Yes, let's be straight to the point and talk about borrowing money. Have you ever borrowed money? Or were you able to lend someone cash? How did it go? Do let me know in the comments. Don't worry because I, myself was able to lend and borrow money too.  It was really nice to be a helping hand, especially to friends and family. And yes, aside from that "feeling helpful" thought, I was also able to feel all those other emotions, plus the stress, and hassle that goes with someone who doesn't pay you after lending them cash. That is why since then I have never lent money to anyone anymore... Also, with what's going on with the world these days, I don't have that extra budget because everything seems to be on price increase! 

I borrowed money from relatives and friends too and I make sure that I pay right on time. This is a must especially if you were borrowing money from a very dear friend or a close family member. Simply not just for us to avoid bad blood and bad credit but also because this is the right thing to do as a borrower. With that, you can borrow money again the next time you'll need it. Looking for more ways how to borrow money? Read more!

5 Fastest Ways on How to Borrow Money

When you are looking for ways how to borrow fast cash, I'm sure the  No.1 thing that comes to your mind is to Borrow from friends or family. But borrowing money from family or friends has its pros and cons too. If you are paying on time, that's great! But what if you can't pay right away,  that's gonna reflect on you. Actually, some people are not even okay with lending money to friends and relatives because their friendships and family ties may also be on the line.

If you have a credit card, here's for you. Another way to borrow cash is through No.2. Cash Advances on Credit Card. Yes, that piece of plastic can also lend you cash, but still depends on the terms of your credit card. 

No.3. Have you heard about "5,6"? This is also one of the ways to get fast cash and is mostly the go-to source for Filipino masses who needs cash right away with no bank account or other requirements needed. It's called "5,6" simply because you'll be charged with 20% interest. Yeah, that's the catch!

That's why this next option is way more acceptable for me, and it is called No.4 Pawning. Pawning is where you deposit an item like jewelry, gadgets, or appliances as a security/ collateral to the money you'll be lent. Know more about pawning here. Also, another way to go is the "Sangla-ATM" where you pawn your ATM to your lender and pay your loan when your salary comes. 

Then, there's No.5 Payday Loan. A payday loan, also known as a cash advance, or salary loan,  is also a short-term loan where you can get fast cash. You can avail this to your work and still depends on the management if they offer this or through other Payday loan sites. Some even offer as fast as 24hrs for your loan to be released. But since this is a short-term loan you have to pay it on your next payday right away or get additional interest and charges for not doing so. 

Is borrowing money bad?  Well, this depends on where are you spending the money you borrowed right after. If it is for emergency use like hospitalization, or medicine, I think this is ok. Also, for your child's tuition fees, or simply to make ends meet with the utility bills and household expenses in times you came in short but still can pay it right on time. But if you are borrowing money to get something like an expensive bag, high-end mobile phones, and the non-essentials or just the luxury and knowing that you can't pay right away, this is not the best solution for you because this can easily result in bad credit.

Always remember that if you were able to borrow money may it be through friends, family, or whichever means you opted to, just make sure that you fully understand and will be able to follow their terms and conditions and pay on time! So that you won't lose their trust and good relationship. With that, when you'll be needing money again they can still help you out and remember you for being a responsible borrower.

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