Thursday, March 31, 2016

John Lloyd Cruz as Western Union’s Global Ambassador for Overseas Filipinos

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Managing to stay relevant to his audience, John Lloyd Cruz accepted the role of becoming the new face of Western Union, making him the ambassador for all overseas Filipinos around the world who are sending money for better. 

Aside from portraying yet another remarkable character in his upcoming Star Cinema movie Just the 3 Of Us, John Lloyd Cruz will also introduce a new wave of Western Union® services as the company takes the lead in reinventing ways to transfer money in a very digital era.  

The global brand campaign featuring John Lloyd Cruz as brand ambassador will roll out this year in the Philippines and in overseas countries including the United States, Canada, and other countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia where many Filipinos live and work. 

Ms. Patricia Z. Riingen Senior Vice President, Southeast Asia & Oceania The Western Union Company

John Lloyd Cruz mirrors Western Union’s strengths of having a long and successful track record. He also relates to Filipinos’ aspirations of having an improved family life. As Western Union’s brand ambassador, his new role is to advocate moving money for better to every overseas Filipino, 
 - Patricia Riingen, Senior Vice President, South East Asia and Oceania. 

Mr. Steve Peregrino. Marketing Director for South-East Asia and Oceana The Western Union Company

John Lloyd Cruz as Western Union's Global Ambassador for Overseas Filipino

I am very honored and excited to take on this new role, this time not on reel but in the real lives of my fellow Filipinos around the world. I am one with Western Union’s purpose and goals as I admire how Filipinos sacrifice every day to build better lives for their loved ones. In representing Western Union, a company that has grown with Filipinos here and abroad, I am challenged to get to know my kababayans more so that I can effectively do my part in motivating and helping them to uplift their lives, and that of their families.
  - John Lloyd Cruz.

John Lloyd Cruz is one of the most acclaimed actors in the Philippines today. He is recognized as the Philippine Box Office King for his effective portrayals in many award winning Filipino movies. 
Western Union 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Everyday is a Cherry Day at the Cherry Mobile Festival 2016

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Cherry Mobile Festival 2016: Everyday is a Cherry Day!

Today marks the first day of  Cherry Mobile Festival 2016, dubbed as, “777 Swerte, Panalo sa Cherry Mobile”. Now on its 7th year, Cherry Mobile Festival 2016 is set to bring big discounts, more  fun, excitement and surprises to every Filipino.

For the past 7 years, Cherry Mobile Festival has always been a tradition every year for its consumers. This is the brand’s unique way in returning its gratitude to its partners and consumers through special discounts, exciting activities, freebies and new handsets priced affordably.

Some of the highlights of Cherry Mobile Festival 2016 are:

·   Lucky 7 Hits: Big and special discounts await the lucky customers. Don’t miss on the announcement of the special dates and which concept store it will be held.

·       Cherprize Araw Araw: Instant prizes await lucky customers with up to Php 3 million worth of prizes at stake.

Cherprize Araw Araw promo is open to all Cherry Mobile smartphones bundled with Cherry Prepaid SIM purchased within the promo period, March 31 to May 31 2016.

Customer shall activate their new Cherry Prepaid SIM and text the CHERPRIZE, //
and send to 2179, within the promo period.

Ex. CHERPRIZE Juan Dela Cruz/32/8 Benitez St. San Juan MM
Customer will receive a notification through SMS if registration is successful.

Draw dates are as follow:
April  8                                    May  6
April 15                                   May 13
April 22                                   May 20
April 29                                   June  1

·         May Bonus Ka! Lucky customers will get additional treats from Cherry Mobile when they avail of selected Cherry Mobile Phone bundled with Cherry Prepaid SIM

·       Everyday is a Cherry Day: this year’s new  campaign for Cherry Mobile featuring the country’s hottest young loveteam: JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) plus Cherry Mobile’s latest jingle

·         Barangay Cherry Mobile: various store activations to attract and make the customers engaged in various activities

So what makes the CMF 2016 different and more exciting? “Cherry Mobile Festival has always been exciting since we launched it 7 years ago. But this year, Cherry Mobile ensures that customers will get more of what they have purchased on a daily basis, because we want them to feel that, “Everyday is a Cherry day.” says Michelle Ngu, company’s Vice President.

As a kick off, Cherry Mobile will be having some in-store activities in their concept stores at SM Megamall and SM San Fernando on April 1, subsequently, on April 3, at Ali Mall Cubao, SM Dasmarinas and SM Clark Pampanga. Customers who will purchase any Cherry Mobile and Cherry Prepaid products will have a chance to win exciting prizes and big discount.

