Sabina, Thailand's most trusted lingerie brand, brings its well-received Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart campaign here in the Philippines. Held last October 16 that coincide with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

1 out of 13 Filipina will suffer from the disease in her lifetime. The Philippines is now on the 9th spot with highest incidence rates of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, most of the cases in the country are detected at the latter stages, when the possibility of treatment is slim or when it is no longer treatable. Some patients regret delaying the diagnosis even when they already felt suspicious lumps on their breast

The Philippines has the highest rate of full mastectomy (or, simply breast removal) in Asia and the lowest rate of breast conservation. Over 90% of the Filipinos diagnosed with the dreaded disease preferred breast removal than breast conservation.

The Philippine Cancer Society, Inc. maintains that this results to psychological and social issues. Not to mention, the adaptation to such radical change of living without a breast or both is emotionally draining.

Treatment for breast cancer has been improving due to new technologies. Although medical procedures generally require the affected area to be removed, patients can retain some part of their breast. Still, some patients have to lose their whole breast. Both of these instances cause a great change in women’s everyday lives.

Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart Campaign by: SABINA
About SabinaWith more than 50 years of experience in the lingerie industry, Sabina brand has been established more than 30 years ago. Sabina is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of lingerie products in Thailand and is now in the Philippines
As the best-selling Thai lingerie brand guaranteed by a Thai trusted mark, Sabina has various lines of fashionable and functional undergarments designed for every woman’s needs starting from kids to mature women. It has Sabinie for kids, Cool Teen and Pretty Perfect for young ladies, Doom series with “One Cup Up size” feature, Modern V with push-up function for mature ladies and so much more! Its specialty line also includes SBNsport and a wide selection of Function bras and Function shapewear for every woman’s desired contour and body shape. Sabina also offers“HapBy Price “that is Sabina’s affordable lingerie collection.
Sabina is an ISO certified company, which had also earned the Thailand Trusted Quality status. This status is a mark and recognition granted by the Thai Government for select brands that have achieved an exemplary and excellent status in terms of production, quality, and social responsibility.
Sabina's Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart Kit
Sabina's Role:
Sabina understands the dilemma that women suffering from breast cancer have to go through. This is particularly true for breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy.

The main objective of the Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart campaign that started 8 years ago in Thailand. Sabina wants to be a vehicle wherein customers may participate in doing something out of their good hearts for the breast cancer survivors. The sewn cups will be donated to the breast cancer survivors who don’t know how to go back to their normal life after a mastectomy.

Another objective is to warn women that breast cancer is very likely to all women in all age brackets. Did you know that the youngest breast cancer patient in the world is only 3 years old? If you had your period before you hit age 12, you are at higher risk of developing it.

Inspired by how a sewn cup can transform the life of a breast cancer patient, just recently, Sabina launched its first Asian-made bra line that is specifically designed for the breast cancer survivors. Survivors, who have undergone a surgery, will mostly benefit from the Fill Up Bra collection. Specifically, those who undergone a partial mastectomy who lose the body balance. A sewn cup can easily resolve this issue.

Materials: synthetic sheets, finished bags, LLDPE plastic bead bag and needle and thread.

During the event, Sabina distributed Sewing Cup Kits for all the participants. 
A kit includes synthetic sheets, a finished bag, a plastic LLDPE beads bag and a cone of thread and needle.

LLDPElinear low-density polyethylene
LLDPE stands for linear low-density polyethylene, which is a plastic produced through a lower pressure process. LLDPE plastic performs better at low and high temperatures, higher surface gloss, higher strength at given densities and greater resistance to environmental stress. Put simply, LLDPE plastic is generally safe to use especially on the breast area.
LLDPE from PTT Global Chemical PLC
The LLDPE materials are donated by the PTTGC (PTT Global Chemical PLC), the biggest manufacturer of high-quality plastic beads in Thailand. The same goes with all other materials you’ll find in the kit. For instance, the cotton materials we used are the finest cotton suitable for undergarments.

Available cup sizes: 34B, 34C, 36B, and 36C bras.

 Step by Step Guide

According to Miss Karuna, Marketing Head of Sabina PH, the campaign aims to “make lives better for breast cancer survivors.” In wearing the Fill Up Bra and Sewn cup, the breast cancer patients will regain the confidence that they once have, regaining the vibrant life that they once experienced.

For this year, Sabina is bringing the ‘good willingness’ campaign for the benefit of the breast cancer patients here in the Philippines. Sabina also hopes to bring the same campaign to other countries starting throughout the 10 ASEAN countries.


The Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart is a free admission event.
On a side note, Sabina will be also be a co-sponsor to #FashionCanServe, along with SM Woman. 
A collaboration with Marie France, Fashion Can Serve is a fund-raising fashion show which aims to support ICanServe’s breast cancer awareness and detection programs.

Sabina donates to ICanServe to support the breast cancer patients in the Philippines.

About ICanServe Foundation
ICanServe Foundation is an advocacy group for breast cancer awareness and early detection. It empowers women through information on early detection, risk, factors, diagnosis, treatment, and support. The Foundation also provides screening sessions.

ICanServe’s flagship program is Ating Dibdibin (Take Your Breast Care to Heart), a comprehensive community-based screening program. Ating Dibdibin teaches early detection so that breast cancer is detected and diagnosed at the earliest stage possible.

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