Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Restaurant, 
Serving mostly Ilocano dishes to satisfy your cravings for Ilocano food.

FOOD TRIP Right About NOW!!!
 A rundown post of our hearty meal during our 4days stay at Fiesta Graden Hotel.

Day 1
Yang Chow Friend Rice
Omelette with Mushroom and Cheese

What's on my plate?
Poqui-Poqui, KBL and Grilled Pork Belly
White Rice
What's on my plate?
Roast Chicken
Blanched Okra and KBL
White Rice
Bagnet Okra and KBL
It's Bagnet and I love it!
This is what they KBL a staple side this in every Ilocano meal.
Kamatis, Bagoong Isda and Lasona / Onion as we know it.
Mushroom Soup

Day 2

Vigan Longganisa
Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes

Chicken Adobo
Sweet and Sour Fish
Mixed Veggies - Sauteed
Day 3
Lunch: La Preciosa


Fried Fish
Rice and BBQ Pork Belly
 Day 4
Omellette and Beef Tapa

Sinaglaw, Pork Sisig and Pinakbet for Dinner   

I'm very picky when it comes to food. 
Rice pa lang if turn off na nakakawalang gana na diba? 
BTW here's my:
Top 5 Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel Restaurant Favorite Dishes.

1. KBL simple as it may seem but KBL for me is my life saver during or meals.

2. Vigan Longganisa

3. Bagnet

4. Poqui-Poqui

5.Yang Chow Fried Rice

P.s I like that they served food in palayok and bilao to creat that Filipino vibe.

 Thank You Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel for hosting our stay in Ilocos.

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