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Casa Ibarra Presents The Total Events Package For Your Next Party

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Casa Ibarra Presents The Total Events Package For Your Next Party.

The name Ibarra’s is now associated with the best events memories in generations for Filipinos. Starting with Ibarra's Garden in Padre Faura in the early 2000s, countless brides, debutantes, and other celebrants have found an Ibarra’s location for their special occasions

Today, Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering officially unveil its fifth and grandest events venue, Casa Ibarra in MOA Complex, Pasay City. The impressive Casa Ibarra stands out from other buildings in this business and commercial district for its modern Filipino design.

Guests drive up to the porte-cochere for drop-off and enter the lobby dominated by the 11x3.5m Homage to Monet artwork of French-Filipino artist Olivia d’ Aboville. Specially commissioned for Casa Ibarra, this artwork is made of 365 meters of handwoven silk from Palawan and Aklan. It is the artist’s largest work to date and evokes an air of lightness and romance.



Putting the grand in grand ballroom is Casa Ibarra’s main centerpiece, the 600-sqm. Sala de Amor on the second floor. The grand ballroom accommodates as much as 350 guests and features six majestic capiz chandeliers and lighted onyx pillars. Each chandelier is made of over 20,000 capiz shells. On one side of the room is a grand stairway where steps light up one by one as the celebrant comes down to meet guests from a landing with two facing staircases. If a bride and groom ever wanted to make an entrance ala Beauty and the Beast, this is the way to do it.

For smaller events or parties, Casa Ibarra offers two function rooms on the ground floor, the Alegria, and Hermosa rooms. Each room can fit 140 persons or can be combined to become a larger room.

n even more intimate venue would be the porte-cochere’s balcony, offering lively vies of the district, or of the moonrise. The area can fit as much as 80 guests for a small wedding set-up or for open-air cocktails. It is also often used for photo shoots.

No party would be complete without glorious food and Ibarra’s has become known for offering a wide Filipino and International selection. Casa Ibarra carries Western, Mediterranean, Oriental, Spanish, and Filipino menu choices. Some of their specialties and signature dishes are Ibarra’s hickory pork spare ribs, braised beef shank and seafood paella. Ibarra’s also provides off-site catering services for parties and corporate events. Clients range all across the metro and provinces, and yes, even international clients searching for great food and service.



Ibarra’s has over 17 years of experience in the party venue and catering services. Each location is distinctive in design and architecture. Ibarra’s Garden in Manila is a classic home from the 1920’s, with a garden inspired by American Art Deco architecture. Plaza Ibara along Timog Avenue, Quezon City is a Mediterranean-themed garden with elegant ballrooms and lighted grand staircase. Bella Ibarra in Quezon Avenue was built around a timeless and elegant theme and is suited for both small and large gatherings. Villa Ibarra in Tagaytay is a small hotel offering stunning views of Taal Lake. It has often been booked primarily for weddings.

Casa Ibarra offers a modern Filipino take in its design and concept. Wood, capiz, raffia fabric and T’nalak, a special hand-weave from Mindanao, accentuate a lot of the interiors. The venue exudes quiet sophistication and Filipino pride. No wonder It gained many bookings upon its soft opening. Weddings, debuts, a baptismal, corporate event and a golden wedding celebration have made Casa Ibarra very busy, very fast.

A typical Ibarra’s package starts at about P133,000 all-in. This already includes numerous amenities but all still customizable to the client’s preferences. The company believes in giving great value for money for a hassle-free and enjoyable client event.

Ibarra’s banquet sales associates are also knowledgeable about many fine details like a church schedule or the duration of a ceremony. They assist a client from the preparation stage al the way to the end of an event. Now how wouldn’t want that kind of service?

So, if you’re planning a baptism, a kiddie birthday, debut, wedding, product launch, graduation or the company’s next big office party, consider Casa Ibarra as your new partner in memory-and merrymaking.

Enjoy a New Great Coffee Experience with Every Cup of Great Taste Muscovado.

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Coffee is one of the go-to drinks of every Pinoy when they want a perk up in the morning or relaxes after a stressful day. It has even become a part of their lifestyle to explore new rich flavors to satisfy their thirst for coffee.

Enjoy a new Great coffee experience with every cup of Great Taste Muscovado.

Now, Great Taste Coffee gives more exciting reasons to savor a hot cup of coffee as it brings another variant that is sure to capture Filipino’s penchant for coffee.

Great Taste Coffee presents a richer and creamier coffee experience with the new Great Taste Muscovado. Fulfill your need for a quick coffee fix with the smooth and full-bodied coffee mix, with a sweet taste of Muscovado sugar. 

Made from natural sugar cane, the Muscovado sugar has a unique and flavorful taste which makes it a perfect beverage sweetener. And now, Filipinos can savor a delicious cup of bold coffee flavor and smooth creamer, with the right amount of sweetness with Great Taste Muscovado.  

Taste the new Great with the tapang at tamis combination of Great Taste Muscovado, available in groceries and supermarkets nationwide for only P7.00 per sachet.

Enjoy a new Great coffee experience with every cup of Great Taste Muscovado.

