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Review: Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Review: Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser 

I love facial skin care, may it be cleansers, toners, sleeping pack, scrub, most particularly anti-ance variants. When I was in high school, pimples is not my problem but having an oily skin was and of course that so-called bad hair days I have during my entire childhood days. Also, I'm a late bloomer. But OMG! after giving birth to my second child Hello Pimples!!!  Ad since then never na naging clear from breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads ang aking face. 

That's why I always go the extra mile for facial skin care. Yung mukha kasi natin ang agad-agad na makikita ng madla and for me mas ok sana if wala ako masyadong pimples and dark spots. Kaya naman I'm up for regular trips to the Facial centers and spa and always on the lookout for the best skincare beauty stores has to offer. (Yes' mga store-bought products lang, for now, kasi I'm too kuripot to splurge on techy-beauty stuff.) 

Being a stay at home momshie with a startup baking gig, wifey and mommy duties, + blogging gigs - good luck kung makapag-pedicure man lang ako diba? That's why most of my pamperings sesh and skincare is mostly via events and or my DIY's at home.

So let me share to you some of my beauty regimens, tips, beauty product finds, new product alert and of course reviews. On this post, I am featuring an extraordinary facial cleanser that I've been using for a month now. Its called Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser exclusively available only at Althea website.

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser
Deep Cleanse and Purify Pores
Cleanser and Serum in 1 | Pore Purifying | PH Balancing. 

What's it for?
This product is basically a Facial Cleanser, Makeup Remover, and PH Balancing agent in a serum-like formula for the skin to be looking and feeling healthy.

Because I got super excited - I skipped part of reading the labels, well, technically I checked the labels but the details were on Korean characters - Hangul only. So at first I kinda leave the serum on my face after my basic cleansing. It was just after a couple of days that I came to realize that I must rinse it off :P Silly me but no worries because nothing bad happened to my face. In fact, it became better pa!

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser
Packaging: 150ml

How to Use: Moisten face with water and apply a small amount of the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser. It can be applied using a cotton ball, or a cotton pad or just use your fingers. If you are to use this product as a makeup remover, using a cotton pad or cotton balls is a must. But as for me, I opted for the last one -using my fingers and palm pa nga. So that I can evenly distribute the serum-cleanser on to my face and neck and no drop put to waste. On circular motion gently massage your face for 5-10 seconds and then rinse it off. YES. Rinsing is required.

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser
Key Ingredients
Mint Leaf Extract | Jojoba Seed Oil | Tea Tree Leaf extract

Packaging: Available in a 150ml
I like the Aquamarinine'ish color of the bottle and the labeling is simple.
Packaging is pretty neat looking for me.

Product Quality: Designed and Made in Korea
Serum and Cleanser in 1 | Helps Balance PH Levels

Value for Money: Php430.00 a bit pricey.
But for serum and cleanser in one bottle - I think this is a good buy!
Also after seeing how it worked on me - I can definitely say it's a must-buy!

Bare Face

With Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer

*This Makeup Line for Althea is super Good and Affordable!
Stay tuned for I'll be featuring this makeup line soon!

I've been using this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser from @altheakorea for almost 2 weeks now and I must admit I that I'm really liking this new baby from Althea! . . At first, I am a bit excited to give this newbie a try, but after realizing it was feelin semi oil-based - I was wondering if itll be sticky, or even heavy when applied on my face. But not long after that I already started liking it. What made me more convinced is that it made my skin look better, clearer, even healtier! . At ito pa, almost no pimples! -uu may isa kasi tumubo due to my period πŸ˜‚ but seriously this is by far the clearer skin I ever had for years 😍 amazing! . . Now, where's my selfie? πŸ‘‰stay tuned for my blog featuring this item at . . . #altheaangels #altheakorea #AltheaPH #altheaexclusives #porepurifyingserumcleanser #SkinCare #KBeauty #Cleanser #Serum #Beauty #beautyregimen #FacialSkinCare #KoreanProducts
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Rating: 4.5/5  - Being always up for adventures, I wished that it could have been in 100ml bottles.
But hey, I'm not complaining, I can transfer this on a smaller bottles naman that's ideal for travel sizes so I can still have this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser with me on my trips and escapades.
P.S Always make sure that the bottle is super tightly closed to avoid leaks.
I love the hint of Mint in it - Feels so refreshing after use.

If you are still searching for a solution to minimize pimples,
and achieve a clearer and healthier looking skin.
Check this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and order yours today at Atlhea

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World Balance Commemorates Mickey at 90

World Balance Commemorates Mickey Mouse at 90 with Limited Edition Shoe Collection

Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary
 continues... and here I am prepping up my 2019 with my new pair of Mickey Mouse shoes in collaboration with Disney X World Balance. Walt Disney Company Philippines and World Balance collaborated and launched a Mickey Mouse collection which by the way is a  limited edition too that will surely make fans raved for and celebrate Mickey's momentous milestone in a stylish way. 

Oh, Mickey, you're Shoe fine, 
You're so fine you blow my mind, 
wait, what? 
Mickey is already 90?! Hey Mickey!!!

