Sadly, I was too excited about creating my business cards and I didn't notice that there's something wrong with it. It still looks awesome for me though and I think I can still tweak it with a pen. And yes, still lovin it!                                                                           

*Check the business card story below.

Wait for it to arrive in the mail. Don't worry it won't take long. 
BTW look! here are my orders shipped via DHL.

My First Batch of order: A Mug and A Luggage Tag

Base Template : http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photo-gifts/luggage-tags/honeymooners

The Luggage tag is smaller than I thought it'll be but way nicer than I expected. It was made from 1.3mm Aluminium. 

Base Template : http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photo-gifts/luggage-tags/honeymooners

"Light, Stylish and Sturdy" as they describe it on their website, and yes it really is looking so fab!

More templates: http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photo-gifts/luggage-tags/

Unboxing time!

I'm so excited to see how my mug project looks like. It's not the first time that I created a mug for myself. Told yah! I'm into personalized stuff talaga! 

But this mug is no match for my other mugs. I've tried some and the printing is awful, and looks like a sticker lang! and some looks kinda ok but fades away with even just a couple of washing naman. So after seeing that they offer coffee mugs too, I checked the designs/layout and order right away.

That's Me and that is actually my Blog Banner too.

Always Believe in Yourself
Now, what can I say with my MUG from Photobook Worldwide? 
It's soooooo pretty! Of course, it's my face printed in it :P But kidding aside, it turned out pretty nice, It's glossy, smooth and even with a couple of attempts to scratch it off it's still ok. Now I have more reason to enjoy my coffee, my mornings and even late night blogging stunts with cutesy-me mug!

Order Your Personalized Mug Now! 
Use my code "ACIGIRL" and get 60% off discount. 

My Second Batch of order: Business Cards and Photobook

Business Cards from Photobook Worldwide

AciGirl.com x Photobook Worldwide
As you can see it's my photo again :P Maybe you guys were like "that photo again?" I don't know but I really like this picture taken. I know that I'm not looking at my best during those times and there's a lot of people in the background. But there's really something in that photo that fascinates me.  

It's the beach, the sunset, and the vibe. 
Taken by DaddyO at Anguib Beach Cagayan.

Business Card from Photobook Worldwide

About the design, I choose an informal font to make it look more playful and cute. I don't like the usual writings, for I find it dull and meh. Now here's the part where I made an unfortunate mistake. 

*But first, try to look for that mistake nga if you can find it. 
It is sort of like a **when you see it thingy.

Somewhere out there I misspelled a word :(  I created the Business Card project in the middle of the night and was too excited and get on with it. I checked it twice for the contact details and all, I was happy with the layout too but still, I missed something.... 

Again, please be minded of the spellings, images, and linings/margins or any possible errors for everything is based on your final layout. 
Better have someone else other that you to check your design/final layout. -Aci Girl

***Did you find it? If not send me an email (^.^,)

The Photobook

Photobook Worldwide

Adventures of Aci Girl x Team Bornea Travels in a Photobook

The Photobook templates are awesome. I enjoyed making my very own photobook too. Honestly, I'm thinking of collecting all the photos I've saved and go Photobooking again. The prints were nice (good quality photo paper) and the layout is customizable plus I really love that Scrapbooking tab where I can insert icons, quotes and text. You better go check it out and see for yourself. By the way feel free to use my code "ACIGIRL" and get 60% off discount on your purchase. *Offer good until end of November 2017

Base template: http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photobooks/readybooks/travel-photo-books/

Base template: http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photobooks/readybooks/travel-photo-books/stay-wild?url_params=

Photobook Worldwide 3 Easy Steps: 
1. Choose a Format | 2. Upload your images | 3. Design and Order

Don't forget to use my code "ACIGIRL" and get 60% off discount - *Offer good until end of November 2017

Photobook Worldwide

Nuvali Magical Field of Lights 2017

Nuvali recently kicked off the second installment of the “Magical Field of Lights” which allows the audience to have an immersive experience amidst a dancing field of over 5,000 enchanted LED tulips. Nuvali marketing manager Jenn Chua talks about the different Christmas treats that are in store for Nuvali’s residents and guests this year.

“Magical Field of Lights”
“Magical Field of Lights”

The “ Magical Field of Lights” was the first in the Philippines to introduce a choreographed light and sound show in an open grass field. It uses over 5,000 LED bulbs that when being viewed move like enchanted tulips, thanks to the talents of our engineers and designers who developed a combination of light-and-sound technology. The maiden show last year won a Silver Stevie Award for best exhibit display for being the first to mount a light and sound show and installation on an outdoor field.

This 2017,  Get Closer with the Magical Field of Lights 

This 2017,  Get Closer with the Magical Field of Lights 
The show is open to the public from November 11, 2017, to January 7, 2018, and may be viewed nightly from 6:00 to 10:00 pm at the Nuvali football field also known as The Fields, right beside Ayala Malls Solenad.

Charles at the Dandelion Light Installations.

Charles at the Dandelion Light Installations.

Aside from the light and sound spectacle, we have also set up light installations around the field like the 25-meter long light tunnel, which is a crowd favorite and Instagram-worthy installation, festive LED Christmas trees, and dandelion light installations.  

