With all the prices of almost everything going up and still dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic, the struggle is so-soooo real for everyone, even for a mom like me who simply wants to feed a family of 5 with nutritious meals 3 x a day. Can your budgeting skills handle a $20 Budget Meal for a Week Challenge that will work for a family of 5?  I'm sure that moms or not,  our budgeting skills were once again put to a test as we deal with price increases here and there due to may it be the Ukraine-Russia crisis or simply the Inflation rate in PH.

5 Simple Budgeting Tips

"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went"

Back then, $20 or Php1000 can cover a week's worth or two of groceries containing the daily essentials and pantry supplies, and I remember we can include our kids' choice of snacks on our grocery list. But fast forward to what we experienced today, my $20 worth of groceries won't even cover the essentials and I bet won't even last for an entire week. But this momma gotta make it work, so, here are a few tips and tricks of how I manage to budget Php1000 these days.

5 Simple Budgeting Tips

1. Know the difference between Needs / Wants and Stick to the Essentials. Example: Bath soap, If our budget permits, I was able to buy a separate beauty soap for my face, and body. I was also able to buy DaddyO and Charles their favorite body soap or body wash for men. And a separate pink body soap for my girls too! But with what's happening today and yes, inflation, what I do now is buy 1 kind of soap. Yes just one and stress and emphasis on the germicidal or antibacterial one, which works fine as what it was intended to be, to make our body clean and germfree, right? With this effort or setting vanity and non-essential skincare aside, we can spend less on toiletries right away and add that budget to a much-needed item like food. Yes, for food but make sure that you...


2. Cut down Cravings. I love food! So, please know that this one is pretty hard for me to achieve. I order food almost every day, So when I saw my credit card statement, I was able to monitor my expenses, and this is where most of my money goes. There is even a time that I got bill shocked by it. I even questioned myself: Did I really eat all of that?! Kidding aside, our sweet cravings and order-in comfort food may bring us happiness for a while but can actually do more harm later on. Like me, I gained so much weight, I now have flabs - fluffy abs and almost end up with huge credit on my account. But did you know that there are short-term financial solutions out there for people who struggle with bad credit? Know more about it at creditloan.com

3. Start DIY WorkOuts and Live Active, Be Strong and Healthy. Simply put that health is wealth, how about trying easy workouts? As simple as opting to walk or ride a bike instead of taking your car with you for quick errands. Get active, fit, and save your budget for the gasoline in the process! Start doing exercise and take your vitamins and supplements while you still have time to make a good choice. Be healthy and strong and boost your immune system, so that you won't get sick that easily, especially during this pandemic. We all know that aside from being infected by the coronavirus, other health-related issues or emergency hospitalization can drain our budget.  A simple yet effective way is to invest in yourself by exercising, eating healthy, get fit and active. No need to enroll in expensive gym membership because you can do simple exercises like walking, jogging, biking, and swimming on your own! Again, better to start eating healthy too! Quick meal preps and instant mixes may be cheap, but we should prioritize fruits, and veggies as much as possible and always go for the healthier choice! 

4. Know Where To Shop. Fresh produce is super expensive especially if you don't know where to shop for the cheaper ones. Normally, fruits and veggies are sold cheaper in palengke / wet markets or street markets compared to grocery stores or malls. Also, some seafood is way-way cheaper in wet markets compared to supermarkets, and grocery stores. But there are affordable finds in groceries too, most likely when it's on sale! So better be updated with the sale events near you and score awesome deals and even freebies!

5. It's never too late to start growing your own food. If you can, save the seeds or stem cuttings and plant them. Try tomatoes, onion, kangkong, and chili, even kalamansi is easy to grow. Having to grow your food brings a different joy and fulfillment trust me! And imagine the savings you can get from growing your own veggies and fruits! Also,  If you have space, you can grow fish, or chickens too! One less worry of wondering where your food came from right?

Check this for more budgeting tips!

  • Make a List:  Track down your expenses.  With this, you can clearly see where your money goes.
  • Have the heart to say No: As a mom, this is a heartbreaking thing to do, especially when the kids are requesting extra snacks or even you saying no to your own cravings. You just have to explain it well to them and trust me they will understand. 
  • Make it a family effort. Lately, my daughter reminds her siblings not to take an extra snack and stick to the limit, also we put a limit on screen time and for now, we don't allow in-game purchases because they know that we are currently on a tight budget. 
  • Make it work: Find the strength to make your budget work. Focus on your goal, and stick to it
  • And if you are having a hard time living up to your budget, you can borrow money from your family and friends but you better pay your debt on time so that you can borrow again when you're in need. Having bad credit is really a burden not just to your budget but as well as your relationship with those who helped you out.  
  • And if you are looking for short-term financial solutions, visit www.creditloan.com

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