What made me pick the Mickey Freedom Gunner among the World Balance X Disney collection? 

1. It's Black
2. Sole is white 
3. Super Comfy!!!
4. There's Hidden Mickey (Yes, there's a hidden Mickey in Mickey Freedom Gunner!)

1. For Men  :P

Check out and see the other shoe designs, and I'm sure there will be something that you will surely like.

Disney X World Balance

The Disney World Balance Collection, comprised of footwear, apparel, and other accessories, gives a modem but classic take on everybody's favorite mouse. World Balance designers worked closely with Disney to bring the collection to life by using never-before-seen icons associated with Mickey Mouse, and of course, nostalgic images to create cohesive pieces of wearable art. 

World Balance Commemorates Mickey Mouse at 90 with Limited Edition Shoe Collection

"To celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary, we want to give our Filipino fans a special range of products that will allow them to wear their love for Mickey. World Balance understands the tastes and lifestyle of the young Filipinos everywhere." - Veronica Cabalinan, Country Head of The Walt Disney Company Philippines

Mickey x Betty Php 1399.00

"World Balance for almost 40 years has withstood the tests of time as one of the first sneaker brands in the country. Year after year, World Balance has pushed to reinvent itself, a conscious effort to make the brand more relevant to modern day global Filipinos. I am proud to say that today, this pioneering partnership with the global - Disney and its most beloved character Mickey Mouse; marks a milestone in that journey of reinvention, of evolution, and relevance." - World Balance President Mr Barnaby Chong  

Mickey X Ritz Php 1399.00
Mickey X Freedom Gunner White Php1899.00

Mickey X Freedom Gunner Black Php 1999.00

The Mickey Mouse collection by World Balance is not just about shoes. WB also offers other merchandises like Tshirt, Jackets, and Bags.

The Disney X World Balance collection is already available since mid-December of 2018 and is only up in selected World Balance stores and department store outlets nationwide.

Also, some designs are already sold out! 
So if you are eyeing for a certain mickey design - grab it while supplies last.
Check it out at Lazada or World Balance outlets near you.

For more info and updates visit


Pizza Date Night Ideas for Moms & Dads this Valentines Day

OMG! Valentines Day na bukas, may plano ka na ba? 
Lagot ka if wala ka pa ding preps dahil for sure WW3 ang peg nyo nang lovidabs mo if epic fail ka for tomorrows ganap! So today, your Mommy Aci is here to help. Here are a few notes that can help you level-up your Valentines Date Night.

Pizza Date Night Ideas for Moms & Dads this Valentines Day

No.1 Make it Personal
Aba! dapat lang. 
Actually, isa ito sa basehan ko if someone is really on to you. May Effort!

Gifting Ideas for Guys: Get to know her favorite Flowers, Chocolates, and or MakeUp Brand which is, by the way, you should already know by now. Lagot ka if di mo pa alam!!! Also this, create a Spotify Playlist with songs you dedicate for her. Lakas makapakilig nito guys!

Gifting Ideas for Girls: Be minded of his Tshirt size, shoe size, and waist... mga ganern lang. And or brand ng cologne, hair wax, ganyan lang. Mga guys gusto kasi nila yung nagagamit nila everyday tas pag naalala nila na bigay mo ay bongga! Ganda points!

Couple Shirts, Mugs, Watches, is still ok to give out and it's cute.

No.2 Send Love Notes and Valentine Cards 
It's a Must!!! 

This can go out for boys and girls: Please avoid eCards ah! Mas Bet pa rin and old-fashioned ng mga girlilays! If di ka poet in real life you gotta make sure naman to hunt for nice quotes. Di  yung mema-sabe lang. Also, dapat yung relatable yung mapipili mo para mas feel na feel at di halatang googled lang.

Some girls or should I say most girls mas bet ang FOOD kesa flowers. As for me, this is a BIG YES!!! Personally, I like dates na DIY like picnics in the parks, day trip sa mga Themed Parks, and even Arcade at the malls. Basta with my Boyfie still makes me kilig! 

But for Moms and  Dads with Kiddos na, 
ang hirap na isingit ang date-night - date-night na yan diba? 

So pigain ang creative juices and plan this one out. It's super easy lang naman. So here are some of my tips and tricks to share and a glimpse of how we Spent Vdays even at the comforts of your own home.

1. Ilabas ang Scented Candles or Aerators! Create a relaxing vibe. Start setting the mood.

2. Play that Music. Create a Playlist of your theme songs. Make sure na bet nya yung artist ah!  
Do this as you revisit old photo albums, and or reminisce your life during bf-gf days.

3. DIY Facial at Home (Yas -  dinadamay ko sya sa DIY pampering sesh ko at first ayaw nya pero wag ka nahisa ang lolo mo minsan sya pa nagpapaalala - super bet nya ang nose strips from watsons :P

4. Movie Marathon - Netflix of iFlix kahit alin jan basta make sure stable ang internet connection nyo ah. There are times na di ko bet ang mga bet na movies ni DaddyO, but of course pagbigyan din natin sila. Good thing I end up liking his movie choices naman afterward. DaddyO likes martial arts movies yung mga Chinese kemeresh while I like Horror, and Action movies.