“Magical Field of Lights”

The 25-meter Long Light Tunnel

Charles, DaddyO and Me at the Oh! so instagramable  25-meter Long Light Tunnel

Charles, DaddyO and Me at the Oh! so instagramable  25-meter Long Light Tunnel

What is different this year compared to last year? 

This year, the visitors can immerse themselves amidst the 5,000 LED bulbs between the shows. The lights are grouped in clusters that now allow the visitors to get closer to the lights. We added colorful light spheres scattered all over the fields as well.

Magical Field of Lights

Magical Field of Lights

The show also features three new medleys featuring popular songs such as Kumukutikutitap, Ang Pasko ay sumapit, and Joy to the World.

Deriving inspiration from nature and carefully studying the estate’s distinct landscape, the show would like to represent and highlight Nuvali’s generous 50-50 open-space to built-environment ratio. The “Magical Field of Lights” also encourages the community to enjoy the outdoors and Nuvali’s wide open lush spaces and provide a venue for families and the rest of the community to converge, interact and create memories at Nuvali.

Ayala Malls Solenad

Aside from the light and sound show,  
Nuvali prepared these awesome lineups for guest to enjoy this Christmas?

There will be a Christmas fair featuring artisanal goods products that showcase traditional Filipino Christmas culinary treats, as well as Christmas bazaars set up at Ayala Malls Solenad.

Another crowd favorite, we are bringing back Nightsky Cinema to offer a one-of-a-kind experience of watching movies outdoors and under the stars on the following dates:

November 25 – “Cinema Flicks” in partnership with Skycable
December 2-3 – “A Holiday Weekend” in partnership with Fox Movies
December 16 – “OpenAir Cinema” with Cinema One

Before and after watching the “Magical Field of Lights”, visitors can visit the shops at Solenad or opt for a staycation at the 150-room Seda Hotel Nuvali. Nature lovers and adrenaline junkies can also check out Nuvali’s outdoor adventure playground and team-building facility Camp N to try out the roller-coaster zipline, Asia’s tallest Free Fall, wall climbing, obstacle courses and bike tracks.

UNIOIL cares for Mother Earth launches “Doing Our Part” Campaign

‘Doing Our Part’ -UNIOIL

Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. launches its ‘Doing Our Part’ campaign to encourage Filipinos to make a difference in society through the small, everyday actions and responsible decisions they make, including the decision to choose a cleaner fuel.

Unioil Loyalty Card
Unioil Loyalty Card

As pioneers of advanced fuels in the country, Unioil introduces its Euro 5 compliant fuels to give consumers a cleaner and better alternative without the extra cost.  Unioil once again becomes the first and only retail petroleum brand to provide the cleanest range of high-performance fuels. 

Janice Co Roxas-Chua, Chief Financial Officer, Unioil Petroleum Philippines 
“People are now becoming conscious about their actions and how it affects society. With our latest campaign, we want to encourage Filipinos to make small yet meaningful decisions that can leave positive and lasting impact to the community,” said Janice Co Roxas-Chua, Chief Financial Officer, Unioil Petroleum Philippines 

With Unioil’s Euro 5 compliant fuels, motorists can have access to the cleanest range of fuels that have significantly less sulfur content at 10 ppm (parts per million), 5 times cleaner than Euro 4 standard fuels. Based on actual tests conducted by the DENR-EMB, Unioil’s Euro 5 fuels can provide up to 77% less emissions compared to Euro 4 fuels.  With this, motorists are able to get better engine performance and making a conscious choice to contribute to the environment.

Towards a greener Philippines 

As part of the company’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint from its own operations, Unioil began its “Hybrid” station program with the installation of Smartflower solar technology in one of its newest retail stations.  The Smartflower is equipped with an automated sun tracking technology allowing it to track the sun’s movements across the sky resulting to as much as 40% higher efficiency compared to conventional fixed type solar panels.  

Together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Unioil has also put up Air visual nodes in selected locations to help monitor air quality. The petroleum company is also the first to have a commercially-available electric vehicle (EV) charger in one of its retail stations to advocate the use of more EVs for a cleaner environment.

The right fuel choice

Kenneth Pundanera, President, Unioil.

“For the past 50 years, Unioil has always been putting innovative petroleum solutions in the hands of consumers.  Today, we continue this by introducing breakthrough ways to harness solar power, promote the use of electric vehicles, and drive with cleaner fuel,” said Kenneth Pundanera, President, Unioil.

Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign engages everyone to make meaningful decisions for the community through every day driving with Unioil. With this advocacy, Unioil presents itself as the reliable and cleaner alternative for motorists on their journey towards a healthier society and a greener environment. 

Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign engages everyone to make meaningful decisions for the community through every day driving with Unioil. 

Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign engages everyone to make meaningful decisions for the community through every day driving with Unioil. 

Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign engages everyone to make meaningful decisions for the community through every day driving with Unioil. 
Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” campaign 

With its programs and Euro 5 performance fuels, Unioil invites motorists, environmental advocates, and families to join its advocacy in making responsible choices for a sustainable and healthier tomorrow.


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