How to use Natucair Linen & Fabric Spray?

As a panic'kera and worrier momma, disinfectant, alcohol and the likes are must buy's for me! But of course, hindi naman pwedeng add to cart lang ng add to cart! Dapat we choose products na good quality, affordable and proven effective. And did you know that Natucair Linen & Fabric Spray can kill Covid-19 virus? Yes! It's more than just clothes, and a fabric deodorizer that deals with the smell and clingy malodors. Because it is proven to kill 99.99% of Covid-19 virus.

I recommend this for every home, for every mom's peace of mind. And most especially for those who go out often for errands, work, like the frontliners. I'm sure na nag-alala tayo na baka maiuwi natin ang virus bahay at maipasa eto sa ating pamilya, hindi ba? To get extra protection, spray mo lang daily to get a full 24-hours of protection from viruses!

Natucair Linen and Fabric Spray is:
  • Suitable for all fabrics
  • Removes bad odor
  • Repels mites
  • Alcohol-free
  • with Natural Essential Oil
  • and the best part, Natucair kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses even COVID-19

Using Natucair Spray can be our extra layer of protection against COVID-19. Spraying you clothes with Natucair products can get you 24-hours protection. Kaya one less worry talaga!

Also, it was featured in The Manila Times! 🔗:

How to use Natucair Linen and Fabric Spray? That's easy! Simple spray on:

*few minutes before going out 
  1. Clothes 
  2. Shoes 
  3. Bags 
*Spray daily for an extra layer of protection at home. or when needed.
  1. Curtains 
  2. Beddings 
  3. Mattress
  4. Plushies and Stuff toys
  5. Sofa
  6. Carpet and Rug
  7. Car seat
*For materials made with fabric only. Spray daily for a fresher and cleaner home 

Where to buy Natucair? 

Natucair is already available in the market, and even online! Feel free to add this to your carts when and is available on Shopee! SALE Alert: Get 33% OFF on Natucair Linen & Fabric Spray Sale price of Php 155.00/spray bottle. The SRP price is Php 230.

Available in 3 variants:

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