How the Entertainment Scene Continues to Thrive in Alabama


Alabama is one of the most incredible states on Earth, even if most people don't realize it!  Not only is it the original home state of famous names like Jimmy Buffet and Nat King Cole, but more performers seem to come out every year with new acts and fantastic shows.

So how’s the entertainment scene doing in Alabama?  Here’s everything you need to know.

The State is Still Bouncing Back From Covid-19

Covid-19 hit Alabama hard.  This State, with a population of just 4.893 million people, saw over 1.33 million cases of Covid-19 and over 20,000 deaths.  These are stunning numbers that severely slowed down the state from late 2020 through early 2022, and the state is still struggling to recover.  Although cases have slowed to a more reasonable rate, it's taking time for entertainment to make its way back.

Thankfully, some shows are already returning as of the summer of 2022.

Tourism is a Major Source of Revenue

Tourism has been a large source of revenue for Alabama, bringing nearly $20 billion in 2021, despite how shut down the state was.  This doesn't even include the nearly $1.1 billion in taxes this revenue added.  Although nature and wildlife are a large reason why people come to the state, so is the entertainment scene.  People know to expect a great show out of Alabama, and once they arrive get curious to start looking at Birmingham houses for rent while they’re here. 

There’s No End to the Kinds of Performances

Alabama is best known for rock and outlaw country, but there are tons of different performers and singers from this state, covering everything from jazz and blues to stadium country.  

This is a massive state filled with a large assortment of different and interesting people, and with them comes some amazing music tastes and abilities that you won't find anywhere else.  

This ensures you can come back every weekend for a different show and never get bored of any one genre. 

More Performers Are Coming to This State Than Before

Performers are incredible people that can hold the attention of entire stadiums and keep them entranced while they play music and sing to the crowd.  More concerts are making stops in Alabama than have in the past, which means there's a larger selection of options and a bigger chance of seeing someone famous that you'd want to see.  You're not cut off from the world here! 

The Cities Are Continuing to Grow

Many cities in Alabama are quickly growing!  From Foley, which grew over 7% in one year, to Athens, that's trailing behind at 5.2% growth.  This amount of growth ensures that there are more people eager to go to live shows and more performers arriving in this state that haven't been here before.

Alabama Understands Entertainment

Alabama has a long history of turning out stars over the last 150 years.  Whether you’re here to watch a favorite, or you’re interested in seeing someone more unknown, it’s a good idea to catch a show if you’re in town!