My Globe At Home Doble-Diskarte Kit #DobleDiskarte

Attention! Moms and Dads! The newest and fastest prepaid wifi has arrived!
All eyes on my bonggacious Globe At Home Doble-Diskarte Kit with Doble-Bilis Boosters!

Globe At Home Doble-Diskarte Kit
Uh-huh, Globe At Home’s newest and fastest prepaid Wi-Fi is here and powered by LTE-Advanced Technology. Oh, sounds so techie pero, what is that nga ba? The LTE Advance Technology that I am talking about is the leveled up tech incorporated in this new modem such as LTE Category 7, Dual Band WiFi support having the LTE Advanced Aggregation of combining 2 carriers together resulting to faster data speed. And it is unlikely to get affected by interference from other devices.  Oh diba? leveled up talaga compared to older Globe at Home prepaid modems that are LTE cat 4, single band at regular speed with no carrier aggregation, and is can be affected my other devices. Sa madaling salita, ito ang leveled up version na mas pinabilis, ng Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi 

What's in the box? Globe At Home Prepaid-WiFi Modem, Power Plug, Lan Cable, Warranty Certificate, & Manual

Setting up your Own Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Connect to Wifi
  2. Download the Globe At Home App via Google Play | App Store and Register your Modem
  3. Activate and that's it! 

Complete instructions are also printed and included on the box. You will also get a free 10GB valid for 7days when you activate. 

The fambam can now enjoy a faster Wi-Fi connection na pasok sa budget, shareable up to 6 devices kaya kasya pang pamilya, no installation needed at di complicated i-set up at home. 

Doble-Effort, Doble-Perks, Doble-Diskarte it is! Aside sa perks and freebies, mae-enjoy talaga ito ng buong pamilya just like ours. I can multi task... as a mompreneur who bakes and blog, social media postings and promotions + online selling, keri! DaddyO can watch movie online via netflix and chill, and Charles is connected to his online class, while Ricci can learns how to crochet thru video tutorials on youtube. And let's not forget Chloe who loves Roblox and watching Pokemon on Netlix. Super liking this prepaid feature as tipid tips and tricks na pasok sa budgetarian in me!

Get yours for only P1999 one time payment lang yan and reloadable at shareable na for the whole family! The fambam can do more with the new LTE-Advanced Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi. Buy here! 

Mas pinabilis* na partner sa bahay na keri i-pang diskarte sa work from home ng nanay at tatay,  pang online class and learning ng mga anak, pang Netflix, Youtube, at kahit online gaming, kaya na on the side! 

Get one for your fam! 

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi LTE - Advanced for only P1999 at the Globe Online Shop

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