Exploring Puerto Princesa isn't complete without a City Tour. It's is basically the most common and easiest way to explore Puerto Princesa. There are 3 Historical Landmarks that we managed to squeeze in our schedule and go see via a DIY City tour facilitated by Palawanderer and my good-blogger friend, Evo. 
Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel is an old garrison that has been restored. History told: In the evening of December 14, 1944, an air raid warning was heard and around 150 American prisoners of war were burned alive by the Japanese preventing the prisoners of war to be rescued. This event in history is known as the Palawan Massacre. In 1952, A total of 139 were dead and the remains of 123 were buried in a  mass grave at St. Louis County in Missouri, USA. 

FYI There are only 11 survivors. The first batch of survivors: Eugene Nielson, Ernest John Koblos, Edwin Petry, William Balchus, Rufus Smith, and Albert Pacheco. 

Glenn McDole authored the Last Man Out who's one of the Palawan Massacre Survivors. Together with Rufus Willie Smith from the 4th US Marines. 

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral 

History Told:  The first-ever mass celebrated here by Rev.Fr. Exequiel Moreno, six days after the Spanish expedition (March 10, 1872) arrived in Puerto Princesa is the very same place where the cathedral is erected.

In 1961, it took almost a century under then-Bishop Most Rev. Gregorio Espiga, the Cathedral we all know is built.

After paying a visit to Mama Mary, we head on to the Crocodile Farm. It's not originally included in a city tour and of course out of line for historical landmarks but it's also a "must-see" in Puerto Princesa. *I will do a separate post about the Crocodile Farm and the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Last but not least...

Iwahig Prison Penal Farm

Iwahig Prison is a "prison without bars".  Whuuuuuut? Actually, it's not just that, there's also perimeter walls. How cool was that as a prisoner's den? 

In 1904, it was established by the Americans. 

The inmates were I think more interested in farming than staring at the corners of their cell being idle. 

Since then, Iwahig was better known for finely handcrafted bags and souvenir items.

That concludes our short but sweet City Tour of Historical Landmarks in Puerto Princesa 
Special thanks to KOTA Spa for providing us a vehicle and mabaet na driver.

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