PALAWAN is my really my Philippine dream destination ever since I was a kid. 
Wow! naman with that statement, kala mo naman galing akong labas ng bansa. Fumo-foreign-oy? :P But seriously, Palawan is on top of my travel bucket list and I want to explore every corner of that beautiful island if I can. And if possible I want to settle there. Lord, please make my dream come true. yay!
Why Not? I've watched documentaries on my younger days and I distinctly remember that Palawan is the best place to live in the Philippines. Perfect location having lesser typhoons, no fault lines, and iwas tsunami. Palawan is also known as the Philippines "Last Frontier" to my understanding it's like what Alaska as the last frontier is too. based on my google searches... I think that Alaska is the original owner of the phrase. Being the largest state in the U.S and Palawan as the largest province in the Philippines, Both, having the same description of remote and rugged landscape and climate + kumunek ba? parang hindi? hahaha, Below this is some useful information from UNESCO.

The Island Province of Palawan, often called the Philippines’ last frontier, has a unique concentration of UNESCO coastal and small island initiatives. In 1992 UNESCO classified the entire province as a Man and Biosphere Reserve. The island’s Tubbataha Reef Marine National Park is a World Heritage Site, as is the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park, with the world’s longest underground river (8 kilometers). source:

My Palawan Adventures starts with Puerto Princesa. We all know what comes next, The Subterranean River National Park -  The Underground River. 

Puerto Princesa Underground River
A Natural World Heritage Site and Puerto Princesa City's prime tourist destination. Considered the world's longest navigable underground river having 8.2 kilometers in length and also included in the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

The Park. Having a protected area of 22,202 hectares with amazing landforms as an impressive outcome from a natural underground drainage system making St. Paul mountain range more stunning.  yes, the underground river is made from St Paul's mountain base. Truly a work of wonders by mother nature.

How to get there? It's going to be an hour and a half drive from Puerto Princesa airport to Sabang Port then, from Sabang port you have to rent a boat that will take you the Underground River.

Admission. For P1500, you will get to experience cruising via under ground river. Upon arrival at the Underground river park, You have to remain wearing your life-vest and proceed to park's admission area, where you have to settle the entrance fee and wait for your turn.  

Then, go to the assembly area where you will have to wait for a staff to hand you an ear piece that goes with an audio device that looks like a tv remote control :P That is part of the tour where a narration about its history is being told as your boat navigates inside the underground river.

Also, you have to wear a hard hat for safety precaution.

 Then off you go for an experience to remember (^.^,)

Upon entering the underground river, I got excited. this is it, one of my dreams coming true. But not long after entering the undergrounds river's opening is a scent that makes me wonder if I can go on with this trip knowing it'll be an hour of boating inside a pitch black cave looking setting. The underground river is also the habitat of some animals most likely bats and other birds. I saw them flying around and honestly, I thought that they were disturbed by an unwelcome guest. That scent is from them pala, from their poop and wee-weee I guess :P  I confess, I don't have the stomach to endure that odor :( It felt like any moment I'll puke or something. 

Good thing it didn't last long. I think it just took 5minutes or so, Just along the starting point of the Underground River. Upon going further more the scent is gone and it's bearable.

What's inside the Underground River?

Here are just some of the things you'll see when you take the trip to the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

The Giant Candle

The Holy Family
Family of Mushrooms
A Scene from Jurassic Park?

Our boatman is also entertaining but too late for me to realize it because I'm too focused on my audio device listening carefully about the history and facts about the Underground River. 
Palawan’s prime tourist attraction, the Puerto-Princesa underground river. Again, uncontrolled tourism would quickly wreak havoc, as it has elsewhere. - UNESCO

My blogger friend Evo, who's a true blue Palawanderer said that tourist guides inside the underground river were no longer allowed to do some talks and spills. That is why audio devices were handed out at the start of the trip. Simply to minimize the noise inside to somewhat, preserve its natural ambiance.

Also here's another post about taking care of the Underground River #Let The River Rest

Seeing Jesus?

The giant candle from a different angle.

This seems like a big ship parked inside the Underground River. This is the part where the boatman caught my attention. He is humming the song "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion, theme song of the movie Titanic. Making me feel that moment with kilig, and kilabot at the same time.

There's your light at the end of the tunnel.

You guys are reaching the end of my blog post about the Puerto Princesa Underground River. 

Thought you've seen it all? 
Nah, There's more to see in the Underground River and you gotta see it with your very own eyes. 
Promise,  it's worth it.

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