5. Late Night Food Trips OMG ganito ang peg namen for years, naalaala ko tuloy na inuutusan ko pa sya to buy at alanganing oras. How bad of me huhuhu. Buti na lang at may online food deliveries  na. Yey! 

What MommyA and DaddyO's 
Pizza Date Night might look like?

Pizza Date Night Ideas for Moms & Dads this Valentines Day
So here's a sneak peek ng aking pa-surprise kay DaddyO. 
May pa-candles? Checked!
Music? Checked!
At ang pa-Love notes? Checked-na-Checked!!!

Buti na lang anjan ang Greenwich para sa #GWPinyakaSweetestValentines treat ng taon!

Pizza Date Night Ideas for Moms & Dads this Valentines Day

Pizza Date Night Ideas for Moms & Dads this Valentines Day
Ang cute ng pa-love notes with Pizza diba? 

Pizza Date Night Ideas for Moms & Dads this Valentines Day

Greenwich has this limited edition sleeves where you can write love notes para kay crush, kay hubby, kay wifey, or kay special someone mo na yan :) This cutesy limited edition sleeve is available when you buy a Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Duo for P399. Yes, 2 Pizza for P399 only! One for you, one for lovey :) Ideal for a big appetite like me.  Greenwich Hawaiian Overload is stuffed with pineapples na 'sing sweet ng honey mo. Perfect na perfect ito this Valentine's day.

But wait mga beshies and Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Delicious Duo na afford na afford mo ay priced at Php399 pesos only. At ang pa-limited edition pizza sleeves naman ay available lang until February 17, 2019 Kaya bilis-bilisan at buy na!!!

Also, a friendly/momshie tip: Wag ma-pressure as Valentines Day is here. You can celebrate "Love" naman on any day of this month or even in any month. You can celebrate over a box of pinya-sarap na Hawaiian Overload pizza. Just don't forget to make it personal, give some thought into it, prepare and let your heart guide you, naks! and then for sure, it'll be extra special.

Happy Valentines to everyone!!!

Visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria and order for your Vday Date night too!
Or you may call #5-55-55 for nationwide delivery. 

Delivery is also made easier by just texting G to:
0919-88-55555  for Smart subscriber 
0905-88-55555 for Globe subscriber. 

Sit tight and expect Greenwich to call you for your orders. Dali diba?


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Review: Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist by Titi Kamal x Althea Korea 100ml for P450.00

I am a super fan of flower and fruity scents. But that doesn't mean that anything fruity and flowery will appeal instantly on me. There are tons of perfumes, colognes, and body spray available in the market may it be locally produced and or even the imported ones. But if you were like me who has a distinctive liking and wanting something more than the usual and been eyeing or should I say hunting that unique and perfectly made combination that pleases you and matches accordingly to your body chemistry when worn is what an ultimate "Heaven Scent"  could be for me.

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist by Titi Kamal x AltheaA delightful concoction of floral and fruity notes including sweet orange, fresh peach, and elegant rose.

Honestly, I got tired of sniffing around at fragrance counters at the malls for that particular scent that I would really really like. There were times I was able to get a hold of fruity fragrances like pomegranate, raspberries, and even vanilla and cucumber but I still want more and I want fruity and flowery combined together. Also, did you know that I even considered myself enrolling for a perfumery workshop just to create my own scents? -Yes, and that I will gladly share on another blog post soon. 

Now here's something new from Althea Korea and it is exclusively available only their website: The Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. I was skeptical at first and I'm actually gearing up to manage my expectation for this Body Mist.  Yes, I don't want to expect so much for Althea's new baby and 1st ever fragrance line but this newbie instantly captivates my heart and my soul... 

Althea X Titi Kamal
Inspired by her stylish yet comfortable style, this elegant, fresh and sweet daily Body Mist as a collaboration with Indonesian Actress & Singer Titi Kamal

"A blissful dream is brought upon by the sparkling fragrance of sweet orange and peach that is followed by an ever-graceful echo of rosy floral notes." -Althea Korea
My thoughts about this one? - Love at first spritz! A perfect combination of Fruity and Flowery scents, not too strong, can last longer, and no sticky feeling when sprayed! I bet most girls would like this one! As for me, this instantly became my new favorite scent. 

I don't know if it's just me but this scent sets me in a happier mood and I'm more productive than ever. I guess I'ma hoard more of this to keep the good vibes alive :D

Packaging: Available in a 100ml white plastic bottle with transparent cap 
Product Quality: Designed and Made in Korea 
Value for Money: Php450.00 a bit pricey but once you smell it - a must-buy!

Rating: 4/5  - 100ml is ideal for hand-carry items on a flight. So, a yes for me! 
It would have been a 5 if the packaging was more elegantly looking to give this amazing body mist a much deserving glam. If you like flowers and fruity fragrances, you gotta check this one out!

#AltheaKorea #AltheaAngel #TitiXAltheaKorea #StayFreshBodySparklingMist

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