Are you already feeling that chilly wind that brushes on your face, Christmas decors and songs here and there? And are you feeling that warm fuzzy feeling too? If all your answer is yes, You've are oh-so-positive with that Christmas Fever! hahaha This is me spreading the Christmas Vibe!

In line with my favorite Holiday of the year, on this post, I will feature my deepest, darkest desires. What what? Let me rephrase that: On this blog post, I'll be featuring My Top 10 Althea Korea Wishlist. A list that might come in handy for the men out there who still got no idea what to get for the ladies. A Gift Guide that I hope my dear DaddyO -The Hubby would chance upon reading. *friends please share this to him or tag him if you must LOL.

Marine Blue 6pc Makeup Brush Set

What I'm liking about this brush set is that they are pretty handy, cute in size and I bet pretty functional too. Retails at Php770/set

Time Freeze Face Fit Roller
I am actually intrigued by this piece. And It'll be such a delight if I'll be able to get one and see how this thing works. + I'm biased for I kinda love the Laneige Line. Priced at Php1900

Time Freeze Firming Slimming Mask
"Essentially a time machine in a bottle" - Althea Korea.  Need I say more? and It'll be a perfect match for the Time Freeze Face Fit Roller. Priced at Php1330
Argan Glow Hair Oil
My hair needs some rescuing and I'm an Argan Oil power believer :P I'm sure this will do the work. And that Argan hair mask too! Argan Glow Hair Oil Retails at Php520 while the Argan Hair mask is at Php300

Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack

Oh, that's not all - I'm not done yet, To complete the Holiday Cheer make way for the Althea 2018 Holiday Sets.

 2018 Holiday Collection

Wild at Heart Layering Cover Cushion

Did I mention my #brandlove for Laneige? Haha, this Wild at Heart pieces I'm super liking. The purple cases and cutesy icons - just the packaging alone I'm already sold! Plus I really want to own some of these. Layering Cover Cushion Php1530 |  Eye & Face Palette Php1810

Wild at Heart Eye & Face Palette

Lip Care Set
Yes, my chaps need some tender lovin' too. And this cutesy set will do the trick! Php1430

Tiny Twinkle Edition - Dear My Blooming Lips Talk
Too much lipstick? Nah! There's always, always some occasion, instance and even mood that require that certain kind of shade and I should be always prepared. Already loving this kit for its a mini version too. Priced at Php1430

Lucent Star Cushion
This is one is super cute! Shiny, Shimmering Pink and More! A Girl Must Have! by all means!!! Retails at Php1150
Perfecting Cushion Set
Sulwhasoo Cushion Set - and the word perfecting is the key! plus the packaging is looking so grand that I want it now! Priced at Php3100/set

Want more details about a specific product on my Althea Korea Christmas Wishlist?
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Also, a short story: Althea Korea is an e-commerce - an online platform showcasing the best beauty brands straight for Korea. And also one of the main reason why the Korean Beauty Trend is within reach here in the Philippines and even to the World. Althea Korea is offering nothing but the best brands and products and is guaranteed 100% authentic. 

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Here's my Fave Althea Products - Check this out too!

Petal Velvet Powder Php210

Wrapping up this post and hoping that this will reach Santa! (^.^,)
May this serve as a li'l gift guide to someone too- Ehem! DaddyO!

Ladies and even Gents' go check Althea Korea Now 

and Enjoy Shopping for that K-Beauty List to tick!

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