Enjoy the tapang at tamis combination of coffee, cream and Muscovado sugar with every cup of Great Taste Muscovado.

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Cook like a "Pro" this Christmas with Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata

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Only a few days left before Christmas, Ready na ba ang Christmas Dinner menu mo? As for me, I don't worry much. Not because I'm an expert in the kitchen, cause I'm not. I leave all hassle of cooking to my Pappi and Mudrabells, my father and mother.  Pappi is super good at cooking. Talo nya si Mudra :P Sorry Ma! The best ang Mechado nya, Leche Flan, Paksiw na Pata and that oh so yummy Lechon Kawali that whenever he cooks it, me and my siblings shouts for joy and armed with blankets in the sala while waiting for it and watching tv at the same time. Now, why blankets? it's because abot ang talsik ng mantika sa TV area. Also, we are guarding the Lechon Kawali with our lives, Mahirap na magkalamangan sa parte. Awwww, those were the days, the happy days. But Pappi is no longer around and Mudra is away, so the cooking part is left to my younger sister and its oh so terrible. Just Kidding! It's ok at least it's edible.

So how do I manage in preparing Christmas Dinner for my very own Family? Listen closely, cause I'm here to tell my deepest darkest secret in this kind of matter. Brace yourself, and wag kayong mabibigla. Are you ready? 

#1 I look for easy recipes on the internet or food magazine or at the recipes found at the back of my favorite canned goods or sachets of products. As in super easy like add hot water ganon.

#2 I am always on the lookout for sulit and tasty party packs from food fairs, and the groceries.

#3 A lifesaver, Takeout trays from our favorite Restaurants.

#4 Also another lifesaver Food Delivery, lalo na kung di ka na makalabas sa sobrang last minute at daming gagawin.

#5 Last but not the least. My very tried and tested tip and usually my last resort, Call Mudra for Help or umasa sa padala ng relatives.

Yay! nakakahiya  hahahahaha. (^.^,)
But wait, I'm a home baker so bumabawi na lang ako sa desserts which always works. 

But wait there's more!!! 
This Holiday season will be way different for me. For I find something really nice, tasty, and so easy to prepare. A dish that not just for the holidays, but can be for any day that you want to be a li'l extra special is also our family favorite and I bet yours too. The Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata.

As I've said I am on the lookout for great food finds to serve this Christmas on our Noche Buena. I've searched facebook and stumble into this.

From the makers of that well-loved hotdogs that truly kids can tell the juicy difference and that awesome aroma of their corned beef, Purefoods continues to offer easy yet delicious meals for Filipinos providing them more time to spend with their families instead of devouring so much time cooking not to mention the extra for the preps.

Today, Purefoods introduces another product that surely most Filipinos will love. A new addition to its Purefoods Heat & Eat line. Ideally made for busy moms and dads, for working peeps, and even to moms like me who can't cook but wants something great to be served in their table,  also for pretty much just the uncompromising convenience seeker in all of us.

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali Php 230.00/425g

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali Php 230.00/425g

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali Php 230.00/425g

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali Php 230.00/425g

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali Php 230.00/425g

  From the Freeze, straight to Kawali! 

Purefoods Heat & Eat Crispy Pata Php 325.00/900g

Purefoods Heat & Eat Crispy Pata Php 325.00/900g

Purefoods Heat & Eat Crispy Pata Php 325.00/900g
 From the Freeze, straight to Kawali! or that turbo Broiler :)

Purefoods Heat & Eat Crispy Pata Php 325.00/900g
A Filipino family favorites, Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali.

Lechon Kawali is priced at Php 230.00 for 425g and Php 325.00 goes for that mouthwatering Crispy Pata. Made specially for Filipino Families, the Purefoods Heat & Eat line promises quick yet delicious and convenient meals as if it was ordered through your favorite restaurants. Now, the time you save from cooking will be put to a much more good use. That's spending your time with those who really matter. Your family, your loved one or your dearest friends.

As for me, and because it's a newly launched product serving this to my family will make me look like a "pro" this season na! For sure di sila makakapaniwala. As if I cook it from scratch minus the stress yiheee! Not taking all the credit, of course, but big thanks to Purefoods for this! 

Here, just take a look!

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali

Purefoods Heat & Eat Crispy Pata

Purefoods Heat & Eat Crispy Pata
Oha!!! Excited na ako ibida ito sa hapag ngayong Pasko.
Ikaw, Anong msasabi mo sa New Product na ito?

Try mo na din soon and Share your food pics too 
and tag Purefoods Heat & eat

Both the Lechon Kawali and the Crispy Pata are fully cooked that can be reheated either via turbo broiler or by frying. It's really easy and super convenient! In just 10 - 20 minutes you can already enjoy your restaurant favorites at the convenience of your own home, with assured crispiness and ‘simut-sarap’ deliciousness. Sa Purefoods Heat & Eat, siguradong sarap lutong, anytime all the time.

Purefoods Heat & Eat Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata are available this December in select supermarkets and Monterey meat shops. * in Metro Manila only

Purefoods Heat & Eat
Instagram account: @PurefoodsHeatAndEat