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Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7

My girls were both super excited and just can't wait for summer to begin!
This early? Now, why is that?

Because Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7 is Super Cool and Awesome that made Ricci hyped and still wondering which camp to register this year. And she even asked me "Mom pwede bang 2?"…

Nido® Advanced Protectus® 3+ for Baby Zia?

Parenting styles may differ per culture, per family, and by generations as it continuously evolves through time. And "LIFE"? it doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mom and/or dad that wants nothing but the best for their children. Making the child's welfare a priority mos…

Celebrate a Happy New You with Watsons!

Happy New Year!!! And may this post be a warm welcome for a much Happier New You! 
Yes! oh, Yes, this is me welcoming the better version of me and siempre ikaw din! New Year resolutions, Beauty and Wellness goals are in season and super "uso" these days, but are we really able to achieve …