Mommy Aci & Chloe is on a Hugging Spree as Downy Philippines Launched #Spread100Hugs Campaign

This is my Boggy-Woggy-Whoah-Wee. Makulit, Malikot, but Super Sweet Baby Bunso named Chloe Angelique. We love her so much and you might too for she's a hugger. 

Mommy Aci & Chloe on a Hugging Spree  | Downy Philippines #Spread100Hugs

Chloe never fails to give me and DaddyO a warm super tight power hug whenever we are bound to work away from home or even kahit bibili lang ng canned tuna sa tindahan sa may kanto.

But there are times that after she gives us her power hug may kasunod na "Ew mommy amoy panis ka!" I remembered nalungkot ako - nakakasama ng loob  "Ganun ba ako ka stinky baby?" Then she answered me with "Ayan oh tutulo na tuyuin mo mommy yung panis mo dali mom, ew yucky! What she meant pala was pawis  and then it hit me, oo nga di kaaya-aya iHug ang may amoy-pawis, amoy-araw, usok and lalo na yung amoy aparador.

Downy Philippines | #Spread100Hugs
Downy's GiftPack is Heaven Scent  Yes SCENT from heaven dahil ang bango nga talaga! When we unwrapped this gift, Chloe loved it already and said "Mommy let's use this na ah! This one smells nicer than the blue downy and parang pang girls to mom so yung blue kila dad and kuya na ah, ito, sa 'tin to ah! Para mabango ka and me no more panis" So much more for hug time!

Downy Philippines #Spread100Hugs

Mommy Aci & Chloe on a Hugging Spree  | Downy Philippines #Spread100Hugs

11 tulog na lang pasko na! So in line with the holiday season -  is the hug time spree for me and my Baby Bunso Chloe and also my kids Charles and Ricci and for the rest of my family. This goes out to you too! Ti's the season for sending warm hugs also because of Downy's Spread 100 Hugs campaign and Pia Wurtzbach went around the metro spreading hugs as Downy's Hug Ambassador. 

Come visit the first ever hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree installation in Eastwood Mall. Hurry for this is up until Dec 26, 2018 only.