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BREYLEE on Shopee!

BREYLEE Acne Treatment Serum is a skin-soothing, acne-clearing serum that helps repair damaged skin. The formula is mild, rich in camellia Sinensis leaf extract and lots of plant extract, it is refreshing and not greasy, can be easily absorbed. Continue using 7-14 days, it will effectively treat and remove acne and pimples, and will help to eliminate skin damage, shrink pores, improve acne-causing acne and soothe skin. SRP Php 300 | Sale Price Php132 Add to cart here:

BREYLEE Pomegranate Eye Mask 60pcs / 30pairs. Red pomegranate essence is refreshing and antioxidant. Lighten the dark eye circles, whiten and brighten the skin around the eyes. Nourish deeply with high activity small molecule hyaluronic acid, leaving the skin around the eyes moisturizing and bright. SRP Php860 | Sale Price Php249 Add to cart here:

BREYLEE Face Cream SRP Php480 | Sale Price: Php149-Php169

Comes in four different variants:
  • BREYLEE Vitamin C 20% Whitening Face Cream 40g - A rich yet lightweight cream that brightens skin by reducing melanin and limiting melanin production.
  • BREYLEE Retinol Lifting / Firming Face Cream 40g - A youth-enhancing neck and face cream that helps fight the signs of aging with retinol.
  • BREYLEE Hyaluronic Acid  Face Moisturizer Cream 40g - Packed with nourishing and repairing ingredients, restores skin suppleness and elasticity with intense hydration.
  • BREYLEE Acne Treatment Face Cream 20g -  Featuring a blend of tea tree oil, centella asiatica extract, and witch hazel extract, this is an effective treatment cream that clears up acne while moisturizing and repairing skin.

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