Make sure not to miss out on any of these special treats from Cherry Mobile 2016, starting on March 31 to May 31, 2016,  where Everyday is a Cherry day!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Frank Underwood knows too well that ‘foul is fair’

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Shakespeare’s power-hungry characters and House of Cards’ chief executive are more similar than we think

The airing of House of Cards Season Four could not have mirrored a more appropriate time as the Philippines and the United States elect their future leaders this year. As Election Day comes closer, the unfolding political drama in these countries grows more and more intense.

But did you know that House of Cards is largely influenced by works of the greatest English dramatist? As artists and scholars all over the world look forward to William Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary in April, shows like House of Cards and characters like Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) remind audiences of the enduring influence of the Bard’s works.

Here are some facts on Shakespeare’s influence on the series.

Richard III is a major basis of Frank Underwood’s character

The original House of Cards is based on a novel by Michael Dobbs, a British Conservative politician. Dobbs’ novel was adapted into a series that aired in 1990 in the United Kingdom. A major basis of the novel’s central character was Shakespeare’s Richard III, a play about an English king who earned a reputation as an ambitious and murderous villain.

Like Frank Underwood, the title character in Richard III did not hesitate to get rid of the people who thwarted his ambition. Richard III killed one character after another, including his brother, wife, and two young nephews. After a brief reign, the notorious character met a bloody end on a battlefield in the hands of traitors.

Kevin Spacey played Richard III
In playing the ruthless Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey seems to be getting in touch with a character he has played before. In 2014, Spacey played the title role in Sam Mendes’ production of Richard III, which went on an international tour for ten months. For this production, Kevin Spacey’s look was inspired by the late Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi who was killed by rebel forces in 2011.

Frank Underwood’s “asides” are often used in Shakespeare’s plays

There are moments in House of Cards when Frank Underwood would talk to the viewer and reveal his intentions. In the British series, the lead character also talks to the audience in this manner called an “aside.”An aside is a dramatic device where a character shares his thoughts to the audience. Asides are usually not heard by other characters on stage, but they allow the audience to understand what’s going on in the speaker’s mind.

Claire and Frank Underwood’s marriage mirror the relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Frank Underwood’s wife Claire is supportive of her husband’s schemes and ambitions, and they both share a taste for power. At first, their relationship is very similar to that of Shakespeare’s ultimate power-hungry couple, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

But readers of the Scottish play would notice that at the beginning of the story, Macbeth is full of doubt, while his wife was more certain in their pursuit of power. Towards the end of the play, Macbeth becomes a murderous tyrant, and Lady Macbeth is driven to madness by her guilt.

The outcome of Macbeth and his wife resembles Claire and Frank’s relationship in the latest episodes of House of Cards. While they used to be supportive of each other, their marriage—along with their political partnership—now seems to have broken down.

Considering that House of Cards is based on Shakespeare’s tragedies, a curious question could now be: Will the series end the same way a Shakespearean tragedy would? House of Cards Season Four airs every Tuesday, 9:55pm (8:55pm JKT/BKK), first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment HD.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Weekend Getaway at Club Balai Isabel

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Tagaytay is my second favorite place to visit next to Baguio. I love the beautiful scenery and lush greens, amazing landscape and relaxing weather. I just love staring at the lake and the volcano that is actually classified as the second most active volcano in the Philippines. But seeing this majestic view keeps me calm and actually, I find peace just by staring at it. I consider Tagaytay as my happy place.

When a friend invited me for a quick Tagaytay weekend getaway I said yes in an instant without even checking my schedule. :P Fast-forward to the trip itself, I conditioned myself that it'll be a 3 hour tops joyride but ours only took 2 hours max. I didn't  know which short cut the driver took but we we're all surprised that we arrived earlier than expected.

As we step down our van, a calming breeze greeted us and so were the trees around it. I noticed a restaurant-cafe like set up where Club Balai Isabel's guests were eating their breakfast and a glimpse of what I thought first was the beach.

We had our breakfast there and as we were about to finish I was about to ask my other friends what "island" was that, the one facing us, good thing I didn't voice that out cause it's TAAL VOLCANOOOO!!! 

I was like "SHOCKS, TAAL VOLVANO BA YAN?" oh well the joke was on me cause everyone in the group knows that it's Taal volcano. I was just really surprise cause I'd been planning my trip to see taal upclose within the months to come but lucky me, Club Balai Isabel made my wish come true. I was used to seeing Taal volcano from that usual angle where it's from the top. Like from Sky Ranch, TwinLakes, and even restaurants with Taal view. I never expected any sooner that I'll be seeing Taal in just the horizons plus that close. #HAPPYKID Now next on my bucket list is for a super close encounter with trekking on the side (^.^,)

Club Balai Isabel is located at Talisay, Batangas. You can get there via southbound until the end of SLEX. Enter Star Tollway and take Tanauan City exit and from the exit turn right. Go straight for about 20 minutes and you'll be seeing Club Balai Isabel on your left.

With 241 rooms, 3 swimming pools, 16 function rooms, restaurant, an awesome pizzeria, and water sports facilities + amazing view. Your Club Balai Isabel stay will definitely be worthwhile.

Hotel and Condotel starts at P5500.00
Ylang Ylang Suites | Sampaguita Manor | Camia Suites 
Mabini Lakefront & Lakeside Suites | Malvar Lakefront & Lakeside Suites
Recto Lakefront & Lakeside Suites | Agoncillo Lakefront & Lakeside Suites 
Laurel Lakefront & Lakeside Suites

Villas and Cottages starts at P7000.00
Franco | Borillo | Astudillo | Sheehan | Caro | Casas | Cecilia | Soto
San Nicolas | Balete | Mataas na Kahoy | Orchard Lane | Maria Lourdes Manor
Cottage A, B, C and D + Banga and Bahadero

Sports and Recreation
Basketball | Tennis | Volleyball | Badminton | Lakeshore Volleyball 
Billiards and Darts | Children's Playground | Water Sports
balikatan Obstacle Course | Camping Ground | Bike Rental

Now who's up for Water Sports?

If you're into water sports you gotta head onto the lake-shore of  Club Balai Isabel, where you can find kayaks and  jetski's.

Banana Boating

Jetskiing :)
And even boats that can take you closer to the Taal Volcano.

Water sporting not your thing? 
Or you just want to take a swim at a cozy pool?

There's a huge pool at Club Balai Isabel called Kumintang Pool where you can just dip and swim to your hearts content.

Kumintang Pool | Kumintang Boardwalk (left side)

Play Area Close to Kumintang Pool

Talisay Garden Pool
This is my first choice among the 3 pools inside Club Balai Isabel. Oh not not because of something fancy or what. It's just that this is kind-of-hidden. The guests usually go fopr a swim at the terraza pool or the Kumintang pool and because I'm a super shy person (lols) I prefer swimming with a small crowd :P

Terraza Pool
The nearest pool from the clubhouse. I like that it has a nice view of taal volcano and you can achieve the infinity pool peg for your pictures.  

Terraza Pool | Club House | Isabel's Pizzeria
Terraza Pool
Us "POOLING" around -toinks! :P
the talikodgenic me

Sa hinaba-haba ng (post na ito) prusisyon... 
Sa simbahan din ang tuloy.

Spousal of Mary & Joseph Chapel
Spousal of Mary & Joseph Chapel
Club Balai Isabel is the perfect wedding location for couple who wants to have "Nature" as a witness as they exchanges  "I Do's" and Vows. 

Spousal of Mary & Joseph Chapel
The Chapel is pretty nice too. Not too big and not too small either. Actually I kind of imagine myself walking the aisle nga eh hahaha. 

Classic Beauty

Also you can take amazing pictures in any parts of the resort. Most specially Taal Volcano as your backdrop? Amazing, right?

Function Halls
Kasili Hall | Kasay Kasay Hall | Batangueno Hall | Taal Pavilion | Talisay Pavilion
Tanauan Pavilion | Laurel Hall | Kumintang Boardwalk | Batangueno Garden | Pantalan sa Terraza
Aplaya | Rajah Hall | Wine Room | Tagong Gubat | Lakambini Hall | Maharlika Hall

Kumintang Boardwalk

Pantalan sa Terraza Located along the lake shore in front of the Clubhouse. 
You can have your coffee time here or meal for a different experience.

Tagong Gubat Hidden Forrest? tama ba? I like this idea!!!
Tagong Gubat
Fish Pond
Tagong Gubat +Club Balai Isabel Hotel Batangas 
The largest fern I've ever seen in my entire life (^.^,) and it's unfolding right before my eyes.

Wellness Village, a relaxation you deserve. 

 Nanay Unyang's Wellnes Village |  Spa Services

And these are the happenings during our Club Balai Isabel Staycation.


Jetskiing (^.^,)

 Krystel, Me and Anne

Bukod sa Bonggang mga Villa sa Club Balai Isabel...

 Bongga din ang kanilang Bougainvillea

Bongga ko there!!!

Club Balai Isabel 
Talisay,  Batangas | 
Makati Office: 02 897 0229 | 02 895 7230 | 02 556 8442
Mobile Phone: 0917 504 4157 | 0917 872 1512 | 0918 967 7078
Site Office: 043 728 0317 | 043 773 0004

Taal Volcano at a different perspective :)